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22 Dec

Most of us would do anything for man’s best friend, but they sure like to push the limits. Whether the time has come to replace an old fence, or you’re ready to install a new one to keep your furry friend safely contained, read on. Here are some of the best dog fence design ideas to grab your attention.

1. Lattice

lattice fence
Source: Pixabay

Many people worry about airflow, privacy, and shade when they install new pet-proof fences. Lattice can sometimes tick all three of those boxes. You still get a reasonable amount of privacy through the gaps, alongside plenty of airflow. What’s more, because of the holes between the wood panels, plenty of sunshine can still filter through your yard.

2. Wrought Iron

pet fence designSource: FrancineS0321

Fencing for dogs and aesthetics can be a balancing act. You want to make sure the fencing suits the style of your home, but you also don’t want your furry friend to be able to escape.

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A wrought iron fence and gate system can achieve both results. It looks stunning while also featuring vertical metal components to deter the climbers in your family. Wrought iron is also low maintenance and long-lasting.

3. Chainlink and Wire

pet fence designSource: Avis_Colors

If privacy is not a priority, and you want your dog to see the world passing by, then there’s nothing wrong with chainlink and wire fencing.

Many homeowners prefer this option for how little maintenance it requires, not to mention the affordable installation costs. All you need is a roll of robust chainlink or wire fencing materials and some posts.

4. Pallet

pallet fence 800wSource: Backyard Boss

If there is an area of your property you don’t want your dog to access, such as the garden, then you’re not short of cost-effective options. Pallet fencing is a fast, easy, and affordable way to make sure your prized peonies are off-limits.

Many companies even give away shipping pallets for free, so all you need to do is buy the gate hardware.

5. Wood Privacy

pet fence design
Source: Tookapic

Dogs love to watch the world go by. But they also like to bark at the world going by. For both privacy and sanity, consider whether a wood privacy fence could be right for you.

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You can create the fence at any height, within council regulations, which means your dog remains oblivious to passers-by.

6. Vinyl

pet fence designSource: ClassicallyPrinted

Dogs can sometimes amaze you with the lengths they will go to just to escape the place where they are loved, fed, and cared for. If you’re dealing with an escape artist, vinyl fencing may be a worthwhile option.

This fencing type tends to be available with generous height options. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

7. Metal Caging

dog licking fenceSource: Jeannette1980

For the sake of strength, some homeowners may like the idea of metal caging materials with a metal framework.

This easy-care option is strong and available with different mesh types to suit your needs. It can also suit full fencing or an enclosure within your property’s boundaries.

8. Farm Fence Mesh

dog fence and blue skySource: Hans

Cost can play a considerable role in the fence type you choose to contain your four-legged friend. For larger, rural properties, the costs can be even higher.

That’s why many people choose farm-style fence mesh. You can choose the gap size to suit your dog and install it at a far more affordable rate than traditional residential fencing.

9. Corrugated Iron

wooden pet fence designSource: Goldi

When you think corrugated iron, you probably imagine rusty old iron with dents and strange angles. Sure, there are unattractive iron fences, but there are also beautiful ones.

Painted iron with stunning wood framing can be both a barrier for your dog and a striking property addition. It can also be relatively affordable to buy, given that it’s a common, everyday household building material.

10. Brick

flower brick fence for petSource: Andrewkim

If your dog’s a digger, a climber, or an everyday escape artist, then brick fencing may be one of your only hopes. Even though they can cost a bit more than a traditional wood fence, they can be worth every penny. Otherwise, you may just find yourself paying pound fees more often than not. Brick fences are solid, easy-care, and can suit the character of your home perfectly.

11. Portable

dog in pet fence open spaceSource: PicketPlay

When you move into a new home, it’s not always set up for your family. However, you may not be able to call in a fencing contractor right away.

What are you supposed to do in the meantime? Portable fencing can be a worthwhile option for both your home and RVs. It folds down, is movable, and can keep your dog contained for its safety.

12. Bamboo

bamboo pet fenceSource: Hillofthirst

If you love the idea of using what nature gives you, then bamboo can be an excellent fence idea.

It provides privacy so your dog can’t see what’s going on while also being strong enough to withstand wear and tear. You also won’t find too many dogs who can climb or scale a tall bamboo fence with ease.

13. Hedges

white picket fence for petsSource: Claudimichael

It would be a shame to remove a well-established hedge to install fencing materials in its place. So, why not use what’s already there? A tall, thick hedge can act as a deterrent for dogs to leave the property.

However, you can also install netting within the hedge or on the front of it to block any gaps.

14. Concrete

cement fenceSource: Pixabay

You know your dog better than most. If it seems like they will manage to escape past almost any fencing type, then you need to bring in the big guns.

More often than not, that’s concrete. They can’t dig through it, climb it, chew it, or bust through it. While it can be a costly option, it adds value to your home while offering peace of mind about your pooch’s safety.

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