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28 Mar

18 Creative Gate Design Ideas That’ll Instantly Boost Your Curb Appeal
By: Xtreme eDeals

Let us take a look at some of the best gate design ideas that will spruce up the appearance of your home.

1. A White Gate For A Warm And Welcoming Entrancewhite gate

A white gate combined with traditional stone posts to each side comes up to a perfect classic and a bit of a country appearance.

It gives the feeling of calmness and cleanliness, with a hint of a vintage charm to an overall rustic surrounding.

2. Sleek Slats Incorporated With Foliage

brown fence

When you are looking at the different sides of the spectrum and going for somewhat of a contemporary style, the wooden style will suit you perfectly.

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Something that feels elegant, minimalistic, and effortless is the perfection that the slats can provide. Incorporating some foliage can further provide a visual tickle.

3. Blue Is The Warmest Colour

blue gate

When you are looking into incorporating some color into your garden and don’t know where to start, here is an idea – blue color is always a good choice!

Any shade of blue can bring some calmness to the space, with a hint of elegance and grace.

Adding the same color to some elements in the garden as well as the fence can create a sense of continuity.

4. Flowers Are Always A Romantic Choice

white fence

If you are into romance and want to create that feeling in your yard, then a romantic flower arch just above the entrance will fit well.

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Any scented flower will do the trick, though we usually recommend white or pale pink roses. An addition to compliment them would be an all-white picket fence.

5. Lattice Design For The Win

lattice gate

When you are looking into creating a charming and timeless feel for your yard, go for the lattice design.

It’ll add a warm touch to the space, you can add some honeyed hue.

And, if you are looking into a statement fence, just double-up the design and you are good to go!

6. Match The Fence With The Exterior Of Your Home

brick fence and brick fence

When none of the ideas you come up with seems to work for you, the best solution would be the most obvious one, right?

This means that we suggest complementing your home with a fence that matches the exact same colors as your house. It is a perfect way to create a sort of cohesion in the overall space and leave any pedestrians with their jaws fixed right to the floor!

7. Solid And Yet Sleek Design

sleek fence

This is for those people who are determined to hide their yard from the eyes of the public. A huge contemporary fence is usually a darker color (black), and it is a high and thick fence that separates you from the outside world. These fences are relatively easy to install. And on top of that, they are incredibly easy to operate and maintain!

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Furthermore, you can even add some laser cuts in the shape of leaves or whatever seems appealing to you, just to give away a hint of your privacy to the outside world.

8. Handcrafted Design Is Something You Should Definitely Go For

gate in fence

Are you into iron and art?

Well, if you are able to picture these two elements together, then this next one is definitely the one for you!

Contact your local blacksmith and check if they are able to prepare a garden fence design that will elevate the feel of your yard.

Before proceeding with an offer, make sure that you have exhausted all options since this would be a solution that ranges on the pricier end. Get the measurements and the design and find the best quote from the best blacksmith that would work for you!

9. Back To Traditional With Swing Gates

swing gates

Many estates feature a gate like this at their entrance – and with a solid reason!

The swing gates are able to provide that rustic, country, and traditional look that is warm and welcoming at the same time! They are also often used as a decorative element and are mostly painted in vivid colors that can be perceived from afar.

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Even if you don’t own any livestock (back in the days the fences were used to prevent them from escaping), it can still provide a warm welcome to your guests.

10. Get The Perfect Timber

brown gate in stone

When you are looking into some garden ideas and get stuck in the process of choosing a wood that will be a part of the fence, you have to have one thing in mind: make sure to choose the perfect timber that will have a longer lifespan.

If you really want to create a fence that would last, you should opt for hardwood timber, however, if this is a pricier option for you, then the alternative would be softer timbers such as redwood and pine, but soaked and injected with wood preservatives so they could last more.

11. Choose The Perfect Finishing Colour


Do you wish to have a bit of a cheerful and bright look at the entrance of your garden?

In this case, you need to take a palette of colors and look deep and hard through it until you find the color that would match your garden perfectly.

Make sure you choose one that is resistant when it comes in touch with water, snow, and sunlight, and would be preserved for a long time without fading.

12. A Good Garden Idea Is A Secure Garden Idea

gate wood

A well-designed and strong gate can mean a lot if you want to have your garden and your overall estate protected from the outside world.

A sturdy timber look that will keep everyone at bay is the perfect solution for you.

In this case, what you need to avoid is a design with crosses, since it can easily pose as a ladder to climb onto and into your yard.

13. Gate And Fence Posing As One

lattice gate fence

Looking into some seamless and fancy fence appearances, a gate that is the exact same design as your fence is an incredibly good idea.

A visually polished and unwrinkled look is what almost everybody is after, and this is one of the perfect ways to achieve it.

14. Entrance That Leads To A Secret Garden


You don’t have to actually have a secret garden in order to create the look of having one!

When it comes to this mysterious and romantic look, you can easily make it yourself.

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Of course, you would need to take care of that with the assistance of a professional, so contact your local blacksmith or designer and see whether this is an option that can be added to your yard.

15. Interesting Yet Traditional Garden Ideas

fence - gate

A rural charm is often an overlooked part that can actually be very easily incorporated into your back or front yard, you just need to make the best out of it.

And this would be very easy to prepare since there are plenty of cottage garden gate ideas that are extremely easy to make and will take almost nothing to prepare them.

16. A Comforting Design

gate stone

If you are looking for inspiration but feel like you are constantly looking for it in the wrong places, then let us assist you on this one.

Take a look at your immediate surroundings for some inspiration.

Combine any contemporary shape with a darker color such as black or dark grey, add some steel or flat panels, or maybe go for a timber design that would meet the contemporary style halfway, any way you go, you cannot go wrong with this one.

17. Artwork Is Everything

creative gate design

When you want to create a unique and one-of-a-kind gate, and have always had the taste for artistry, then we would suggest creating an incredible idea that would result in the following – an artsy gate that poses both as an entrance and as a sculpture!

Even though this is a bit out-of-the-box thinking, if executed correctly, it can make up for a perfect double-paneled gate that will leave visitors and passers-by people speechless.

18. A Confident Touch For The Win

gate design

Explore the glamorous options and try to incorporate them into your gate design.

If you want to turn heads with an exquisite design you would need to add some glamor, color, and unique shape into your gate design – like this one.

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