11 Nov

1. Earth’s Wreath

For the nature lover, a beautiful winter wreath can easily be woven from found materials, including cedar and pine greens, twigs, fall-colored oak leaves, pinecones, and even leaved eucalyptus branches. Add some red berries to make your wreath pop, and use a little twine for wrapping and hanging to ensure your wreath is Mother Earth-approved.

2. S’more Station

Move the classic camping activity indoors with a decorative s’more station. All you need is a small portable gas cooker or candle and metal skewers (and your favorite s’mores ingredients, of course!). Guests and homebodies alike will feel winter’s hidden warmth with this ooey, gooey treat.

3. White Winter Wonderland

Make use of those boring white candles this winter by pairing them with rich green cedar and pine branches to create a softly punctuated natural garland that is suitable for placement on any open surface. Try draping the greenery and candles over a mantle and placing birch logs in the unused fireplace to create a warm, indoor illusion of a white winter wonderland.

4. Popup Signage

This winter, you can decorate with less bulk and less waste. Feel free to indulge in cute signage, such as directions to the North Pole or romantic holiday says, using disposable letter stickers or vinyl decals to create permanent-looking temporary interior messaging. Letter decals can be used to decorate mirrors with short winter-inspired wording like “HO HO HO” or “NOEL,” and you can spell out sweet sayings with textured stickers on antique or rustic looking wood pieces, such as pallets or crates. You can even reuse or borrow letters from other sources, such as the tiles in a game of Scrabble.

5. Display Vintage Holiday Books

If you don’t have any holiday books from your own childhood, you can pick some up for next-to-nothing at nearly any secondhand shop. Vintage books evoke the sentimental holiday feelings of childhood, but displaying brand new books can fun way to make extra use of Christmas morning gifts for the little ones.

6. Winter Feels, Inside and Out

For a fulsome winter feel, don’t stop at the front door. Continue decorating the trees in the yard with large, mirrored bulb ornaments, and use heavy-duty extension cords to enable outdoor twinkle lighting. For those enjoying apartment living or otherwise don’t have front yard foliage, try decorating a mini pine tree and placing it in a festive pot next to the front door mat.  

7. Let It Snow. Everywhere

Whether you prefer a clean, simple holiday vibe or strive to recreate Santa’s Workshop, you can’t go wrong with elegant, understated snowflakes. Hang classy snowflake ornaments around the house, such as on lighting fixtures, cabinets, mirrors, and hanging photos for an easy and subtle touch of sparkle and sass.

8. A Plush New Look

Turn last year’s ugly holiday sweaters into this year’s fun holiday sweater throw pillows. Whatever your level of craftiness, you can create this fun, seasonal look. Simply place a throw pillow inside the body of a sweater and tie the arms together. For longer sweaters, excess length can be turned inside or tucked behind the arms. The best part is that you can remove and re-wear the sweater after the holiday or next season—no cutting, stitching, or damaging is required!

9. Dried Fruit Seasonal Melange

Dried holiday fruits are a dual-use decoration that can be bowled, strung like garland, or displayed in clear glass mason jars. Add some sticks of cinnamon, shelled nuts, and cloves to evoke sentimental afterthoughts of mulling spices and warm winter nights by the fire.

10. Pinecones, Repurposed 

Pinecones can be used alone or in conjunction with a fresh pine and cedar garland to create a subtle winter look in the modern home. Smaller pinecones can be hung like ornaments, while a combination of sizes can be used to fill a large, festive platter or bowl for a quick, easy, and nature-inspired centerpiece for a holiday coffee or dining table.

11. Twinkle, Twinkle

Low profile wire string lights can be used anywhere in the home to add a lick of cheer to even the minimalist interior decor. These little strands of lights can be formed to nearly any shape and do not require additional materials, such as hooks or fixatives.

12. Cozy Winter Throws

Even the coldest decor cannot resist the homey touch of a winter-themed throw blanket. Try draping a cozy throw over the arm of an armchair or the back of a leather sofa to instantly create a comfortable and welcoming environment.

13. Pinecone Light-Up Jars

Using rustic twine, string pinecones together in pairs or triplets and tie them around the rim of a mason jar containing a small pillar or tea light candle. Add a little extra flair with a sprig of mistletoe, some pine or cedar greenery, or a festive red bow. Alternatively, try combining pine cones and a strand of wire lights in a large glass jar for soft bookshelf lighting that can stay out year-round.

14. Crocheted Star Coasters and Coozies

Use a clean white or festive colored yarn to quickly crochet these unique and homey winter coasters that can double as tree ornaments. A larger version can make for a cute and functional potholder for the holiday dinner table or simply serve as a crafty base for a festive centerpiece. Away from the table, these same soft stars can be sewn together in tandem to make fun coozies for holding hot or cold beverages at in-home holiday parties. For beginners, try this starter level crochet star pattern.

15. Little Lantern Lights

Add lanterns to bring a hint of Christmas-on-Main-Street to your interior holiday decor. Use a tea light or small pillar candle inside an open or glass-walled lantern to warm up this versatile little accent piece.

16. Dressed Up Mailboxes

It is easy to share winter cheer with strangers and visitors alike. Decorate a street-facing mailbox as a showing of peace and well wishes to all!

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