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Social media is a powerful channel to meet, discover and network with professionals. Mandatory for showcasing work and products to the public, particularly on Instagram, one global widow shop you that you can’t miss out. If you work with wood, here are some passionate woodworkers for inspiration.

Beyond the craft of wood itself, these accounts might give you ideas on content, high-quality products, materials, building furniture and decoration elements. Here’s a selection of influencers bringing one of the oldest professions to the 4.0 age.

Canadian Woodworks

First, Canadian Woodworks is a good start to scroll over for woodworkers, with a team specializing in hand sculpted custom wooden rocking chairs, dining chairs, and stools. From their shop in Rockwood (Canada), they design and carve wood furniture and have become a reference in their community as well as on Instagram, with more than 400,000 followers, as well as posting videos about the creating process. They also build custom furniture and offer how-to-build manuals and templates for most of the designs, sharing their story and skills.

Ariele Alasko

This young craftwoman trained at the Pratt Institute of Brooklyn, New York and has a BFA in sculpture. She started by making her own wooden furniture for her apartment as a hobby, from her small living room. Since, she has developed a renowned career as a woodworker and full-time sculptor, with her original and unconventional design patterns that characterise unique style.

Mike Pekovich

Also a professional woodworker, Mike is committed to his craftsmanship, making his furniture 100% by hand, mainly using hand tools. In his blog, you will find a sample of his various projects. As he says “the manufacture of furniture is only a connection with wood, but also a connection with people“. Now the Art Director of Fine Woodworking magazine, he also teaches on a regular basis at Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking and at Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Indiana.

The Wood Whisperer

In addition to crafting wood, Marc J. Spagnuolo is a podcaster, a video producer, and a writer, all of which, is about the craft of wood. After working in the biotechnology industry for several years, Marc found in woodwork a hobby and a lifestyle, getting “immediately sucked into it.” Since then, he’s been combining wood, technology, education and humor. He has contributed articles and video content to FineWoodworking.com and other industry magazines. He currently produces The Wood Whisperer, an online store and educational resource for woodworkers. Talk about passion.

Offerman Woodshop

Behind this profile, a collective of wood enthusiasts based in Los Angeles specializing in hand-crafting traditional and sustainable carpentry. Making anything from spoons to canoes, they work with fallen trees, much like their ancestors. They publish stories about their day to day in the workshop and the process of elaboration of their works.

Aleksandra Zee

Drawing her inspiration from travelling, Aleksandra builds large and small scale intricate wooden wall hangings, headboards and table tops. Her Instagram showcases her love of the ocean, the desert, and the forest with 123k followers. A Fine Arts graduates, she teaches two apprentices a month.

Katie Gong


Katie has been making furniture pieces and installations ever since she was old enough to run around in her father’s wood shop. With a palette of creamy golds creations, the sculptor combines functional and visually stunning work.

Brendan Gaffney

Brendan is a furniture maker, design, writer and educator. He learned woodworking and the passion for creativity from his father. After graduating from the University of California San Diego in Computer Music program where he got into instrument design, signal processing and acoustics, he attended the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking program. Working to hone techniques taught to him by his cabinetmaker father, his work revolves around the use of local wood to create novel, durable furniture, handmade wooden and metal tools and musical instruments. He continues to make, design and use durable tools, furniture and instruments. He is now working on a book for Lost Art Press, building custom furniture, writing, photographing his experiences and teaching classes on woodworking and toolmaking.

Adele Sbernini

Speaking of crafting music instruments, what more extensive expertise than the one of a professional luthier? Adele Sbernini specialises in violins. Since an early age, she showed an interest in drawing and woodwork, which was then a hobby. She graduated in Molecular Biology before embarking on training in her father’s workshop, where she learns construction and restoration techniques of string instruments. Then she opened her own business as a violin maker in Verbania. Member of the Italian professional violin makers association, the practice of restoration allows Adele to observe workmanship, fine-tuning her awareness and taste. She understands the importance of woodcuts, and the care for details both aesthetically and structurally. Experimenting with new models, in constant search for new cures and new construction methods, adapting to every piece of wood.

Popular Woodworking

The account of Popular Woodworking magazine. Enough said for anyone interested in the topic! Includes woodworking plans, articles, tool reviews, techniques, and of course, featuring multiple project ideas.

Robin Woods

British green woodworker and toolmaker, Robin Wood helps people discover the joy of working wood with excellent tools. “Wood Tools is the venture of father and daughter.” While teaching spoon carving courses, Robin grew frustrated by the lack of a perfect carving axe to recommend to beginners. So he set out to get his own made. With 25 years of using, forging and teaching tools he knew exactly what he needed. Now he’s playing tools with his daughter.


“Whether on your workbench or out in the forest, here’s how to get the edge you need.” ManMade is not strictly about woodworking. ManMade explores the emerging independent craft movement. Featuring original how-to content, DIY videos, and design inspiration created by both women and men. They also share photos of behind-the-scenes craft projects, food and drink, and all the other creative lifestyle content to transform ideas into reality.

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