24 Nov

Want to learn how to build a privacy fence like a carpenter? With the right ideas and advice, you certainly can.

There are different types of fences out there that require a variety of techniques. So it is important that you learn about the right tools and necessary steps required for each fence build before you begin.

Below we have curated the top 12 “how to build a fence” videos online that will put you on the right path, showing you how to build a wire fence and a privacy fence. In addition, sloped areas offer different challenges when building a fence as well.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Expert Tips And Ideas For Building A Privacy Fence
  • How To Install A Sturdy And Durable Fence Gate
  • How To Stretch A Wire Fence
  • How To Construct A Fence On A Slope
  • How To Build A Privacy Fence

Advice And Ideas For Building A Fence

1. When building a fence, it is important to ensure that the post holes are deep, and the posts are secure before laying concrete. This makes sure that the vertical posts remain level while the concrete becomes solid. When connecting the horizontal rails to the posts, you may want to use bolts for additional support. Use a drill to make holes for the bolts because this will prevent the bolts from protruding and potentially causing an injury.

2. Before you begin construction, make sure that you have the materials and tools required to complete the project. You may use a firmly secured metal post as a guide when installing the fence posts. Washers may be used as shims to ensure the project remains level. Drill holes in pickets before installation to prevent cracks or chipping.

3. Water sealant should be used on the area of the fence post that will be inserted into the ground to prevent rot and damage. For additional stability, you may use metal fence post brackets that can be secured to concrete or a baseboard. Concrete forms will ensure that poured concrete will look professional and that the posts are more likely to remain level. While these ideas may increase the cost of building a fence, they will ensure that the project is durable and secure.

4. Placing concrete footings under fence posts is advisable for any type of soil. Slope the top of the poured concrete away from the post to prevent rot and damage. Be sure that the lumber you use has been treated and designed for being placed underground. Tree roots and bushes may cause moisture to build up, so attempt to clear the area around the fence to give it a longer life.

Advice For Installing A Level And Long-Lasting Gate

1. When making the decision on how you want to build a fence gate, it is important to make sure that it does not sag. One of the best ways to connect two pieces of wood is by securing the lap joints with both wood glue and screws. Braces can be secured with pocket screws, which allow you to secure the boards together without the need for brackets. In case of misalignment, shims should be used to fill old screw holes so that the new screws have additional support.

2. If you choose to use a diagonal brace for your gate, connect one edge of the brace to the bottom hinge side of the gate for maximum support. It is important that the hinges are sturdy enough to support the weight of the gate. Additional braces will prevent sagging. Brackets and locks will provide additional security and support for when the gate is closed.

Techniques For Making A Professional Looking Wire Fence

1. Wire fences can be used for many applications such as for gardens or livestock. The most important part of learning how to build a wire fence is knowing how to stretch the wire properly. Snip the wires on the edge of the fence to prevent accidental injuries. Placing wire fence between two boards will add support and offer a professional look when finished.

2. When stretching a fence, you may use a wench or tractor when working alone. The purpose of pulling the fence tight is to reduce sagging or waves in the final product. A tool called a clip bender will connect metal staples to a metal T-post. The cost of building a fence may be reduced by shopping around for the best hardware prices before the project begins.

Ideas For Building A Privacy Fence

1. Add gravel to the bottom of fence posts before pouring concrete to allow water to drain from the posts. When working alone, you may place nails in the posts to ensure that the horizontal boards are level when installing them. When deciding how to build a wood privacy fence, be sure to do any staining or beveling before you begin installing the pickets. Install the pickets close together to prevent unwanted lines of sight.

2. The most important aspect of successfully building a fence is to make sure that the posts are in a straight line. When digging fence posts, it is essential to be aware of where plumbing and electrical wire are placed to prevent damage and additional work. Knowing how to build a wood privacy fence comes with experience, and being patient will help you avoid mistakes. To prevent misalignment, construct small sections of the fence at a time instead of working on the entire fence at once.

Styles For Constructing Sloped Fences

1. Learning how to build a fence on a slope is important for contractors and people who are interested in working on their own properties. When building along a hill, you may choose to use the horizontal or contoured techniques. The horizontal technique looks like a stairway with the rails of each section parallel with each other. This technique works best on slight slopes.

2. As you learn how to build a fence on a slope, you need to decide which technique is best for your project. Contoured fences follow the slope and angle of the hill, which provides a more natural look than the horizontal technique. It is important to add additional screws and brackets to prevent the fence from sagging over time.


These how-to videos serve up key pieces of information that you need to build a fence that is perfect for your needs. Whether you are a professional contractor or just looking to build a DIY privacy fence, this knowledge will help prevent mistakes and ensure that you produce a high-quality product. There are many important steps you have to do to make the fence sturdy and durable, so take the time to learn about the entire fence building process before you begin.


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