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03 Nov

If you’re looking for ideas on how to custom design your wooden fence, look no further. Below we have assembled an array of design options and ideas that you can ‘borrow’ and take home with you.

Let’s get right into it!

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Designing Your Fence?

There are many reasons why homeowners custom design their fence. Whether it is to keep dogs and toddlers in, to keep prowlers and intruders out, or just to show off your beautiful gardens, adding accessories like the ones mentioned below add remarkable finishing touches.

When you customize your fence, you’ll make your outdoor landscape more appealing, provide privacy, security, and generally improve the quality of your life while increasing the overall value of your property; making the extra efforts worthwhile.

Nuvo Complete Gate Hardware

gate kit
Suitable for 25″ to 72″ openings, you can insert this gate and build a sag-free wooden entrance. It can be of any desired height, left or right opening. Quick and easy to install, it comes with adaptable hinges: 2 piece top and bottom hinged corner brace, 2 piece top and bottom corner brace & screws.

Also provided: a latch set and 7″ gate handle. It features a galvanized steel powder coated black. Rust free, it is conceived for durability and robustness.

Gate Inserts

gate inserts 3

Another way to add style and elegance to your new or existing deck, fences, gates, doors or walls, with personalized castings that will leave a lasting first impression to your guests. Make sure you showcase your decorative skills even before they step into your house. We also offer a great variety of adaptable to different needs.

Flocked Leaves

In addition to gate inserts, why not add a touch of festive decorations on your front door to greet guests with style? If you miss Halloween or Christmas, you can extend the holiday charm with seasonal references. Offered in a variety of element, fruits, colors, which will live up your space.

Deck Posts Caps

nuvo iron post cap

Deck posts caps have two functions: they are decorative and protective. They complete fences design and prevent them from rot and decay caused by moisture and elements that accumulates inside of them.

So whether you are building a new deck or updating your current one, the first step is to choose the right post cap for your outdoor space. Available for every taste, in all colors, materials, shapes, and sizes.

Choosing the right post cap is the final touch to an appealing garden. The right decor will leave an impact on your guests during summer gatherings, making your house more alluring.

Solar Powered Mason Jars

Attractive, romantic, practical and trendy. Create a fairy environment with these soft lights, perfect for weddings, dinner tables, parties, birthdays, holidays, festivities, anniversaries, courtyards, camping and daily ornamentation.

It is made of premium thick glass, with 20 warm white long lasting Micro LEDs. It emanates little heat, safe to handle even after long-time use. Therefore you can put it on shelves, tables, porches, trees, patios, easily hang on walls or in the air.

All you have to do is expose the jar to sunlight and let it recharge itself. A built-in light sensor ensures that it turns on at dusk and turn off by dawn automatically. Rainy day? Well, it’s also waterproof and one piece AAA rechargeable battery is included can be a back-up when there’s not enough sunshine.

Vertical Wall Planter

Want to add more life to a bland wooden fence? With these Wall Garden Bags, you’ll be able to add an array of beautiful plants and what have you on your fence.

Easy to use as it is beautiful to look at, the seven pocket wall planter not only works on outdoor fences but also indoors as well.

For anyone who appreciates and values plant life in any environment, this affordable option sure checks all the boxes and then some.

Iron Lion Head Door Knocker

lion door knocker - new adjustments

Give your fence an antique feel with this lion head door knocker. Made of galvanized steel powder coated black, this fancy accessory will add charm The finish is hammered, handcrafted and non-corrosive. Great styling choice for your restoration projects. The hardware is included.

Square Head Nail Door Decor Wrought Iron

Square Head Nail Door Decor Wrought Iron - stud resized

This is an excellent decorative addition to wood gates, shutters, doors, and posts. Handmade and coated with galvanized steel powder which adds a classic touch of vintage reproduction hardware to enhance your home’s unique style. Non-corrosive. This colonial looking accessory comes in a package of 10 pieces.

Solar Garden Light

This is the perfect lights addition for your front, path, driveway, garden, yard driveway, pool area and garden. No need for wiring or batteries to replace, it uses free solar power, and it’s waterproof.

Have light only when you need it, as they turn on automatically when it gets dark, so you’ll always have light for your path, thanks to its sensing abilities.

Bright and efficient, it comes in a pack of four, and each light has five LEDs to provide illumination from a low profile compact light.

The built-in 400 mAh batteries provide six to eight hours of light. Sturdy and easy to install, you just need to press the heavy-duty molded plastic stakes into the ground. The IP65 rating ensures they’re weatherproof.

Tool Hangers

Declutter your outdoor space by using these simple and smart fence hangers. Make your outdoor space look presentable with minimal cost!  

This is a multi-functional pool pole hanger will allow you to maximize your space for more guests and more fun. It comes in a pack of four heavy duty aluminum holder with screws for pool and garden equipment. It is rust resistant, lightweight, durable, holds up to 33 pounds per bracket.

Multi-functional, it is built to last as it is designed to be compatible with wooden & metal fences, decks, concrete walls, metal posts, vinyl or any other place required. These brackets are effortless to install, with the screws being provided.

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