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06 May

A well-constructed deck is a great opportunity to turn your outdoor area into an entertainment center for social gatherings and personal relaxation. Since they are easily customized, decks can fill a variety of different roles.

Decks are especially good during winter when you can gather and watch the snowfall with your loved ones.

You can impress your family and guests with a unique, gorgeous outdoor deck design.

Many of these options can be used in tandem with each other as you construct the deck of your dreams.

1. Overhanging Gazebo

winter deck ideas - gazebo - porch - xmas treeSource: Liz Marie Blog

Adding a gazebo to your deck will provide you with an opportunity to gather in an area that is protected from the elements. You can boost your overall outdoor deck design by adding an area that overlooks your property.

This will ensure that you and your guests can enjoy the company of each other without being subjected to the snow or rain. Because there are no walls, you can still keep an eye on your children, pets or loved ones from your deck.

2. Decorative Inserts

gate inserts

Source: Xtreme eDeals

There are intimate moments that happen on the deck. And sometimes, you just go out there to catch some sun wearing next to nothing, which is why it’s always a good idea to build a privacy wall.

At the same time, you still want to see what’s “out there”. By adding an insert you’ll be able to add style to your deck’s privacy wall. Without question it changes the dynamic and makes it look that much more special


3. Recessed Fire Pit

winter deck fire pit - deck ideasSource: Amazon

If you want to remain warm during chilly winter evenings, installing a fire pit on the deck will give you a heated area for your gatherings. Adding a wrap-around deck will provide a secluded spot from the other areas of the deck.

Meanwhile, benches allow a large group of guests to comfortably join you. Various outdoor deck winter designs are available.

You can basically use any style that you like with a recessed fire pit. Just remember that you need to keep any open flame a safe distance away from wooden materials.

4. Patio Hot Tub

hot tub - winter deck ideas 800 xSource: DecorNow

Every social gathering can benefit from having a hot tub. This can be used year-round, but it is especially enjoyable during the winter.

Out of all the best outdoor deck ideas for the winter time, few are as gratifying as a steaming hot tub. You can also add trees or bushes for a more intimate, secluded environment. The right environment can make your private parties feel more comfortable and relaxed.

5. Massage Table

massage table winter deck ideasSource: Instagram

If you are looking for a more personal touch, you may want to add a massage table to your deck. This outdoor deck design can even be improved with curtains and artwork.

Relaxation is the main objective of your deck, and nothing boosts relaxation like a massage. A roofed deck will ensure that this stress-reduction center can be used throughout the year. This can also provide you an area to practice meditation or an instrument.

6. Wrap-Around Deck

wrap around tree deck - deck design ideas-jpgSource: OneKindDesign

This is a great option if you want a more natural approach for your outdoor deck winter designs. Building the deck around a tree will create a living centerpiece for your outdoor space.

During the winter, this may also help to protect you from the elements. At the very least, you can be certain of a unique addition to your deck, which will impress your friends and family.

If you use a fruiting tree, then summer and autumn will provide easy access to edible delights. Artwork such as a statue or monument may also be used as your focal point.

7. Deck Storage

fence compartment - fence designSource: Instructables

Building benches makes it easy to add in deck storage options. This allows you to protect your deck-related or outdoor items from rain and snow. You also have the option to turn the containers into a cooler or refrigerator, which allows you to conveniently store food and beverages.

Canvas covers, tarps and other items can be protected in these storage benches as well. Outdoor deck winter designs might be amazing for cold weather, but they are also useful throughout the other seasons.

8. Children’s Playground

deck playground - deck ideasSource: DIY Crafts Guru

Decks do not have to be only for adults! Children can use them as well. For families with children, an outdoor deck design that accounts for their unique needs is extremely useful. A fort may be built onto the deck to give your children and their friends a place to play.

Ladders, slides and games may be designed into the construction as well. This playground idea can be altered to be practical for other purposes. For example, an outdoor dog house can be built into this structure to provide shelter for your pets.

9. Evening Lighting

winter deck ideas - light on deckSource: John Lewis

You may want to add lighting to your deck. This will help decks to be safer in regards to snow and ice build up.

Outdoor deck ideas for the winter time are not attractive for the way they look, but they are also useful for security and physical safety.

Floor and wall lighting are always a great idea. You may be able to use solar lights or connect the lighting fixtures into a static power supply. While wiring the lights, you can also add speakers for your listening pleasure.

Lanterns with candles are a great idea for providing a warm, bright ambiance during the wintertime, and they require no installation time or effort.

10. Garden Planters

garden planters - deck ideasSource: Ground In Road

Plants may be used in gardens for a variety of uses. Evergreen bushes and trees provide beauty throughout the year. Flowers are amazing for their looks and aroma. Vegetables and fruits can be grown for a more practical garden.

Rare or unique plants are a fun way to make your landscape unique.

You can use a lattice to allow climbing vines additional space to grow. An outdoor deck design is greatly improved when you use influences and features from nature. For a wintertime look, try using ornaments, evergreen boughs and pine cones to spice things up.

11. Barbecue and Oven Design

fire place - deck ideas - jpgSource: Flickr

Adding a barbecue to your deck is a functional, convenient option. Parties and gatherings are always better when you can barbecue right on your deck. Building your cooking equipment into your deck will mean that you do not have to run inside to prepare your meals.

If you add storage to your deck, then you can place your utensils and cleaning supplies there. Some decks are also designed with features like pizza ovens or brick ovens that make outdoor cooking a breeze. Add a few garlands or holiday decor to your oven or fireplace for a merry, wintry look.


There are many options available for you to choose from. If you want to get the most use out of your deck, incorporate these ideas into your design process. An outdoor deck design can be made for winter or year-round use. From adding solar lights to installing a hot tub, the only limit to your deck design is your imagination.

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