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15 Jan

If you’re looking for deck model ideas for your next build, look no further. Below we highlight 15 beautiful deck design examples that you can “borrow.”

Let’s get right into it!

1. Modern Deck

modern deck

Source: Pixabay

If you’re struggling to hide deck imperfections or have your entertainment space look as tidy as you want, modern outdoor furniture can help.

Covering up much of the deck with stunning, contemporary chairs and loungers can mean no one’s focus is on whether or not the deck itself is blemish-free. You can even add rugs for that final, beautiful touch. 

2. Wicker Styling

wicker styling

Source: Pixabay

Even though wicker furniture has been around for hundreds of years, it never goes out of style.

This type of furniture suits all manner of decks and even helps it appear more tropical. It’s also incredibly durable and can be paired with vibrant-colored cushions and other soft furnishings.

3. Deck with a Tree Feature

deck with yard

Source: Owntheyeard

You may have found the perfect spot for your new entertainment area, but there is only one problem: there’s a big tree in the way. Given that most people create a deck area to enjoy nature, it doesn’t make much sense to destroy it in the process. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to. Instead, you can incorporate it into your deck’s design. Place decking timber around the tree and cut a perfect circle. The tree can add a tropical vibe to your deck while also acting as a source of shade. 

4. Deck with Water Feature

deck with water

Source: Owntheyard

There’s nothing quite like relaxing on your deck, listening to the gentle babble of water on rocks. You might think that’s an impossible feat unless you have a pool or live next to the sea, but it’s not. With the right deck experts on your side, you can produce a deck area positioned around a human-made creek bed. It doesn’t get much more unique than that. 

5. Rustic Decking

art tower

Source: ArtTower

If your decking materials aren’t giving off the ‘rustic’ vibe that you had hoped for, invite it into your outdoor space with rustic furniture. You can make it yourself with foam squabs and wood pallets or purchase rustic furniture made by someone else. You can even use tree stumps to form small side tables for drinks and snacks. 

6. Pool-Side Decking

pool side deck

Source: RichardMc

While some people prefer tiles around the outer edges of their pool, it can be worth considering wood. It offers a warm feeling to a sometimes surgical-feeling outdoor space while also being entirely natural.

Wood decking may require a little more maintenance, but it’s hard to beat its aesthetic appeal.   

7. Unique Deck Railings

deck plotting

Source: Owntheyard

Why should your deck flooring get all the glory? Make your outdoor space stand out from the crowd with a stunning deck railing.

You can opt for a different material altogether, like steel, or opt for what nature gives us – sticks. Beautiful woodland branches can offer a rustic charm and whimsical appeal to any deck area. 

8. Homely Entertainment Space

open deck

Source: Pixabay

If you don’t want to fall into the trap of having a contemporary yet sterile-looking outdoor space, then make it homely. You can do this by choosing unique furniture with bold or vibrant color schemes. Your decking materials can still be stylish and modern, but your furniture is telling a more charming story. 

9. Chevron Patterns

chevron deck

Source: Owntheyard

Most decks feature a single paint color or stain. It’s usually a shade of brown or black and is paired with equally as neutral deck furniture. Though, not everyone enjoys the monotony that can come with neutral hues. That’s why it can be worth changing it up a bit with soft chevron furnishings. 

While the color schemes you choose can be natural, the pattern gives your deck area some liveliness. What’s more, you can include chevron patterns on your deck rugs and couch cushions. 

10. Deck with Pergola

deck model design paragoda

Source: Pixabay

As much as a deck area can make a statement by itself, it can sometimes be helpful if something else can carry the weight. A pergola isn’t only a feature, but it’s also a source of shade when the intense summer sun shines down. They can be made of the same materials as your deck or painted to stand out from the crowd. 

11. Garden Decking

garden deck

Source: Pixabay

We often head outside to relax and be closer to nature. While decks are purpose-built for relaxing, they don’t always effortlessly incorporate nature.

However, they can. Set aside areas of your deck for plants. You can either create a dedicated nook for plants or add giant pots and planters that make a statement.   

12. A Covered Deck

patio-cover deck model

Source: Pixabay

As much as it can be nice and relaxing to sit outside, it can also subject you to some intense temperatures.

Combat that harsh summer sun with a covered deck instead of an open one. You can hang lights from this space and even seek shelter from the sun and rain. 

13. Exotic Themed Deck

deck model covered deck

Source: Pixabay

Why stick with an ordinary deck when you can create a themed one? Turn your outdoor area into a tropical paradise with greenery, outdoor umbrellas, and stunning wood furniture.

You can then carry this exotic theme on with the types of plants you include in the space and even the forms of lighting, soft furnishings, and plant pots.

14. Deck with Uplighting

deck model

Source: Owntheyard

It can be hard to enjoy an outdoor entertainment area at night when there’s no lighting available.

One of the best times to begin can be when you’re building your deck. Include uplighting in the deck stairs to not only illuminate the space but make it safer to access once night falls. 

15. Deck with Fire

deck model

Pixabay: Owntheyard

There are few better ways to spend the evening than out in your personal entertainment area around a crackling fire.

So, when the time comes to revamp your entertainment space or create a new one, consider this worthwhile addition. You can add a real fire or opt for gas. Either way, it can provide an unparalleled ambiance.

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