monochrome black kitchen
14 Apr

Black is a color that’s always in style. If you’re thinking of buttoning up your tired kitchen this year with a black ensemble, you’re in luck. Here are ten creative ideas and tips for black cabinet kitchen designs that you can borrow.

1. Monochrome black kitchen

monochrome black kitchen

Source: LDa Architecture

The monochrome black cabinet kitchen design is stunning to the least. This design features all-black cabinets paired with isolated light surfaces for specific countertops and seats. It is more functional for small kitchens with small windows and low natural light, which might seem counterintuitive for the all-black theme. However, the monochrome kitchen design features white walls, low hanging lights and bright ceilings; all adequate to offset the darkness in your kitchen. It is also recommended to choose darker robust floor designs, such as a monochrome epoxy black polished floor.

2. Black base cabinets with a light backdrop

black base cabinets with a light backdrop

Source: Texas Construction Company

Indeed, going with a black cabinet kitchen design can create a plush and sophisticated visual appeal and is one of the classic kitchen decoration ideas that you can easily implement. However, instead of making everything black, spare the upper cabinets and countertops, making only the base cabinets black. You can blend it with white subway tiles to balance the dark theme and a light-colored marble countertop for an airy spacey and illuminated space. There are various ways to personalize the décor depending on your kitchen cabinet arrangement, windows, lighting and the space you have. However, the idea is to keep it simple and classic, with only a couple of colors.

3. Modern farmhouse black cabinets kitchen

Modern farmhouse black cabinets kitchen

Source: Let’s Talk Kitchens

This black cabinet kitchen design features a black base and top cabinets paired with wooden accents and modern led lights. The simple design is ideal for farmhouses and creates a contemporary vibe perfect for small, efficient and functional kitchens. You can pair the dark theme with brown, grey or white countertops. A white backdrop wall is also ideal for improving lighting, although you can use other colors, especially if you have full windows or more access to natural light. The simple farmhouse black cabinet kitchen design offers functionality to small kitchens and can bring the country cooking experience to your townhouse.

4. Impressive island black cabinets

Impressive island black cabinets

Source: Fine Concepts

This full black cabinet kitchen design is perfect for those seeking to install impressive cabinets. It features all-black base and upper cabinets paired with marble or quartz countertops of a lighter color. Since the design is very dark, it suits spacious kitchens with maximum light from wide glass windows. Low hanging lights and white ceilings can also help offset the darkness in the room. You can also add darker island seats although the countertops and interior of the cabinets should remain light. Hardwood floors offer the perfect pair for this kitchen design, although you aren’t tied to any specific options.

5. Mix and match black cabinets kitchen

Source:  Susan Cleveland

Mix and match is a minimalist kitchen that suits those going for vintage aesthetics. It is a simple design that features portions of black and white-colored cabinets, white countertops and black island seats. You can pair it with low hanging led lights with black housing. The cabinet handles and fridge also offer extra space to mix and match your colors. It is best to stick to two colors such as black and white, although you can also experiment with colors other than white. Light blue and wooden accents are feasible options for a difference.

6. Open shelves with black cabinets

Open shelves with black cabinets

Source: Design Shop Interiors

There are various open shelves cabinet designs you can implement for your kitchen and pair with black base cabinets. You can choose a different color for the open cabinets, such as brown, which always produces fantastic results. The countertop and backdrop wall is best left white, although you can always choose another color depending on the décor you want to create. You can also use modern patterns to add texture to your walls. Natural wood accents for the floor and brightly colored ceilings will suffice to keep your space functional and illuminated. Because of white space in the design, it can work for rooms with narrow windows and limited natural light.

7. Black cabinet suburban kitchen

Sources: Inspired Interiors

The suburban kitchen cabinet design suits those seeking elegant cabinetry and countertops. It features standalone centerpieces decorated with black cabinets and marble or quartz countertops. Because they are installed in spacious kitchens, this design naturally blends in with other decorations. The easiest way is to use the same shade, preferably white or other bright colors for the countertops and floor. The cabinets can be matched with entrance door and kitchen seats. Dark natural wooden floors can also work, especially if you are using lighter shades instead of solid black cabinets.

8. Shiplap covered black kitchen cabinets

Source: Wirth and Company Construction

This bohemian-inspired kitchen cabinetry offers a unique design for modern kitchens. The solid butcher block countertop and bamboo weaved pendant lights are crucial elements in the hippie kitchen design. If you are a fan of more artistic kitchen cabinetry, the shiplap covered black cabinets offer an elegant design that is very easy to install. You can pair the cabinets with light-colored walls and ceiling lights to offset the darkness, especially if your kitchen has small windows that do not allow enough natural light.

9. Modern black cabinet country kitchen

Source: Design No. Five

The modern country kitchen looks more like the designs found in most urban apartments and offers more functionality for smaller spaces. This black cabinet idea combines large windows and white walls with black open shelve frames and base cabinets. The white walls join seamlessly with white countertop surface, which should be a solid finish like epoxy or any preferred hard material. Because of the large windows and ample lighting, you can use simple kitchen ceiling lights, unless you have enough room for pendants.


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