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30 Nov

How To Make My Fence Look Nicer? Must-See Ideas
By Xtreme eDeals

If you’re tired of looking at your boring and boring fence and want a change, you’re in luck. Below we have assembled a collection of fence design ideas that’ll help make your fence look nicer.

Let’s get right into it!

Fence Design Idea 1: Paint Your Fence Posts 

painted fence post

Source: Learn Along With Me

You can quickly paint only the posts and completely change the look of your fence. Choose a color of your liking that brings out the color of the fence. 

Fence Design Idea 2: Straighten And Fix Warped Fence Sections

warped wood fix

If you have warped and bowed sections of fence you can try to straighten them to improve the overall look of the fence.

If you any part of your fence panel is sagging, it’s time for a face lift. Keep in mind the cost of lumber is now so high, replacing the whole fence can become costly.  

To begin, try to remove the vertical boards, and then only replace the horizontal “stringer” boards. Then,  screw the vertical boards back on nice and straight.

Fence Design Idea 3: Screw In Loose Boards 

screw in boards

Source: Empire Fence

Wooden fence boards held in place with nails can pull away from the stringer boards. To help make your wooden fence look better you can screw in these loose boards with dedicated outdoor screws.

They are less likely to pull out and re-attaching the loose boards will instantly make your fence look better.

Fence Design Idea 4: Use Fence Mender To Support Wobbly Posts

fence mender

Source: DrTMath&MoreOnline

Try purchasing a  fence mender to keep your fence stable. It’s cost effective and tends to last. To install it properly you need to remove the fence panels, and replace the bad fence post. 

It’s ideal to use one fence post mender spike on each side of the fence post. You’d drive the metal bracket into ground and then screw the metal fence mender into the wooden fence post to hold the post in place.

Fence Design Idea 5: Replace Old Lattice On Top Of Your Fence

replace old lattice

If you have a wood fence with lattice on top, and if the lattice has seen better days then you may be able to replace just the lattice.

Check if your local Home Depot or Lowe’s sell lattice panels. If you want a long-lasting option that doesn’t require maintenance you could buy a plastic lattice panel, cut it into strips to match your current lattice dimensions, and then install the new lattice.

You could also try painting or staining the lattice top, but it would be time-intensive unless you have a sprayer.

Fence Design Idea 6: Hang Flower Baskets 

fence flower pot

Hanging flower pots can instantly make your fence look better. Hanging a colorful flower pot from your fence can change the look of your wooden fence and gives it more personality.

You can find outdoor plant hanger brackets at most hardware stores. If you can’t find them in your area, below is a link to a popular plant bracket on Amazon.

Fence Design Idea 7: Add Fence Posts Caps

nuvo iron post cap

Fence posts caps have two functions: they are decorative and protective.

They complete fences design and prevent them from rot and decay caused by moisture and elements that accumulates inside of them.

So whether you are building a new deck or updating your current one, the first step is to choose the right post cap for your outdoor space. You can check them out here for different shapes and styles.

Fence Design Idea 8: Use Fairy Lights To Provide A Whimsical Look

fairy light

Source:  Carol Van Hook Flickr

Adding fairy lights to your fence will create a unique and whimsical look. Plus, they are adorable and so easy to find. You can change them up throughout the holidays, and they tend to last in all weather.

Typically, you can find fairy lights at garden stores and on Amazon.

Fence Design Idea 9: Add Fence Art

fence art

Fence art is a great way to spruce up your fence.

With art, you can get super creative and it adds color as well as dimension. Your yard will pop, as well as your home. 

Fence Design Idea 10: Metal Fence Clock 

metal clock

Add style and uniqueness to your fence with a large metal fence clock.

These are usually waterproof and easy to install. Depending on your style, you can find colorful ones, or plain. Whichever one you decide to buy, you’ll turn be sure to turn heads and keep track of the time. 

Fence Design Idea 11: Add A Trellis And Vines In Front Of Your Wooden Fence


Make sure to plant it in the middle of a fence panel, and  plant a vine that doesn’t require much watering.

In other words, choose a vine that is adapted to grow in your area with your natural rainfall. You can find outdoor trellises at most hardware and garden center.

If you can’t find one, below is a nice-looking option from Amazon.

Fence Design Idea 12: Hang Up Your Tools

garden tool orgnaizer

Source: Gardenista

Have some extra tools in your shed but don’t want to toss them? Hanging them on your fence is a perfect way to add some flare.

Depending on the look of your fence the dark colors from the tools can enhance your fence. If you have a wooden fence, this will blend together and create a soft contrast with the wood. 

Fence Design Idea 13: Add Shelves And Decor

shelf fence

Source: Amazon

If you live in a dry, warm climate adding some shelves to your fence is a fun way to decorate.

You can add plants, and other outdoor decor on top of the shelves for more dimension. It will give your fence a cozy feel and will give guests something to talk about.

Fence Design Idea 14: Add Fence Inserts

gate inserts - fence

Another way to add style and elegance to your new or existing deck, fences, gates, doors or walls, with personalized castings that will leave a lasting first impression to your guests.

Make sure you showcase your decorative skills even before they step into your house. We also offer a great variety of adaptable to different needs.

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