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24 May

20 Pallet Fence Designs That’ll Add Personality To Your Yard
By: Xtreme eDeals

Out of all building materials we have readily available and affordable for the masses, pallets are at the top of the list. Pallets are transport structures made from wood that are designed to be lifted by forklifts and cranes. 

Once the products are safely removed from them, they are often discarded. But as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Here are 20 fences you can create just by using pallets. 

1. Outdoor Dining Area Fences

pallat fencing outdoor dining


When you’re trying to dine outside in the privacy of your backyard with friends and family, the last thing you want is to be the entertainment of your neighbors.

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If you build a fence with pallets, your yard can be as private as you need it to be. You can even paint the pallets to tie in with your property’s design. 

2. Garden Fences

garden pallet

Source: ccacademy

If you’re trying to protect your vulnerable seedlings and plants from wildlife, pallets can help. They are the perfect height to stop many critters from being able to make their way inside.

The best part is, you don’t have to be an experienced fencer to install pallets as garden protection. 

3. A Picket Fence Of Pallets

picket pallet fence

Source: Founterior

Even if you’re in dire need of a fence for pet and child protection, the high costs of erecting one can put you off.

However, suppose you reuse the wood from packaging pallets. In that case, you may be able to create a cost-effective and attractive fence for your home.

4. Designer Pallet Fences

designer pallet fence

Source: SyonPress

An attractive fence can set the scene for a beautiful home. Surprisingly, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a designer fence to have it look like a designer fence.

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If you spend time sanding and staining your pallet wood, it can look as beautiful as any legitimate designer fence. 

5. Chain Link And Pallets In Harmony

chainlink fence

Source: Smile And Wave

Chain link fences aren’t the most attractive fence options out there, but they can be. Pair them with sections of pallet wood, and you can significantly enhance the appeal of your home’s boundary. 

6. Pallet Fence And Gate

pallet fence

Source: Pinterest

If you’re in love with the idea of a pallet fence, but you’re not sure about a gate, you’ll be pleased to know you can have both. With a bit of creativity, you can use your leftover pallet materials to form a fully functional gate. 

7. Pallet-Style Gate Design

pallet gate style

Source: HomeTalk

Even if you don’t end up using pallet wood for your gate, you can enjoy a pallet style. Creating a gate that looks like pallet wood can tie in with the look of your fences that may already consist of recycled pallet wood. 

8. Patio Pallet Fence

patio pallet fence

Source: 1001 Pallets

For pet and child protection, fencing your patio area may be necessary. Rather than spend thousands on something you may remove at a later date, use pallets. They are easy to install, easy to paint, and aesthetically pleasing. 

9. Colorful Pallet Fence

colour pallet fence


When you purchase premade fencing materials, they tend to come in set colors. With pallet fences, you can flex your creative muscles in the most beautiful way.

Add vibrancy to your yard by creating pallet fences, then painting them in vibrant, bold colors. 

10. Rustic Pallet Fencing

rustic pallet fencing

Source: Cut Out + Keep

If you’re trying to retain a sense of charm in your property, pallets can undoubtedly help. As the wood used in their creation is not always consistently one color, you can immediately enjoy a rustic theme and age-old charm without any effort.

The more inconsistent the wood panels are, the more rustic they can look.   

11. Pallet Fencing On Wheels

99 pallets

Source: 99 Pallets

Fencing is almost always permanent, which can put some people off installing it. What if you don’t need permanent fencing, or you’re not sure if where you’re going to put it is the right area? You can always consider pallet fencing on wheels. 

With two caster wheels on each end, you can move your new fencing where you need it to be. You can even include a garden to make it a mobile outdoor feature wall. 

12. A Picket Fence With A Difference

pallet picket fence

Source: Aventurous Andersons

As tempting as it can be to spend a fortune on purpose-made picket fencing materials, you actually don’t have to. Pallet wood is more than suitable for use as pickets. Once painted, it’s hard to tell the difference. 

13. A Pallet Fence For Privacy

privacy pallet fence

Source: Ikon Home Design

Get as much privacy as you need by stacking pallets creatively to form a privacy fence. Thanks to the gaps in the middle, they can also be used as planters for your favorite plants.

This cost-effective option is ideal for anyone lacking privacy who doesn’t want to spend a fortune. 

14. A Creative Pallet Fence

funky pallets

Source: 1001 Pallets

Even though pallet wood is suitable as it is for fencing, there’s no harm in letting your creative juices flow. For example, if your chosen pallet wood is particularly rustic, you can take this theme and run with it.

All of a sudden, you have a fence that stands out from the crowd. 

15. A Tiny Pallet Garden Fence

tiny pallet garden fence

Source: Camelot Art Creations

If you’re trying to keep your gardens safe from your pets and other small wildlife, you generally only need a small fence. You can save money by making one out of old pallet wood you have lying around. 

16. Pallet Fence And Planter In One

pallet fence and planter

Source: ccadacemy

Kill two birds with one stone by building a pallet fence that doubles as a planter box. Not only is it multi-functional, but it can also be aesthetically pleasing once your plants start to grow. 

17. Pallet Fencing With Seating

bench - pallet

Source: Mental Scoop

While you could purchase outdoor furniture separate from your pallet fencing, why not integrate the two? You can build a bench using leftover pallet materials into the fence itself. 

18. Contemporary Pallet Fences

contemporary pallet fences

Source: 1001 Pallets

Even though pallet wood can exude plenty of rustic charm, it can also be contemporary. A lick of paint and a few accessories can be all it takes for this cheap material to look expensive.   

19. Herb Garden Pallet Fences

pallet garden fence

Source: Abigail Albers

Why should your herbs be confined to small pots on your windowsill? Give them space to grow and thrive inside a specially built pallet wall garden. 

20. Poultry Pallet Fence

poultry pallet fence

Source: My Life As I Know It So Far

As convenient as chickens are to own, they can also be messy. Left to their own devices, they can destroy your garden in a matter of days.

Using old pallets, you can create a dedicated area for them to root around to their heart’s content.


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