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20 Dec

Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or just because, buying a useful and meaningful gift can be tricky—especially if it’s for someone who enjoys doing home renovations or working with wood. You might be wondering: what could you possibly give them that they don’t already have? Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a list of the 10 most unique gifts for the handyman in your life.


A Magnetic Pocket Level

10 Unique Gift Ideas For the Handyman in Your Life


Every handyman probably already has a level (if not, check out this laser level and square on Amazon), but they probably don’t have a magnetic pocket level! Made of aluminum alloy and protected by an industrial grade ABS shell, this magnetic pocket level can be easily stored and is a convenient little tool to have on hand for more simple tasks such as picture hanging. It’s the tiny tool that no handyman should be without.


Good Clean Fun

good clean fun

The gift of knowledge is always a safe bet. Whether the handyman in your life is beginning to discover a passion for home renovation or is already a seasoned artisan, there’s always more room for improvement and Good Clean Fun is the way to go. Best selling author Nick Offerman offers knowledge and insight based on his experience in the shop and provides a list of ready-to-complete projects for woodworkers of every skill level. It’s the perfect gift for those who don’t know what projects to complete next as well as those who are looking for the next challenge.

MagnoGrip Wristband

magno grip

Nothing is more frustrating for a handyman than trying to complete a project without having the proper tools and equipment nearby, especially if there’s no one around to help. Thankfully, the MagnoGrip magnetic wristband provides an extra helping hand without the need to hold screws in one’s mouth or reaching to uncomfortable lengths to get the necessary tools. This one-size-fits-all strap has the ability to support screws, scissors, and small tools, and is ideal for those handymen that enjoy doing home renovations, woodworking, and DIY projects.

A Magnetic Measuring Tape

measuring tape

Having a good tape measure kickin’ around seems like a no-brainer—no handyman should be without one. And what’s so special about a Kutir measuring tape? Well, it may seem like any other, but its shock absorbent case, big and easy-to-read bold letters, and powerful magnetic hook sets it apart from the rest. Say ‘goodbye’ to the days of measuring the length of the counter and having your tape measure snap shut on you, and say ‘hello’ to measuring with ease and completing your project efficiently.

Cut Resistant Gloves

stark safe cut

Working with wood day in and day out can take a toll on a wood worker’s hands. Why not protect them with a pair of Stark Safe cut resistant gloves? Made with the highest quality of cut resistant material available, these gloves are ideal for a variety of tasks, from cutting and preparing food to woodcarving. These gloves are also made with breathable material that will keep the hands dry so your handyman can work longer.

 A Shop Apron

plaid tshirt

Help your handyman keep his clothes clean with a durable waxed canvas apron. Built for all day comfort, this water resistant apron is just as stylish as it is practical. It comes fully loaded with adjustable, padded cross back straps, pockets and loops of all shapes and sizes to hold any type of tool, and provides full coverage from the upper chest to the knees. It’s a gift your handyman will thank you for.

A Waxed Canvas Tool Roll

If your craftsman has a waxed canvas apron, why not pair it with a classy and durable waxed canvas tool roll? With 15 small pouches ranging in size, your handyman can carry all the tools he needs with space and style. Made entirely from full grain leather, the best type of leather out there, this tool roll is easy to use, easy to carry, and will be the perfect home for any wrench or any other type of tool. He’ll never lose another wrench again.

A Bench Cookie Starter Kit

bench cookie

No one likes it when the project they’re working on is ruined because of a little slip in the shop. That’s why there are Bench Cookies. These handy, strong non-slip bench pads are made with rubber surfaces that prevent projects from slipping away and helps to elevate each project so that the craftsman in your life can work with ease. And if you get a Bench Cookie starter kit, you’ll also get a set of Bench Cookie Finishing Cones, the perfect perch to dry projects on.


Nuvo Iron Square Decorative Gate Fence Insert

fence and gate insert

Design is just as important as practicality. Did your handyman just make a wooden door that looks a little too bare? Give the gift of a Nuvo Iron Square decorative insert. Quick and easy to install, this insert will put the final touch to that DIY project and will dazzle all who walk by. Your handyman will feel like a true professional.

An LED Beanie Hat

led beanie

This idea is a fun one. If the handyman in your life likes to work late in the shop or in a place where there isn’t a lot of great light, then an LED beanie hat is the perfect thing to help him finish his projects. Warm and ready to go, this hat has 8 hours of battery life that can easily be recharged through a USB port. If your handyman isn’t a toque kind of guy, then a powered LED baseball cap is also available. 

Buying gifts for a handyman who seems to have it all can be challenging. Whether the handyman in your life needs a new project to challenge him or need something to protect his clothes, these gift ideas are only a few of the many unique ones that are out there. With enough creativity and patience, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for him. 

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