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19 Nov

If you’re looking for new door design ideas for your home, you’re in luck, because we have 20!

Let’s get right into it.

1. Make it a Work of Art

green doors

Photo: Leyla Deval Aksoy

Make your door a work of art, not just an entranceway. This door in Izmir, Turkey, features beautifully carved birds with a shabby chic teal finish. 

2. Add a Burst of Color

bright door orange door

Source: Pixabay

A vibrant door can make your abode stand out from the crowd. This beautiful door offers a refreshing change from the usual choice.  

3. Out of the Ordinary  

cottage door

Photo: The Cottage Journal

Why opt for an ordinary door color if you don’t have to? Almost any home can look charming and cottage-like with pastel colors like pink.   

4. Contrasting Colors  

front door purple


A door can be impressive on its own, but paying attention to the surrounding colors can make it even more so. This magenta door looks strikingly beautiful with a black door frame and white brick.   

5. Don’t Stop with the Door

Photo: Michael Resendez

Make a statement with your entire entrance, not just your door. This beautiful door to the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas, makes use of tiles on the doorframe and the stairs for the best effect.   

6. Go Natural  

natural door

Photo: Pixabay

Bold, vibrant colors appear to be all the rage. But if you want to get back to nature, shades of green can be the way to go. Partner them with other natural elements like plants and wood. There are also plenty of different natural colors out there to work with your home’s style. 

7. Strikingly Beautiful

white black door

Photo: Pixabay

You don’t need to use vibrant colors to achieve a strikingly beautiful front entrance to your home. Black with white is clean, modern, and easy to accomplish with minimal effort.

8. Unassuming, Yet Beautiful  

assuming door

Photo: Jade Conroy

Sometimes, you want to let your house do all the talking. When that’s the case, you can opt for a simplistic yet beautiful door that sets off the surrounding elements. This gray door at The Zetter Townhouse in Marylebone, London, is clean, contemporary, and unassuming.   

9. Getting Back to Nature

rustic wooden door

Photo: Pixabay

Not every wooden door has to be covered up with paint. Sometimes, they can be beautiful in their natural form. This rustic door ties in beautifully with the home’s design yet stands out on its own, as well. 

10. A Door with a Difference

glass door data

Photo: Brick&Batten

If privacy is not a concern when choosing your door design, why not buck the trend with something a little more…revealing? This front door predominantly features windows, which allows the home to benefit from a lot more natural light. 

11. It’s All in the Finish

Photo: Jason Bertoniere Painting

You won’t find all too many doors with a high gloss finish, so it could be worth your consideration. Make your front door stand out with reflective paint that offers the illusion of cleanliness and modernity.   

12. Light and Privacy

light privacy doors

Photo: Scout & Nimble

If you want privacy but also natural light, then achieve both with this beautiful door from Scout & Nimble. It has equal parts of wood to glass. It lets in plenty of natural light but also allows you to maintain a little bit of privacy at the same time. It also has a charming natural wood finish that would suit nearly any home.   

13. A Wood Worker’s Masterpiece  

hughes wood door

Photo: CustomMade

Doors don’t have to be boring, and that much is confirmed by this beautiful wood door by CustomMade. It features carved wood, river stones, and beautiful curves you rarely see on any other wooden door. This door is proof that your home’s entrance can be a work of art. 

14. An Architectural Stunner

architecture metal doors

Photo: Aluminrworld

Wood is one of the most common materials for a front door. Still, it’s not the only material to work with. This beautiful floor to ceiling door features copper and luxury metals. The beauty of such a material is that it turns to a lovely shade of brown before taking on a striking green patina. 

15. Go Retro

vintage door

Photo: Pixabay

Contemporary doors are clean, elegant, and stylish. But did you know that art deco and retro doors can be, as well? This beautiful green door features hints of art deco styling. It’s still a traditional rectangle door, but with curvature where you’d least expect it. It can even match most home styles – whether they are retro, art déco, or something else. 

16. Light, Bright, and Beautiful

california doors

Photo: Beach Pretty

Coastal homes call for light, bright, and beautiful materials, and this door ticks all those boxes. The rustic wood paneling ties in seamlessly with the lightness of the home’s exterior. It’s more than fitting for a luxurious Californian beach house.   

17. Barn-Style Doors

barn styles

Photo: Benjamin Moore

Ordinary doors work for ordinary homes, but what if yours is out of the ordinary? You can purchase some beautiful barn doors for a home that form the outer barrier to your interior doors. The two-tone coloring adds to the appeal, as well. 

18. Wrought Iron Elements

wrought iron elements

Photo: Soledad Balboa

Get playful with your door’s design by adding different materials. You can opt for a standard wooden door with glass windows, then add wrought iron scrollwork to the front for added effect. You can even choose to paint the wrought iron a different color from the door.   

19. Templates & Stencilsstencil doors

Photo: Design Sponge

If you’re trying to add life and creativity to a previously drab door, why not play around with stencils and templates? You can buy and create these yourself, then use spray paint to add an element of style and flair to your front door.   

20. Let the Windows Speak

Photo: SPS Timber Windows

The door materials can be what makes your door stand out from the crowd, but they don’t have to be. Your windows can also be the talking point for people walking by. Investing in stunning glass for your front door can make a world of difference to your home’s entrance.

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And there you have it folks: 20 Beautiful Door Design Ideas That You Can “Borrow”. If you have any questions about this post or have interesting suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message in near real time from our Facebook fan page