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12 Jan

22 Beautiful Deck Railing Design Ideas That’ll Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
By: Xtreme eDeals

Before you ask Alexa or Siri: “What are the best deck railing designs for the home?” look no further. We got you covered because below we serve you a wide range of easy-to-implement creative ideas on a silver platter.

From classic to contemporary, choose whatever option suits you best.

Let’s get right into it!

Deck Railing Idea 1: Geometric Deck


Source: Atlanta Decking & Fence

A custom-made fence and deck rail with dark stain complements are what this lovely abode’s exterior is all about.

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It’s worth noting, before starting any deck project, ensure you learn the local building codes for spacing and placement of railing requirements. This double-deck model is without a doubt an inspiration.

Deck Railing Idea 2: Contemporary Touch


Source: Gustav Holland

Adding contemporary cable rails is always a nice touch to any home. This particular rail takes you up a stairway to the deck of a pool house.

The main benefit of using metal features in deck rail design is that they are lower maintenance when compared to wood, which requires to be refinished and maintained regularly.

Deck Railing Idea 3: Enhanced Rail

deck idea 3

Source: Pinterest

This composite deck design features a relatively simple rail that is enhanced with seating and a planter to make good use of the space.

Deck Railing Idea 4: Modern Rail

modern deck

Behold a modernized touch that mixes metal and wood stone and fire.

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What an ideal scene to soak in with the gorgeous views in the distance all from the comfort of this modern, wooden deck with an angled built-in bench and gas fire pit.

Deck Railing 5: Beach Vibes

beachy deck

Source: Timber Deck

This wraparound deck features a simple deck design with a nautical appeal and offers ocean views from every angle.

Deck Railing Idea 6: Lake Views

lake views

Source: Kevin M

A weighty railing matches the heft of the rest of this lake house.

Deck Railing Idea 7: Clean and Crisp

clean and crisip

Source: Eric Perry

You really can’t go wrong with a classic, most especially if you have a matching white picket fence.

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These crisp white posts and classic rails define this traditional deck rail design.

Deck Railing Idea 8: Winter Abode

alpine expanse

Source: Robert Peterson

Sleek wooden railing in a simple design adds modern flair to the exterior of this home.

Deck Railing Idea 10: Beachfront Views

beach front views

Source: Village Properties

If you like the minimalist look, this beach deck features a paper-thin pergola and railing.

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It blends in with the water without compromising any of the view.

Deck Railing Idea 11: Dreamy Beach House

dreamy beach house

Source: Willis Alan

Walls of windows and a unique floating deck allow the residents and their guests to take full advantage of sweeping views of water and beach and a low deck rail keeps everything visible.

Deck Railing 12: Outdoor Paradise

outdoor paradise deck railing idea

Source: Pinterest

How about enjoying the breathtaking mountain views from your balcony?

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Take advantage of the modest design featuring horizontal wooden cables, large windows, coated with a naturalistic tone.

Deck Railing Idea 13: Tropical Taste

tropical taste deck railing ideas

If you live in a tropical environment, find the right deck railing that fits the mood.

This deck design idea features custom wooden deck rails that perfectly complement the home’s design.

Deck Railing Idea 14: Worthy Views

wow worthy views

Source: Pinterest

When the view is this great, the deck rail lets it shine through. Black rails give a more contemporary feel.

Deck Railing Idea 15: Elevated Deck & Cabana

deck elevated

Source: Pinterest

This home’s outdoor spaces are as fun as the indoor ones with an elevated deck, outdoor deck, and cabana.

Deck Railing Idea 16: Rustic Covered Deck

rustic covered deck

Source: Pinterest

If you live close to the water, you may want to take on this deck design idea. This beautiful rustic long-covered deck puts your favorite people out close to the water while also connecting them to an outdoor living room with a fireplace.

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It’s made from solid wood with a metal railing anchored by stone pillars.

Deck Railing Idea #17: Row House

row house with a modern deck

Source: Ebby Realtors

This updated row house features a modern deck with a wooden privacy fence whose horizontal boards give it a fresh, contemporary look.

Deck Design Ideas #18: Rail With Built-In Seating

deck with built in seating

Source: Pinterest

This is convenient. Kill two birds with one stone and add built-in seating to your deck railing.

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Here we show a beautiful brick fire pit surrounded by horizontal stone bench seating.

Deck Design Ideas #19: Modern Poolscape

warick hunt

Source: Warick H

If you own a pool then you may want to ‘borrow’ this deck design idea.

Check out the unique stone surrounding this modern swimming pool, which also boasts an elevated hot tub with a beautiful view of the city. The deck and railing is made from Ipe wood.

Deck Design Idea 20: Horizon Black Rail

black railing deck design idea

Source: Pinterest

You can’t go wrong with a clean, classic, black deck railing. This deck complements both traditional and contemporary architectures and looks equally at home with wood-toned or gray decking.

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As an added bonus, the flat top rail makes a great resting spot for your drink.

Deck Design Idea 21: Elegant Finishes

deck design idea elegant

Source: Pinterest

Ornate your deck with a stream of elegance by adding a combination of painted and stained wood coupled with dramatic end caps as this deck rail shows.

Deck Design Idea 22: Modern Wood

modern deck design ideas

Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for something creative and contemporary, this modern wooden rail design shows how the perfect rail design idea can lift and give an original look to your home. Without a doubt, guests will be able to spot it and compliment you on it on arrival.

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