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24 Oct

Wood Post Caps Guide: The Advantages And Disadvantages In Buying Wooden Post Caps
By Xtreme eDeals

Easy on the wallet as they are easy to install, the classic wood post cap is a favorite among tradesmen as it merges elegant design and lasting charm.

If you’re looking to buy wooden post caps for your deck or fence, but, don’t know where to start you’re in luck. Because today we have a guide sharing the must-know advantages and disadvantages when buying wood post caps.

In this article we will cover:

-Different types of post caps you can buy

-Types of wooden post caps you can buy

-Advantages of wooden post caps

-Disadvantages of wooden post caps


It’s incredible how post caps can alter the entire look of your project.

From a bold and modern look to a more conventional feel, you can find the perfect finial that’ll suit your style.

And of course, decorative post caps can turn your deck and fence into a statement piece.

You can choose at least four types of post caps to bring your design ideas to life. Whether you want the more conservative steady look of wood caps or the more trendy style of solar power or metal, we’ll cover the basics for you.

The various types of post caps include:

1. Wooden Post Caps
Wood post caps are a classic addition to any wooden post. They are easy to install and are durable.

Wood post caps from Xtreme eDeals are made from heat-treated cedar or pressure-treated lumber. This secures the post cap from wearing down even after long exposure to the weather.

Apart from their durability, these post caps are also incredibly functional. They are made to protect the top end of wooded posts from rotting. They also protect your posts from insects, which would otherwise damage the wood and compromise the structural integrity of your fence or deck.

As with any other wood product, we advise you to cover your wooden post cap with a coat of high-quality exterior finish. This will preserve the wood’s natural aesthetic and safeguards from premature ruin; lasting for a long time. Please be sure to apply the finish to all wooden areas before you install, including the underside of the cap.

You can find wood post caps in a wide variety, including flat top, pyramid, and round. However, round wood post caps are the most popular option.

2. Metal Post Caps
Metal post caps are also a great choice. Not only are they extremely durable but they are worth its value.

They protect your deck and fence posts while creating a leading-edge look that is difficult to beat. You can find them in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

Metal post caps are usually made out of aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel. They are also available in a wide range of colors, ensuring that you have a wide spectrum to choose from. These caps can be used with wood, metal, or composite railings.

Metal caps are popular for many reasons: They break the monotony of any wooden deck railing by adding a one-of-a-kind ornamental element. They’re also immune to rust, even after long exposure to all types of weather conditions.

3. Glass Post Caps
Elegant and stronger as one would assume, glass post caps add a certain style and color that is popular among certain designers.

They are made from very thick glass to protect your post tops from the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to the weather.

They are also easy to install, all you need is a touch of silicone adhesive to add them to any post that fits its dimensions.

4. Solar Post Caps
Solar post caps are an innovative and excellent addition to any fence and deck project. They are usually made out of wood, metal, glass, composite, or vinyl material. The best thing about these post caps is that they offer a very convenient way to add lighting to your deck.

Solar deck post caps are designed to convert solar energy into lighting. They create a soft, dim glow that can enhance the look of any deck or fence. After sitting in the sun all day, you can use these solar post caps to create warm, white ambient lighting at night.


Wood post caps are available in a wide variety of styles and dimensions. Before you buy anything, make sure you know the size of your posts. From there you’ll want to match them with the appropriate wooden post caps with the same dimensions. Here you’ll find the following:

3.5 x 3.5 Wooden Post Caps

4.75 x 4.75 Wooden Post Caps

5.5 x 5.5 Wooden Post Caps


Wood post caps are affordable and are one of the most economical choices that are currently available in the post cap market. Depending on the style, their price usually ranges between $5 to $40 per cap.


When you subscribe to wooden posts for your fence or deck, you can expect a range of challenges. First up is the problem of water damage, where moisture soaks into your posts throughout its lifespan and causes splintering and cracking. Then, you have to deal with live organisms and insects such as termites, which can burrow into the wood and create a whole new world of problems.

So, it is clear that if you leave the top of your posts unprotected, you will lose your deck sooner than later. That’s why post caps are so popular. However surprisingly today you’ll find builders who are unaware of its advantages and do not buy posts caps to cut costs, which is counter-productive.

Here are some key wood post cap advantages you can keep in mind when planning your next project:

Wood Post Cap Advantages
1. Resistant To Rot And Insects
The majority of wooden post caps are treated to prevent rot over time. So it’s convenient that the same chemicals used in this process make wood post caps repellant to insects like termites too. It’ll help your wood post and caps withstand the test of time. The last thing you want is rotting or crumbling.

2. Protection Against Water Damage
Since wood post caps are engineered to sit on top of your fence, deck or exterior post, they play a vital role in water damage prevention. They cover the post tops, which in turn keeps rain, snow, and moisture from seeping into the wood.

3. Awesome Warranty Terms
The great thing about wooden products is that the majority of them are sold under a long-term warranty. This covers protection against termite infestation and fungal decay.

4. Economical
When it comes to pricing, wooden post caps are more economical when compared to other post caps made out of other materials like composite, vinyl, and glass.

1. Discoloration
Of course, wooden post caps are made from a natural product  — wood. This means that wood post caps can be negatively impacted by weather elements, especially prolonged exposure to the sun. So if your wooden post caps are not treated, it can cause discoloration throughout time. Luckily, all Xtreme eDeals post caps are heat-treated; reducing the probabilities of this happening.

2. Requires Regular Maintenance
Wooden post caps can stand strong for 30 years or more. However for this to happen, the wood must be maintained on a regular basis. This can involves staining, pressure washing, and applying sealant and stains regularly. Unfortunately, the cost of such upkeep can add up over time.

3. Environmental Impact
Without a doubt, some manufacturers use chemicals that are harmful to the environment to treat their wood post caps. Buying these accessories from these companies could do your outdoor space more harm than good.


Here at Xtreme eDeals we sell a wide range of post caps including wooden post caps. You can check out our post caps here.


If your fence or deck feels like it’s missing a final touch of style, adding wood post caps can be a creative way to add a bit of style and personality to your deck. It is an excellent outdoor accessory that is affordable, durable and visually pleasing. You will definitely get value for your money with these wood post caps. Feel free to leave a comment below or on our Facebook fan page.

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