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Sku: XED-001-410
  • Dimensions : 44″ Length x 1/2″ Width. Hollow Baluster for easy cutting to required hight.
  • Color: Satin Black, perfect and timeless, matching many elements and styles.
  • Made from iron, powder coated satin black.
  • 30pcs in package.
  • Works perfectly with Decorex Hardware Baluster Accessories

7 in stock


Iron Stair Balusters 1/2″ Square x 44″ Long, Single Twist, Hollow, Black Powder Coated – 30pcs – (Satin Black)

Featuring 1/2″ square x 44″ long iron balusters, a classic choice for a classic railing project. Without question, these Decorex Hardware iron stair balusters instantly add a stroke of custom class to any space.

Better yet, the Decorex Hardware iron stair balusters are easy and simple to install. If you’re looking to transform a humdrum entry way or railing, these iron stair balusters are for you.

Made from high-quality forged iron, Decorex Hardware stair balusters are built to last. They are more durable than wood or aluminum balusters, will not split, warp or bend. A satin finish gives your stairs a classic look. And because they are hollow, you can easily cut them to fit your needs.

Dimensions: 44″ Length x 1/2″ Width.

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