09 Jun

Ever been to E3? The massive video game show happens every year in Los Angeles. This year, for the first time ever, it’s open to the public.


For about a week at the beginning of every June, about 65,000 people — including me — travel to Los Angeles to find out what’s coming up next in the world of video games.

Even if you’re not gaming, the show is a big deal. That’s because it begins building hype among the world’s 2.6 billion gamers for the devices and titles they’ll want for the holidays. Overall, they spent nearly $100 billion last year on games, according to market researcher Newzoo, and that’s not including the costs of headsets, consoles and computers.

There are going to be more than 2,300 game, devices and toys on display, with at least 75 announcements that haven’t been seen anywhere else in the world. There are going to be shouting fans, two e-sports pavilions where people can watch some of the best gamers in the world compete against one another, possible impromptu musical shows by celebrities (it’s still hush hush) and a whole lot more.

For E3 2017, expect news about the latest game in a series where assassins fight an ancient global conspiracy to take over mankind, called Assassin’s Creed. There will also be details about Star Wars games from EA, while Nintendo will show off its upcoming Super Mario Odysseyadventure game. (Here’s GameSpot’s breakdown of everything expected at the show.)