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21 May

Choosing a front gate design can be overwhelming, considering the numerous options and everything else you must review before making a purchase. However, this also means you have many practical options to choose from. Here’s a look at some exquisite front gate designs that’ll help you step up your curb appeal.

1. Modern Grey

grey modern fence

Source Decorfacil

For a cool-looking, sleek steel gate, the modern grey front gate offers a unique design perfect for suburban homes and townhouses. The contemporary grey gate features neat vertical lines and nicely spaced horizontal coverage, offering outsiders a peek of what’s inside. Its grey color also complements and blends in with modern concrete walls and fences.

2. Vertical Pipes

vertical pipes

Source adsttc

Creative and futuristic, the vertical metal pipe front gate offers an extraordinary impressive appeal for anyone. Its chrome pipes form a fence and gate that will draw the attention of anyone that sees it. The gate also uses sturdy metal and has a protective sheen for long-lasting service. It is an edgy practical choice for farmhouses and garden front yards but can be implemented anywhere.

3. Iron Mesh

black gate

Source i2

The iron mesh front gate design is an excellent option for anyone seeking premium security without blocking the view. It’s dark grey hue provides a fantastic contrast to the bright outdoors, quickly drawing attention from whoever passes by. The contemporary gate suits gardened lawns and also makes for a perfect small front yard gate.

4. Cottage White Picket Fence

cottage white picket fence

Source Marieellisabeth

This quaint and charming white picket fence gate offers a perfect choice for those seeking elegant gates for their cottage front yard. The gate uses a bold white color that perfectly complements the vibrant hues around the picket fence. It is ideal for front lawns and yards with a garden or some foliage. The gate also offers a full view of what’s happening inside.

5. Minimalist Slider

minimalist slider fence

Source Picuki

The heavy, steady, minimalist slider front gate provides full coverage, and suits openings to busy streets and townhouses. It features wheels for smooth movement and uses top strength steel to provide solid security. The minimalist design is also striking and can be customized with personal elements. It provides a sturdy solid front gate with no chance of peeking what’s inside, making it suitable for buyers prioritizing security and privacy.

6. Driveway Metal Screen

driveway metal

Source Grimosa

This is an ultra-modern front gate design that features an impressive level of privacy and security as well as visual appeal and intuition. The metal gate uses a roll-up design that is space-efficient and appeals to townhouses or city homes. It works best as part of the wall, but you can implement it on any fence.

7. Cedar Wood Farmhouse

cedar wood farmhouse

Source Tristategate

Cedarwood farmhouse front gate offers a grand entrance to your home and features a charming, rustic appeal that is complemented by stacked stone column posts. The dramatic front gate design suits a countryside home and suburban mansions, but you can implement it anywhere. If you love wooden gates, this design provides a simple solution and you can use different colors for the wood panels.

8. Frosted Glass

frosted glass

Source Updweller

Glass front gate designs are still new and the cutting edge technology used to produce them is always evolving. However, existing models already have a massive following for its graceful, unique attributes. The striking frosted glass front gate uses a steel framework design with simple distinction lines to separate the sturdy frosted glass panels. The design also features wheeled sliders for operating the gate.

9. Viewing Slots

viewing slots

Source Updweller

This is a Zen minimalist front gate design that features bare wood panels, concrete posts and glass viewing slots that give you a glimpse of what’s going on inside or outside. The viewing slot adds a vital security feature and uses tempered glass for extended durability. You can also add strategic lighting or other decorative inserts and elements.

10. Gothic Wood

gothic wood fence gate

Source Setare

This is another stunning wood front gate you can install to flaunt your home. It uses impressive heavy wood that reflects medieval magnificence. The dark wood panels are perfectly arranged and fitted with black steel to complete the dramatic, gothic wood front gate. It is perfect for suburban and countryside homes with concrete fences.

11. City Black

city black

Source Updweller

A black city gate is a standard option for townhouses and suburban homes opening to streets with heavy traffic. Its captivating black steel design offers a soft, chic hue and solid construction ensures privacy whenever you need it. It also uses sturdy metal that provides total security and can be implemented for gated apartment complexes.

12. Rustic Wood Squares

rustic wood square gate

Source Updweller

Rustic designs are timeless when done right and this wood square gate boasts bucolic traditional magnificence. The gate is ideal for those seeking a grand opening and features a lot of detail and character in the impressive design. It is utterly charming and nostalgic. The closed block design makes it ideal for wall fenced homes, especially country and suburban houses.

13. Aluminium Horizon

Source Updweller

The aluminium horizon front gate design offers a contemporary option that suits driveways. The clean, sturdy metal front gate provides total security, but you can still peek what’s going on outside or inside. The gate also uses a sleek grey metal sheen that easily complements modern fences and homes, although you can fully customize yours with a different color.

14. Timeless Wrought Iron

wrought iron

Source Updweller

If you are looking for a classic simple and sturdy front gate, the timeless wrought iron design offers a perfect choice. The charming, nostalgic gate is fully customizable and sturdy. It also provides a peek at what’s inside, making it perfect if you want to show off a garden or front yard.


There are several other front gate designs and ideas you will find amazing. New ideas are also common, so you will never run out of implementable designs. While some gates suit specific environments, the designs are fully customizable, so you can install any gate you want and personalize it with various accessories. Make sure you purchase your gate from credible vendors and installers that can guarantee top quality materials and services.

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