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07 Mar

29 Creative DIY Porch Decorating Ideas For Spring
By: Xtreme eDeals

If you are looking for fresh new ideas for your porch, you have come to the right place.

Today we feature 29 DIY decorating ideas that will look amazing.

1. Table Made From Wooden Crate

If you want to bring some attention to your yard or porch, you can just take an old wooden crate and paint it in any color you like (we suggest light, bright colors), and you are set to go!

After that, the options are endless – use it as a coffee table, side table, place to put some plants, or keep a blanket.


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2. Add Post Caps

Adding post caps to your patio railing can instantly lift a bland exterior post to another realm of style.

Not only are they affordable and look great, but they also increase the life span of your railings, and have been known to increase the overall property value of your home!

spear post caps 4

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3. Make Your Own Welcome Sign

You can now make a hand-painted welcome sign yourself!

All you need is a splash of color and a wooden board. You can create a lovely welcome sign and add some flowers on each side! It is an amazing addition to the spring look of your home.

welcome sign

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4. Planters – But Rain Boots

If you have an old pair of rain boots lying around, look at them as your next project!

Make some small holes in specific places so that the water can be drained, add some soil and plant your favorite spring flowers.

Wait for them to bloom, hopefully, it does not take them long, and enjoy the view!

rainboots - flowers

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5. Decorate The Space With Bird Cages

If you have the option of painting them white, you can turn any old birdcage into an incredible decoration for your porch.

You can add some flowers or candles to it, it can give some romantic flair to your porch.

bird cage

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6. Number Box That Comes Alive

If you want to make a home number that will catch the attention of everyone, then this is just the thing you need!

You can create a large rectangular sign that contains the numbers of your home but has a grass background.

It looks incredible and is very easy to make.

1511 fence

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7. A Chandelier Planter

If you have a very high porch, then we can suggest you get an old chandelier, color it in a vibrant color such as bright pink or blue, remove the bulbs and add some flower pots instead, and hang it on your front porch!

It will be an excellent addition to the spring look you are going for!

hanging plants

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8. Pillows In Every Color

So, you are one of those people who have a large patio, but don’t know what to do with it? We have got you covered!

Get some pillows with spring designs and plenty of colors that will provide some flower power edge to your porch!

colour pillows

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9. Stack Of Planter Pots

When you are one of those people who are very invested in their front porch and want to make it look incredible, you would probably go to great lengths to achieve that.

One of the ways we advise you to spruce up your porch is to get some planter pots in various sizes, stack them up on top of each other and fill them up with soil and your favorite plants.

Sounds incredible, right?

stacker pots

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10. Plants Coming Out Of Drawers

Another idea for those who have a bit more space and want to fill it in with all the colors spring can bring, is to get some old drawers.

If you have some lying around and you don’t know what to do with them, feel free to have them repainted and set them up into levels, some opened some closed.

Fill the opened ones with soil and your favorite plants and flowers and enjoy!

pinterest planter

Source: Pinterest

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11. Vertical Planters

If you want something to instantly spring up your porch and prepare it for the best time of the year, then you will fall in love with the vertical planters!

They can provide the space with a splash of colors and an interesting concept.

You can find the supplies at a pretty low cost and make this yourself, from scratch, for almost no cost.


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12. Tulips For Easter

There has never been a simpler way to decorate for the biggest spring holiday – tulips have always been the way to go, and they still are today!

A simple metal bucket can go a long way! You can even add some wooden Easter bunnies or eggs in a basket can further beautify the space and make it seem more welcoming and pleasant for the eye.


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13. It’s Not A Christmas Wreath, It’s A Spring Wreath

Sometimes, if you want to create a welcoming and inviting porch, then the only thing you need to add is a spring wreath to your front door!

The possibilities are endless – you can do it in plenty of colors, or maybe monochromatic, or would go a step further and add an irregularly shaped one!

And, on the other hand, if you are looking into something to beautify your front door, but dislike the idea of a wreath, you can always use an umbrella display – it poses as an excellent alternative.

patio decor spring wreath

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14. Paint Your Door!

This is going a bit out of the box, however, it is a very smart thing to do – if you are going around in circles in terms of making your front porch a bit more beautiful, why not start with coloring your door?

You can use an array of colors that indicate spring and a door in an interesting color is almost always quite the head-turner.

bright door

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15. A Garden Bench

If you do not have a bench, this is a sign that you should get one as soon as possible! An ordinary bench is also very easy to make, and just as easy to find in a thrift shop, so you have plenty of options to choose from here!

We would suggest painting the bench in an interesting, vivid color and adding some pillows and pads in different colors – we promise that it is going to look incredible!

garden bench flip

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16. Nowhere Without A Welcome Mat

Last but not least, whenever you have guests, the one thing they will definitely remember is your welcome mat!

So, when wintertime is over, it is time to replace that Christmas-themed welcome mat with one that is bright with colors and has a message that will remind you we are always welcoming spring with arms wide open!

welcome mat

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17. Get Gate Inserts

Level up your door and fence game with gate inserts. They instantly add a whole new dimension and take your overall outdoor design to something special.

From gate doors to privacy fences that peak into your patio, it’s a touch of rustic luxury that will not go unnoticed.

gate inserts

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18. Show Your Green Thumb

green thumb

Opt for a general theme when it comes to decorating your front porch. When we think of a general theme, we mean something in terms of gardening. Adding an art piece that contains various gardening tools may be the perfect solution for your outdoor space. It is just like showing off your favorite hobby.

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19. Add A Chalkboard

outdoor porch

Chalkboards are the perfect thing to add just outside the home. You can easily add a message – something to greet your visitors with. Add one on your porch and put a lovely message on it. You can even let your younger members of the family display their artistic talents there!

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20. Add A Swing

swing porch

When the good weather arrives, it is natural to spend most of your time outside. Adding a swing to your front/back yard is the perfect way to do that. This way you can enjoy your porch with a cup of coffee in the mornings. Adding a footrest can make the entire experience even better!

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21. Stripe It Up

stripe pillows

When it comes to warmers months, there is no better design to add to your outdoor space than stripes. Think pillows – these are the easiest thing to find and add. They can add a wonderful touch of freshness and a pop of color to the space.

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22. Egg Chair

green nest chair

If you are considering adding some chairs to your outdoor space, an egg chair is a wonderful addition. You can curl up with a refreshing beverage in your hand or a good book. Think about adding one or two to your front porch this season – we can guarantee you that you will not want to sit inside any more. If you live in an area where the nights are colder, you can even throw in a soft blanket too.

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23. Take You Living Room Outside

living room

This front porch idea brings the indoor feel outdoors. Add a coffee table, a comfortable chair, a rug, some plants, and candles to your porch. Creating a cozy vibe outside has never been easier – and you will have fun doing it!

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24. Candles Everywhere

led candles

Warm spring nights require a warm atmosphere too. Lighting some candles will make the area inviting and give it a little bit of extra charm. It is how you will show that the porch is the place to be – day and night. You can buy fake LED candles to be on the safe side.

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25. Find A Mirror

porch mirror

Making your front porch feel a little bit bigger is possible, all you need to do is think about adding a mirror. It is considered a lovely addition to both the inside and the outside of your home. You will be able to make the space more inviting, and the mirror can reflect a lot of sunlight into the area, so it is a great addition to any porch.

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26. Bar Cart

bar cart

No spring porch is complete without a bar cart! Think stylish, think rustic, think incredible. A bar cart is the ultimate piece you can have for your outdoor space, and you can easily pick up after your guests and place everything there too. All you need to do is take some essentials and make it the center of all happenings!

Bar Cart

27. Add Some Wicker Too

wicker basket

Think wicker and plants – there is no better combination than that! Adding oversized wicker planters can make your outdoor space feel warmer and more welcoming. It can bring a lot of charm and it can be the perfect place to add all those plants which are just about to bloom as the season comes!

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28. Go Faux

faux plants

If you think plants are high maintenance, you can always go faux. Faux plants and flowers are the perfect things to add if you want to put some greenery into the space without adding the responsibility of taking care of them. Think about it – they look realistic so you and your guests can enjoy them.

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29. Plant Wall

vertical garden

On the other hand, for those plant lovers who enjoy taking care of plants, this may be the perfect solution for you! Take a look at the outdoor space you have and determine which wall would be the best place to add some plants. Add them vertically, which is such a clever solution for the smaller plants and fresh herbs. They will make your front porch an explosion of scents, creating a wonderful place to relax.

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