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10 Outdoor Living Trends
By: Xtreme eDeals

Utilize these design concepts to keep your garden modern and fashionable.

Find The Outdoor Living Trend That Suits You Best

New concepts are introduced with each passing year. Ever since the pandemic, residents have concentrated on transforming their outside spaces into a variety of uses, including a home office, a getaway destination, and a secure location to host holiday feasts and gatherings.

Try to prioritize a connection to nature or the outdoors when making design decisions. Keeping up with the latest trends may be a fun and rewarding hobby with this focus on backyards.

There is a trend that can help you make the most of and customize your outdoor living space, regardless of your tastes and preferences. There is a trend for every style and requirement for outdoor living, whether you prefer to update your yard with a new deck, go with a trendy design like Greek or terracotta, or pick an ecological design.

Outdoor Living Trend 1: Merge Indoor And Outdoor


A major trend to watch for is the seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor living areas. This involves building enclosed verandas and partially covered gardens, as well as opening the home up to the garden or patio with sliding glass doors. Additionally, it entails selecting opulent and incredibly comfy materials for outdoor furniture that has an indoor-like feel.

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Marble, granite, and metals like brass and copper are common building materials. Additionally, some homeowners can decide to set up interior furnishings like luxurious sofas in their gardens.

Outdoor Living Trend 2: Touches Inspired By Greece


With this garden motif, people are daydreaming of vacations in the Mediterranean. Gardens with a Greek theme evoke romance and history. Choose Grecian sculptures, columns, formal hedges, archways, gravel gardens, and stone paths to fulfill your visions of the ancient world. Put your current garden pots and urns on a 15-inch plinth with a Greek design.

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While blue and white are the most conventional colour choices, a largely white garden can benefit from a burst of accent colour. Plant white roses, boxwood, olive trees, succulents, and other plants to provide shade for dining areas.

Outdoor Living Trend 3: Paths Made of Natural Stone

natural stone

More people will select a natural stone to build walks in their yards to promote sustainability and tranquility. This low-maintenance technique breaks up a flat lawn with additional interest and lends a cottage-style vibe.

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Pick granite, porcelain, sandstone, or limestone that is brushed or textured. You can make the stone look natural by selecting objects like asymmetrical boulders and slabs because broken stones are also popular right now.

Outdoor Living Trend 4: Privacy Plants

privacy plants

Although beautiful screens and fences can help create a private haven, more individuals will likely choose plants in the future. Utilizing rolling shelves, pergolas, trellises, hanging baskets, planter boxes, fence shelving, mounted containers, and pouches, vertical planting can provide privacy screening in tiny areas.

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Add a living wall for a barrier that seems more natural.

Outdoor Living Trend 5: Gardens With Climate Resilience


More people are now residing in areas affected by drought, where they must deal with water limitations and other climate-related issues. To reduce water usage, they are resorting to climate-resilient gardening. This could take the form of planting the appropriate trees in the appropriate places.

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Work with a local arborist to determine the ideal species so they experience less stress from the heat and drought. Choosing the ideal plants for a garden that can withstand drought is also crucial.

Outdoor Living Trend 6: Terracotta


The “colour of the year” for 2023, according to the Garden Media Group’s new Garden Trends Report, is terracotta. A reddish-brown unglazed clay with the meaning “baked earth,” terracotta is used to make pots and planters. Once the New Year arrived, backyard design was rightfully anticipated to be heavily influenced by the terracotta material and colour, adding a touch of Moroccan or Mediterranean flair.

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The warm and lively tone will assist in balancing out all the grays and neutrals that have long dominated indoor house design and outdoor furniture. The choice of plants and flowers, such as pansies and dahlias in a variety of coppery colours, as well as trees like Tecoma ‘Red Hot’ and Veranda Mango Rose, may also be influenced by the current trend toward natural warmth in colour. Do not forget to stock up on terracotta planters!

Outdoor Living Trend 7: Garden Sculptures That Are Lit

garden statues

Impress visitors with illuminated sculptures that appear as artwork in the backyard. These distinctive features serve as a focal point and make the entire yard a captivating area.

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Use the lighting you already have to intelligently illuminate statues, sculptures, and sundials to spark conversation and improve the atmosphere of any outdoor space.

Outdoor Living Trend 8: Luxurious Rest

luxury backyard

People frequently desire a vacation-like experience when unwinding in their backyards. According to experts, homeowners mostly renovate their backyards to create a tranquil, hotel-like environment.

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High-end relaxation is the focus of this style, which also includes covered outdoor kitchens, extravagant firepits, outdoor carpets, pizza ovens, and other elements. Additionally, it comprises using plants to evoke a tropical getaway, such as Royal Hawaiian ‘Waikiki’ Colocasia, a ficus tree, or a potted Bird of Paradise.

Outdoor Living Trend 9: Accessibility

wheel chair accessibility

To encourage older people and people with mobility challenges to continue working in the garden, accessibility is also highlighted as a top concern here.

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These appear to be raised beds that don’t require stooping to tend to and robust furniture that is simple to get into and out of. Additionally, make wide, stable walkways that are accessible for wheelchair users and those who require assistance when walking.

Outdoor Living Trend 10: Eco-Friendly Furniture

eco friendly furniture

This year, it is anticipated that consumers will continue to give the planet Earth top priority while making purchases. With so many more options, including items manufactured from bamboo, recycled plastic, rattan, and other eco-friendly materials, the market for sustainable outdoor furniture is booming.

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Another choice is to repurpose your old items by applying these suggestions to give them new life.


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