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20 Apr

21 Spring Patio Design Ideas That’ll Make Your Home More Inviting
By: Xtreme eDeals

If you’re looking to spruce up your patio this spring, look no further. Let’s take a look at the best patio design ideas for springtime that you can ‘borrow’ today!

Spring Patio Design Idea 1: Add Color

add color

If your porch décor is mostly made out of neutral colors, then giving it a bit of bright pink, orange or green will spruce up the entire space and make it into a spring fairytale.

Add some colorful pillows to your furniture to make it look happier. You will enjoy sitting there when you are surrounded by all those colors.

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Spring Patio Design Idea 2: Add Inserts

gate inserts

Want to add a dash of personality to a bland privacy fence on your patio, porch or deck?

Try adding inserts. You can put them on walls, doors, and gates. They come in different shapes and sizes and styles and they really light up the space with a rustic feel.

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Spring Patio Design Idea 3: Front Porch That Looks Like A Spring Cottage

porch chalkboard

Think branches, herbs, and some succulents to spruce up your front porch!

Lovely addition to this would be a chalkboard that has a warm welcome message for you and all of your guests!

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Spring Patio Design Idea 4: Freshen Up Your Patio For A Spring Look

flower pots

Use what you already have to make your porch a spring dream!

Add some freshly planted flower pots and bright colors and voila – the porch will look incredible!

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Spring Porch Door Design Idea 5: Spring Wreath

spring welcome

Try to look at your porch as a DIY project.

You can make your spring wreath from seasonal plants and flowers, make your own bird nest and add plenty of flowers, wherever you can!

Extra points go to those who will add a freshly painted rocking chair with colorful pillows!

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Spring Patio Design Idea 6: Colorful Swing Bench

porch swing bench

Here is another project for you.

If you don’t have a bench, try buying one that swings and with color. It’ll mesh well with the sun!

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Spring Patio Design Idea 7: Add Farmhouse Flair And Add A Rocking Chair

rocking chairs

Your porch is a place where you should relax and unwind, and if the idea of a farmhouse is what relaxes you, then you should go for that!

Add some rocking chairs, a bucket of flowers, and patterned pillows to finish up the look!

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Spring Porch Design Idea 8: Moss

moss plants

If you are one of those people that can hardly wait for the springtime to come, you can get one step ahead of it!

Add some elements from nature to your porch and spring will come to you sooner than anticipated!

You can add anything you want, from real moss to small plant pots.

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Porch Design Ideas 9: Barrel Storage Table And Stool

barrel table

Spring is associated with uniqueness and style, and there is no better way to express that than through this unique transformed barrel can that can also be used for storage, as a stool or table.

Add some plants and a bottle of beer to it and the place will immediately look better.

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Porch Design Ideas 10: Thinking About A Step Up

wooden ladder

This is a perfect way to give some rustic look to your front porch!

Adding a ladder https://yourtechlist.com/ will add some character to the place and the bench will make up for an inviting corner everyone would love!

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Spring Porch Design Idea 11: Add A Splash Of White

white planters

The whitewashed look is a very popular one, always has been, and a very appropriate approach for a spring front porch décor!

Add some charming white plants with flowers for an even more incredible look!

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Spring Patio Design Idea 12: Add A Welcome Mat

home sweet home

If you add a lot of colors and texture, you can create the perfect place that will last you not just one, but two seasons!

A gorgeous welcome mat, giving a bit of gloss to your front door, and adding plenty of flowers and pillows will do just the trick!

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Spring Patio Design Idea 13: Painted Mason Jars

painted mason jars

You can create this as a DIY project or buy them.

Whether you make a vertical herb garden yourself by planting the herbs in empty mason jars or put them in a wooden crate basket for a twist, painted mason jars add a pop of personality to any porch and patio.

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Spring Patio Idea 14: Add Wooden Shudders For The Southern Look


If you are looking into ways to improve the backdrop of your front porch, then a screen is just the thing you need!

Make sure to color it in a different color than anything else, but something that would still fit the overall look. It goes perfectly with wicker furniture and fluffy pillows.

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Spring Patio Idea 15: Hydrangeas For A Touch Of Elegance

large planter pots

Take some large plant pots, get some hydrangeas, and put them in the corners for an elegant yet spring look for your porch.

Adding a few lanterns along the way will take the place to the next level.

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Spring Patio Design Idea 16: Rustic Vertical DIY Garden

nature rustic

If you have always been keen on gardening, now is the time to show your array of tools, pots, and plants!

Take a couple of wooden crates and stack them up, fill them with your favorite plants for an incredibly charming little corner.

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Spring Patio Design Idea 17: DIY Water Garden

water garden

Another one of those amazing spring DIY projects is to try to make a water garden yourself!

Mini ponds with fresh lotus flowers are just the thing that can help your porch become a lovely fresh spring look.

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Spring Patio Design Idea 18: Colorful Drawer Planter

colorful drawer planter

Take an old framed planter and bring it back to life! Add some colorful planters on it and beside it for the ultimate spring look!

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Spring Porch Design Idea 19: Hanging Chair

modway porch chair

This will bring a lot of life to your patio, deck or porch to life.

It’s not quite a hammock and it’s not quite a rocking chair. It’s a hanging nest that invites guests and instantly adds a sense of unique style to your porch.

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Spring Porch Design Idea 20: Grapevine Balls That Light Up

solar string lights

You do not have to limit the grapevine balls to the front door, you can install them on a side table or the railing for an incredible and inviting patio look.

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Spring Porch Design Idea 21: Add Post Caps

deck post caps

Post caps not only help your fence or deck posts last longer with style but, they are also known to help increase overall property value.

They come in all different shapes and sizes and designs.

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