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15 DIY fence designs & ideas that’ll make your fence pop
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Whatever type of fencing you have, it can easily be used for more than security and space. Fencing is a wonderfully versatile pallet for expressing your style through temporary or permanent design statements. Here are some diy fence designs and ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Living Walls

live walls

Whatever type of fencing you are working with, adding greenery is an easy, cheap, and effective way to create additional privacy without losing that ‘outside’ feel.

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Simply plant vines or another shrubbery along the fence line and occasionally direct the growths upward or sideways along the fencing as desired.

  2. Gate Inserts

Add both transparency and class to your fence with easy yet impactful gate design modifications.

Gate inserts are available in various designs and are DIY-friendly. Simply cut a hole in the appropriate size and shape, and pop the insert into place. Voila! Your gate now has a functional window with a beautiful design. 

3. Outdoor Learning Space

Whether your kids are homeschooled or you just like getting in extra lesson time when you can, turning your fence into an outdoor chalkboard is a game changer.

Not only does the fence-size writing space replicate the standard classroom tool, but it also gets the kids outdoors where there are fewer distractions from toys and electronics and gets them the fresh air their developing brains require. 

4. Make A Statement

It can be overwhelming trying to express yourself online, but it is all the more satisfying and effective to make a statement in the real world.

If you have something to say and want the world to know, why not let your fence do the speaking for you? 

5. Display Your Art

You don’t need a gallery opening to show your work to the public. For temporary displays, try mounting secure glass or plexiglass-front boxes on your fencing to create secure spaces for showing off your personal or most prized works of art.

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Alternatively, permanent art displays can be created by simply coating canvas or wood-backed art in clear resin and mounting them to your fencing using nails, screws, or other appropriate hardware. 

6. Add Decorative Post Caps

A flat fence is a boring fence. Post caps can be added to every single post or to every other post to create interesting verticality.

Try using solar panel post caps to add a versatile power source to any place on your property. 

7. Mix Up The Landscape

A little pop of colorful paint can go a long way toward jazzing up your space.

For property in landlocked areas or where there is more dirt than greenery, brilliant green or blue can create the illusion of ocean or fields, making it all the easier to daydream in the fresh air. 

8. Hang A Seasonal Wreath

Wreaths are a fun and easy way to celebrate holidays, special events, or even just the seasons. Outdoor wreaths can be created from recycled or repurposed materials, as well as from materials that come directly from nature, such as pine cones and branches.

During autumn, colorful leaves are available in abundance, and they can easily be preserved for incorporation into your wreaths by soaking them in liquid glycerol overnight.

9. Create A Japanese-Style Cove

Whether you are looking for a little extra coverage or want to create a different environment in part of your yard, try bamboo.

Notorious for their structural integrity and durability, bamboo reeds can be used as-is, which makes them ideal for DIY projects. Try using twine or thin wire to secure the reeds vertically along an existing fence to create a more serene outdoor space. 

10. Whisky Barrel Fencing

There is a fine line between weathered wood that looks cool and rustic versus wood that looks just plain worn. If you are a whiskey connoisseur or one who appreciates modern industrial chic, this easy DIY look can’t fail.

For worn wood plank fencing, simply nail or screw a pair of parallel, rusted metal strips horizontally along the near-top and along the near-bottom of the fencing to create an aged oak barrel look.

11. Locks Of Love

It can be challenging to dress up a cyclone fence, but adding a few padlocks (and inviting others to do the same) is a creative way to send a message of community and love.

The iconic Pont des Arts in Paris was recognized globally for its thousands of locks from around the world, each of which represented the existence of a loving relationship and the whole of which conveyed a message of unity and inclusion. And it all started with a single lock!

12. A Fresh Face

Sometimes all an old fence needs is a fresh coat of paint. For fencing around a darker home or on the property with a lot of trees, try a lighter or brighter color, such as white, off-white, or a soft tan.

For fencing around lighter-colored homes or on the sparsely occupied property, try a dark color, such as matte black. 

13. Light Up The Night

This is one of our go-to diy fence designs. Twinkle lights are magical at Christmas time, but fairy lights are beautiful all year-’round. Try winding a strand of tiny, wired lights around each post to create a brighter, safer outside nighttime environment.

Combine fairy lights with solar-powered post caps to use this fun lighting system away from power access.

14. Vertical Herb Garden

For better or worse, many herbs grow like weeds, which means they are well suited for growing in unconventional spaces.

Try attaching creative herb pots, such as mason jars or used aluminum cans, to the inside of your fence to create a garden with almost zero footprint.

15. Hanging Arrangements

We love this diy fence design idea. If you find yourself in a rental or other temporary housing situation and don’t want to risk causing damage or making any unapproved modifications, try jazzing up your fence by hanging plant or flower pots around the posts.

Your yard will feel instantly homier without using a single tool.

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