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22 Jan

How To Remodel My Railings: 10 Easy Yet Powerful Hand Rail Design Ideas
By: Xtreme eDeals

Let’s take a look at how you can make your banisters fresh and new again with almost no effort!

1. Switch The Spindle Material

iron baluster

If you are looking for an excellent way to add some luxury to your home, then changing the wooden spindles for iron ones will make all the difference. It is an excellent project that you can make in the comfort of your home, and it will give you the upgrade you need without spending too much time or money on it.

3. Paint It Over


Here’s a simple solution that most of us have used at some point in our lives. If your entire home is renovated and looks a lot fresher than your staircase, then it is high time you do something about it. Thinking about giving it a new look does not mean remodeling your staircase all over again!

You can easily do this by giving your banister a fresh coat of paint and seeing how that will make all the difference.

3. Start From Scratch

diy bannisters

Making your own banister has never been easier! If you have always taken pride in being handy around the home, then you should try this!

Utilize your skills to make the most incredible banister you can. It is not a difficult task, especially when all you need to do is use the one that you already have! You can polish it, add or remove some parts (depending on your level of expertise) and repaint it as a final touch.

This is an excellent woodworking project for you to do in the comfort of your home.

4. Simple Is Good

simple staircase

Looking to make the most incredible staircase makeover can be quite a challenge for some.

But thankfully, going simple and elegant is always an excellent starting point. Instead of adding plenty of colour and details, think about removing all of those elements. You can add horizontal posts with wide boards or metal pipes – this will add to a classic and clean look of your staircase. And if you have some older banisters, all you need is to repaint them to give them the wonderful contemporary look you are aiming for.

5. Colour Is Good Too

colourful bannisters

If you have always been one of those people that rely on painting all parts of their lives in lively colours, then this is something you should think about!

Giving your staircase a fresh coat of paint that comes in a variety of colours will add to the vibrancy of your home.

This will be especially appreciated by small children who will get excited about the variety of colours you have chosen. It is the perfect DIY project for you to take on.

6. Replacing A Handrail

replace handrail

This is not as complicated as it sounds. If you are dealing with a home that has not had an upgrade in years, maybe even decades, and you have a tight budget to work with, think about replacing the handrail.

This is not that difficult or expensive course of action, and you may just end up loving the new and improved look.

Think about it, maybe the handrail you have at the moment is not even up to code, and is old and dirty.

You can even take it a step further and replace the handrail yourself!

7. Consider Using Two Tones For An Aesthetically Pleasing Look

two tone

There is something about dual tones that everyone likes.

This is a look that can end up delivering a visually astonishing staircase that shows both depth and style.

Many homeowners add a crisp white paint and mix it with some honey oak and ebony stain for a classy and rich look. This look is not just a trend, it is a classic.

You can make your home seem luxurious without spending too much money on it.

8. Think About Brackets


In some cases, the staircase may seem a little dull in contrast to everything else in the house. This is when you should consider adding some brackets for a fresh and new look. If elevating the entire staircase is what you are going for, then the brackets are a win!

All you need to do is look for a design that you like and add them underneath the lip of the stairs – this is how you can create some playfulness and luxury at the same time. You can pair them well with iron spindles and you can even add some metallic paint over them to give them an even more polished look!

9. Horizontal Is The Key


You might be used to seeing vertical lines each time you go up and down your staircase, but that does not mean it should always be like that! If you want to create something different and give it a little bit of a twist, then you should think about changing your vertical spindles with horizontal ones.

This is a great way to elevate your aesthetic of the home to the next level and give it the modern look you’re going for. They look excellent and they are even easier to clean!

10. Add Some Glass

glass railing

Last but not least, why not completely discard the spindles?

This is the ultimate modern look that a lot of people are going for nowadays. Getting some glass panels for your staircase is an excellent way to add a little bit of style and a lot of transparency to your home.

It can even make the space seem bigger than it is, and it is a fantastic eye candy piece. However, you should be prepared to clean it often – everyone who touches it is bound to leave a mark. Thankfully, there are easy ways to clean it, so you wouldn’t have an issue.

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