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20 Mar

Looking for spring decorating ideas? So it’s out with the old and in with the new, right? Spring is here and whether you’re doing some spring-cleaning, home renovations, or just wanting to welcome the new season in, here are 12 innovative ways to redecorate your front porch or backyard this spring.

Rain Boot Planters

Source: twelveoaksmanor.com

Do you have an old pair of rain boots that you hardly wear anymore? Don’t let them continue to sit in a dark closet where they take up space and collect dust. Instead, use them as a fun way to redecorate your front porch! Turn your old rain boots into a pair of planters by filling them up with soil and adding some bright, colourful flowers. They’re the perfect way to welcome the spring season, and they’re bound to strike up some conversation between you and your visitors.

Dresser Drawer Planters

Source: mylove2create.com

Many people use spring as an opportunity to renovate their home. But before you go all gung-ho on cleaning your bedroom and throwing out your old furniture, consider repurposing the old drawers from your dresser. After all, clothes aren’t the only things an old drawer can hold: they can be the perfect plant holders too! Repaint them and turn them into adorable planters for your backyard.

Rustic Wooden Welcome Signs

Source: homebnc.com

There’s something about wood that’s warm and inviting. And wooden welcome signs are big right now. So, ditch the spring wreath you usually place on your front door every year and bring a little country charm to your home by hanging a rustic wooden welcome sign instead. You can even add some nature to your welcome sign by securing a small mason jar to the wooden panel with some wild flowers in it for a special touch.

A Pail of Flowers

Source: Gardenia.com

Tired of using the same old ceramic clay pots to hold your plants? Look to the things in your gardening shed or garage instead. That old metal pail that holds miscellaneous junk or that flimsy tin watering can that’s collecting cobwebs can be reused and easily turned into a new planter. All you need is some soil and your favourite flowers, like tulips, lavenders or daisies, and you’ve got yourself a brand new planter.

Wooden Crates

summer porch idea

Source: mydesiredhome.com

Got a couple wooden crates of empty wine bottles that are just sitting around? Instead of letting them just sit in the garage until the next recycle run, turn them into your next Saturday DYI project. To create a fresh spring look, paint the crates white and tip them on their sides or turn them upside down. You can even attach the crates to wheels if you want. Lastly, place a couple small planters on or in the crates.


Source: blesserhouse.com

Bring some warmth and extra light into your home with some lanterns. There is something peaceful and magical about lanterns that bring a quiet confidence to your home. Hang your lanterns up, or place them in the flower garden in your backyard or on the front steps of your porch to help light the way for your guests.

Stacked Pots

Source: homejelly.com

Who says you can’t stack your flowerpots on top of each other? This innovative way of decorating your patio is a game changer when you want to decorate your porch, but you just don’t have the extra space. All you need is three different-sized pots, painted or not, filled with soil and your favourite plant and voilà! You’ve just created one large planter that will turn the heads of all who walk by.

Birdcage Planter

Source: rainyside.com

There’s something about an antique birdcage that adds character and charm to your home. And the best part is that you don’t need to put a bird inside the cage. Instead, you can turn it into a mini container by putting your favourite succulents or flowers inside and displaying it outside or in your home.

Chair Planter

Source: fourgenerationsoneroof.com

This next idea truly takes refurbished furniture to a whole other dimension. Who would have thought that a chair could double as a seat and a planter? It makes you think twice before throwing out some of the old furniture you’ve been hoarding for a while. Instead of throwing out your grandmother’s living room chair, take the cushion off and turn it into a planter for your front porch. To sport a fresh look, paint it white, but also, don’t be afraid to be a bit bold by adding a splash of colour to it as well.

Rocking Chairs

Source: onstuttonplace.com

Add some southern charm to your home by putting a couple rocking chairs on your front or back porch. There’s nothing more soothing than sitting outside early in the morning or when the sun sets with a cup of tea or coffee next to someone you love. To make it extra home-y, place a small wicker coffee table between the two chairs and add some bright throw pillows on the seats for additional comfort.

Backyard Oasis

Source: melaniejadedesign.com

The changing seasons bring warmer weather, which means you can spend more time outdoors. So, why not create your own backyard oasis? All you need are some comfortable patio chairs (complete with comfortable cushions, a few bright throw pillows and a blanket), a summery area rug, some potted plants, a wicker coffee table, and some outdoor twinkle lights. When it’s all said and done, it won’t feel like you’re at home anymore, even though you’re only two steps away from your backdoor.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Source: homeremediesrx.com

This last idea is perfect for those who like to cook. Instead of running to the store or farmer’s market every time you’re about to make your famous Caprese salad, or any other dish requiring herbs for that matter, just take two steps outside to your very own herb garden. Just secure a few mason jars to a long wooden board and plant your favourite herbs inside them, and you’ve got yourself and a brand new mason jar herb garden. Or, if you’re not one who likes to be in the kitchen all day, you can plant your favourite little flowers in the Mason jars instead.

Have fun welcoming spring into your home!

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