02 May

Getting stuck into home renovations? Let your front door set the scene. Here are 20 colors for your door that’ll boost curb appeal.

Let’s go.

1. Bold Red  

Red is traditionally a bold color and not one you would think to put at the entrance to your home. Still, it’s becoming more and more popular by the day.

In the early American tradition, a red door used to signify to weary people traveling by horse that the home was somewhere welcoming to rest. 

In Europe, people also used to paint their door a vibrant shade of red if they had paid off their mortgage. Whatever statement you want to shout, you’ll find a red door will more than get your message across. 

2. Bright Yellow  

yellow door

Source: TAC

Don’t wait for guests to meet you for the first time before showing off your cheery disposition. Instead, let your home speak for you. A citrus or sunflower yellow hue can speak volumes about what guests can expect when they walk inside your home. 

While you’re at it, use the fresh lick of paint as an opportunity to update your home décor to something a little more welcoming. 

3. Navy

navy door

Source: Sutton Place

If you want your home to represent safety and security, then a navy-blue door can help achieve that.

It adds a much-needed burst of color while also not detracting from the other outside features of your property. The deeper the blue, the more “stable” your home can feel to visitors. 

4. Turquoise

torq door

Source: Sweet Teal

It can be hard work matching light and dark together, but turquoise seems to tick all the boxes.

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If you have a dark exterior, give it a burst of light and brightness with a lick of turquoise paint. Your property will stand out for all the right reasons. 

5. Jet Black

black door

A jet-black door is elegant, contemporary, and striking against a light home exterior.

If you think you’re missing color, just add a light rug or green plants to your entrance. The final touch can be a lovely big brass knocker. 

6. Sage Green

sage green front door

Turn your home into a natural oasis with the help of a sage green door.

This vibrant paint color matches beautifully against light wood exteriors. You can then add a few darker green plants to tie the look together. 

7. Gloss Black  

gloss black

Whether your abode is old or new, a gloss black door can make it look a million dollars. Glossy black paint also looks stunning on doors surrounded by white or gray cladding.

Take your time adding this paint, for the reflective surface can show up many small imperfections. 

8. White  

white door

Source: Nesting With Grace

If your home features a mixture of different cladding materials, then it can be quite challenging to find a paint color to match.

You can’t go wrong with white. It can “calm down” the busyness of a home’s exterior while also being one of the most cost-effective paint options.   

9. Cottage Red

red door

Source: Red Door

While vibrant red doors are all the rage, you can’t go wrong with a deeper cottage red. Achieve the old schoolhouse charm of a red brick house with cottage red window frames and doors.   

10. Vibrant Orange  

vibrant door orange

If you want your front door to stand out from the crowd, then a vibrant or citrus orange could be the answer.

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Entirely unexpected and not designed to “blend in,” you can let this color help your personality shine through. 

11. Light Pink

pastel pink

Whether you have light brick, light gray, or white home cladding, you can’t go wrong with light pink paint for your front door.

It’s sweet, charming, and can make your home feel like a lovely cottage. All that’s left to do now is jazz it up with some cottage-style plants at your entrance. 

12. Muted Gray

muted grey door

Source: Rugh Design

If vibrant colors aren’t your cup of tea, but you want your door to make a statement, then opt for a muted gray shade. It’s a serious yet warming color that looks brilliant against brick. 

13. Silver

silver door

Source: House Beautiful

Why stick with flat colors when you can go for something a little more exciting? Get that contemporary edge with a tin of silver paint.

While it doesn’t have to be over-the-top metallic, it can have a faint shimmer that adds festive charm year-round. 

14. Bright Blue  

bright blue

Blue, in general, represents peace, serenity, and truth. It’s also the color of the ocean and sky, so it evokes a sense of calm. Bring these home with you by painting your door bright blue. Every time you come home from a hectic day of work, you can let the day’s worries fade away. 

15. Natural Green  

home stratesphere

Source: Home Stratesphere

Green represents renewal and balance, so there’s nothing wrong with painting your door a natural green shade.

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What’s more, you may even find that it enables your natural surroundings to stand out a little more than they used to. 

16. Purple

purple door

Source: Favourite Paint

If your current door features a striking white trim, then why not go a little crazy with your front door color? Purple might seem mad, but you would be surprised at how beautiful it looks against a stark white door frame. What’s more, it doesn’t need to complement your home’s exterior. Somehow, it just works

17. Light Wood  

light wood door

Source: Good House Keeping

You can’t go wrong with a classic front door. Whether you already have a light-colored door, or you’re stripping your painted door back, there’s no harm in opting for a light wood finish. You never have to worry about painting it, and any festive wreaths or garlands you add can stand out. 

18. Salmon

salmon doors

Source: AMM

Bright colors can liven up your day, so there’s no reason why they can’t liven up the days of those passing by your home, as well. A salmon-colored door can match dark and light home exteriors. You can even have a bit of fun by pairing it with blue framing or shutters. 

19. Two-Tone  

pastel blue

If one color on your door doesn’t seem all that exciting, then change the rules. After all, who said you had to have one color?

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Go through a swatch book and find two complementary colors. They can work in harmony or contrast each other – the choice is yours. 

20. Pastel Shades

two toned

Coastal abodes and charming cottages can all do with a facelift from time to time. Pastel colors could be the answer. Pink, blue, green, and yellow, in light shades, can be a refreshing change from dark woods and paint colors.

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