backyard theatre
18 Feb

If you’re thinking of spending more quality time at home with your family and friends, improving your backyard experience should hover near the top of your priority list.

Below we highlight 28 backyard ideas and projects that’ll make staying in more enjoyable.

Let’s do this.

Backyard Idea 1. Add Gate Inserts

gate inserts

Image: Xtreme eDeals

With all this spare time on your hands during the lockdown, use some of it to beautify your home. Start with gate inserts. Add some attitude to your dull or drab fence while also allowing plenty of natural light to flow through. There are plenty of styles and sizes from which to choose. 

Backyard Idea 2. Create An Outdoor Dining Table

outdoor dining

Image: Outdoor Living Stage

Make your backyard your favorite restaurant! Set up a permanent outdoor dining area that you don’t have to lug back inside. If you can’t make one, you can always buy one and set it up yourself.

Backyard Idea 3. Make DIY Lanterns


Image: Pixabay

Start collecting old glass jars and make lanterns with tealight candles inside. 

Backyard Idea 4. Build A Privacy Shutter Fence

louve fence

Image: Home Talk

Combat your home’s privacy problem and have something to do by repurposing old shutters into a portable fence. You can then have fun painting it with the kids.   

Backyard Idea 5. Make Tire Planters

tire planter

Picture: Pexels

Turn your old tires into planters that liven up your home’s exterior. You can either paint them and hang them on the wall or glue rope around the outside for a touch of rustic charm.   

Backyard Idea 6. Get Creative With A Window Shelf

window shelf

Image: My Repurposed Life

Find a convenient place to store all those outdoor accessories by installing an exterior window shelf. 

Backyard Idea 7. Build A Cooler Stand

rustic - cooler


Flex your creative woodworking muscles by building an outside cooler for the beer lover in your family.   

Backyard Idea 8. Decorate Your Plant Pots


Image: HeungSoon

Give your tired-looking garden pots a new lease on life by painting them. Add patterns or even wrap a rope around them for an exciting new look. 

Backyard Idea 9. Build A Pallet Potting Bench

pallet potting bench

Image: Picture: Ana White

Make use of old pallets around your home by crafting a potting bench. Gardening just got a whole lot easier. 

Backyard Idea 10. Install An Outdoor Chalkboard

outdoor chalk board

Image: Freutcake

Leave your driveway free of the kids’ messy chalk artwork by installing an outdoor chalkboard. 

Backyard Idea 11. Created Tiered Planters

pot planters


Add dimension to your property by stacking your planters upward rather than outward.   

Backyard Idea 12. Make A Bird Feeder

squirrel buster

Image: Pinterest

Get creative with old dinnerware you no longer use by crafting a bird feeder to feed your neighborhood birds.   

Backyard Idea 13. Make Outdoor Chandelier


Image: Eco G

Using what nature gave you, create a beautiful outdoor chandelier that adds elegance to any patio area or pergola.   

Backyard Idea 14. Add Outdoor Storage

plastic storage

Image: Keter

With old building materials lying around your property, create a form of outdoor storage for your tools, toys, and outdoor equipment.  If you aren’t handy you can always add a bench with storage

Backyard Idea 15. Craft A Teapot Fountain

tea pot

Image: Christy K

Don’t let that old tea set go to waste – turn it into a beautiful and whimsical outdoor water fountain.   

Backyard Idea 16. Work On Your Food Displays

food displays

Image: Pixabay 

Having a day in the backyard with your family, enjoying the sunshine? Get creative with how you serve and display your meals.   

Backyard Idea 17. Decorate Your Trees

decorate your tree

Image: Pixabay

Create a whimsical outdoor space by decorating your trees with string lights. Why should beautiful lights be reserved for Christmas time? 

Backyard Idea 18. Build A Ladder Garden Planter

garden ladder

Image: Stephanie Garden Therapy

Whether you’ve got an old ladder lying around or a brand new one – turn it into a convenient garden planter with your favorite herbs and garden treats. If you aren’t handy, you can always buy one and add it to your backyard.

Backyard Idea 19. Make Your Yard Bigger

backyard mirrors

Image: Viltisns

We don’t mean add more space – but add the illusion of space. Mirrors in your garden can reflect back onto your own greenery and offer more depth. 

Backyard Idea 20. Create Kids Backyard Games


Image: Pixabay

Shelter-in-place orders are no fun for the kids who can’t head to their local playground. Bring the playground to your home by creating fun outdoor games in the backyard like hopscotch. 

Backyard Idea 21. Add Post Caps

post caps

Image: Xtreme Deals

Add some elegance and attitude to your home fencing with the addition of post caps. You can buy them in a multitude of different styles and sizes to suit your budget and preferences. 

Backyard Idea 22. Hang A Hammock


Image: Pixabay

If you’re looking to escape from the house and enjoy time outside, install a hammock. Nestled between two trees, it becomes the perfect place to relax with a book and cold beverage.   

Backyard Idea 23. Make A Barbeque Set Holder

good lookin cookin

Image: Maker Table

Never lose a grilling tool again when you build or buy a barbeque set holder. Install it by your grilling area and always know where your special tools are. 

Backyard Idea 24. Welcome Nature To Your Yard

green backyard

Image: Pixabay

Stuck staring at a boring concrete block or brick patio all day? Welcome some greenery with living walls, climbing plants, or even faux grass. 

Backyard Idea 25. Make A Windchime

wind chime

Image: Pixabay 

Give the bored kids in your household something fun to do by making DIY wind chimes. Get creative with the use of old cutlery or even long-forgotten house keys.   

Backyard Idea 26. Build Pallet Furniture

pallet bench

Image: Pixabay

Whether you’re in need of outdoor furniture or want to get rid of a pile of old wooden pallets, making pallet furniture solves both problems. Create a pallet wood sofa and pair it with vibrant cushions.   

Backyard Idea 27. Create An Outdoor Cinema

backyard theatre

Image: Garden Living

If you’re missing being able to go to the cinema, bring the cinema to your house. Create seating areas outside, set up the projector, and get some popcorn popping. Your temporary outdoor cinema is bound to be a huge success.   

Backyard Idea 28. Camp Outside

camp outside

Image: Pixabay

Vacations might be on hold right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go camping. Set up the tent in the backyard and haul out all your camping equipment.   

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