07 Oct

15 Home Accessories That’ll Make Your Yard Look Better This Winter
By: Xtreme eDeals

Winter Home Accessory 1. Add Post Caps 

winter fence post cap

Add elegance and style to your backyard with post caps.

You can install these on the ends of fences, stairways, or almost anywhere you please. This project is super affordable and can be made to suit your unique style and tastes. Better yet, they also increase the value of your property!

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Winter Home Accessory 2. Flameless Candles

flameless candle for yard

Want to recreate an intimate winter wonderland environment?

Add flameless candles to any surface. It’ll turn up the dial and make your wonderful abode feel like a holiday dream come true.

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Winter Home Accessory 3. Festive Up Your Front Porch


To create a sturdy, weather-proof base, skip a fabric tree skirt and instead place the tree in a wicker basket weighted down with a few rocks.

Add burlap garland, shatterproof ornaments, pinecones, and a few handmade twig stars wired onto the branches. These mini pine cone trees also instantly declare that the holiday season is in full effect.

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Winter Home Accessory 3. Install Gate Inserts 

gate inserts 3Your standard wooden fence can quickly turn into a piece of art with something as simple as a gate insert.

You can put them in existing barriers or have a new fence built with them already in place.

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Winter Home Accessory 4. Add Orbs

add orb

If you’re interested in creating a festive orb, there are plenty of DIY ideas.

They look great on the front porch and will add an illuminated effect. The waterproof lights ensure they’ll brighten up your entry even during stormy winter weather.

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Winter Home Accessory 5. Buy Ice Lanterns

ice lantern

Very simple, ice lanterns are made by using molds to freeze ice into candle holders.

You can make these before winter if you have a large enough freezer. Transform plastic cartons filled with water into magical ice lanterns to display either indoors or out. 

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Winter Home Accessory 6. Hip Lumber Trees That Light Up

wood tree lights

Add a touch of nature with this birch tree.

It’s 18-inch tall with 24 LED warm white Lights.

Its branches bend easily to any ideal shape, and the light-up tree is versatile and will add vitality to your home all year round.

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Winter Home Accessory 7. Go Big With Ornaments

big ornaments

Light up the night with these enormous Christmas tree ornaments. A few supplies from the hardware and craft store are all you need.

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Winter Home Accessory 8. Craft A Monogrammed Doormat

monogram mat

Spruce up your entryway with this personalized budget-friendly doormat that looks like a pricey catalog find but is actually an easy DIY project.

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Winter Home Accessory 9. Craft A Snowy Wreath


Add faux greenery, flowers, berry sprigs and glittered pinecones to a grapevine wreath then cover with faux snow to give your front door a cheery update during winter months.

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Winter Home Accessory 10. Make A Melt-Proof Snowman

melt proof snow man

Don’t have snow to build an actual snowman? There’s a solution for that. This melt-free snowman stands 6 foot tall and he’ll never melt, making him the perfect decoration for snow-free climates.

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Winter Home Accessory 11. Crafty Luminaries


Add a woodsy glow to your entryway with a grouping of crafty luminaries. All you have to do is place the candles inside each luminary bag.

The light will shine through the stars and will create a dreamy atmosphere for any party.

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Winter Home Accessory 12. Make A Twig Garland

twig garland

Give a real or faux evergreen garland a rustic, woodsy touch by layering on a twig garland.

This project is quite simple. Start by gathering small branches from your yard then use clippers to cut them into sections that are approximately the same length.

Lastly, knot the twigs together with jute twine or yarn.

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Winter Home Accessory 13. Repurpose Old Jars

holiday mason jars

If you’re expecting guests over the holidays and want to impress, try using repurposed mason jars for a tasteful look. Use assorted glass jars to give your front porch banister a festive glow.

For an opaque, frosty look, add a mercury-glass effect by first misting the jars’ interiors with water then immediately spraying on looking-glass paint.

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Winter Home Accessory 14. Craft Woodsy Stars

wood stars

Adding crafty wooden rustic stars to any outdoor scene adds that certain special touch. Whether you have wooden stars made of twigs or hanging down lit up like a chime, they are a must-add to any winter backdrop.

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