10 Mar

Today we highlight 14 easy ways you can revamp your deck. You’ll find great tips and useful products that’ll help add more comfort and style to your abode.

Let’s get right into it.

1. Deck Shutters

onboard screening

One of the most frustrating things about a deck is privacy. You want to sit out on your deck and enjoy it, but you don’t want your neighbors to be enjoying it, as well.

Set up screening to the front, rear, or sides of your deck area. Even a small amount of protection from screening can be enough to revamp your deck.   

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2. Get Creative With Your Railing

deck railing

Not every deck has to have a railing, but those positioned high off the ground usually do for safety reasons.

Rather than install one for safety alone, make it complement your deck in the best way possible.

Match its style to that of your home and deck area. The options are endless for how your railing can enhance the appeal of your deck.   

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3. Revamp Your Deck With Color

add colour

Even the most contemporary home, with clean lines and elegance from top to bottom, can do with a burst of color. If your deck seems a bit sad, a bit sterile, and not at all inviting, you can change that. All you need to do is add color. You might do that with outdoor furniture, a colorful rug, or even some ornaments.  

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4. Include Soft Furnishings


Sometimes, all that a deck or entertainment area is lacking is soft furnishings. Something as simple and inexpensive as bright outdoor cushions can tick all the boxes.

Removable cushions on outdoor furniture are easy to install and change as your mood does, and can even be cleaned. You just have to remember to store them out of the elements once the cooler weather sets in. 

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5. Add Post Caps

post caps

Revamp your deck and increase overall property value with deck post caps. They are a small, cost-effective addition to a deck’s railing. One can ultimately tie your entire deck area together seamlessly. The best part is, they are entirely customizable to suit your preferences.   

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6. Welcome Shade

patio funiture

One of the best times of the year to enjoy your deck is during summer. However, without shade, it can become unbearable before long. Make sure at least part of your entertainment area has a form of shelter – be it a pergola or something similar.

You can even opt for a more cost-effective option like an outdoor umbrella or shade sail. You can then enjoy it for many more months of the year.   

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7. Set Up A Gardener’s Work Bench

gardener workbench

Most people have their garden set up relatively close to their deck. If you’ve got space to spare on your deck, add a workbench for your gardening supplies.

Here, you’ve got somewhere to pot your plants and plant new seeds, and in a convenient, sheltered spot close to both your home and garden.   

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8. Create Plant Walls

plant walls

Whether you want your deck to be more natural or you don’t have space for plants, make use of your walls. You can install vertical planters or even add trellis so you can plant climbing plants like vines. Before long, you’ll have a private, natural space to enjoy at any time of the year.   

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9. Install Deck Lighting

deck lighting

Improve your deck with lighting. One of the best ways to ensure you can enjoy your deck day and night is with lighting. Whether you install lanterns, string lights, faux candles, or in-built lighting, you’ll be amazed at how it can transform an outdoor space.

You can even add deck lighting to make access to your deck much safer, such as in-stair lighting. You then don’t need to retreat indoors when night falls.

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10. Decorate With Hanging Pots

hanging pots

Sometimes, the key to perfecting or revamping your deck is adding some decorations. Hanging baskets from the edge of your property or above your deck can be the answer. They are easy to install and add a hint of nature to any outdoor space.   

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11. Purchase Unique Furniture

put on unique furniture

Every homeowner desires to have something that guests want to talk about in their outdoor entertainment area.

Let your focal point be your furniture. Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be drab. It can be exciting, bright, or of a unique shape or design.

Go ‘all out’ with your outdoor furniture to enhance your deck area. 

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12. Add Rugs

sand mine

If your deck is looking a little drab, add a rug for much-needed vibrancy. You might just use a blanket or buy a proper outdoor rug that can remain outdoors year-round. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and color schemes to suit your unique tastes. 

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13. Add Pot Plants

add pot plants

A deck is generally not somewhere you can have a full garden – and that’s okay! If you add pot plants to your deck, you can welcome color and nature without much effort. The best part is, you can get creative with tall pots, short pots, and a variety of materials and colors. The sky’s the limit.   

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14. Create A Focal Point

It can be a lot easier to revamp your deck when it has a focal point – something that every other design element works around. Before you haul out the paintbrush and hammer, take a moment to think about what that focal point is. 

For some people, it might be a beautiful outdoor fire pit.

For others, it might be a spa pool, a swimming pool, or a barbeque. Once you have it in place, your design ideas can centralize at this point then flow outward.  

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