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Whether you’re looking to build a fence to defend your garden from four-legged creatures or looking around for inspiration for your next privacy fence, the 13 examples of cheap fence design ideas below highlight easy-to-adopt benchmarks that you can take home with you.

Let’s get right into it.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #1: The Grid Fence
simple fence grids

Source: Pixabay

Hoist up a row of exterior fence posts and attach a grid wall for a perimeter fence just like the one we see here. It’ll save you time, looks strong while also being super affordable. You can see through it and into the other side. All you have to do is attach your grid to the posts and you’re good to go.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #2: Quilted Pattern Fence

Source: Pinterest

This huge garden fence has a pattern similar to quilted stitching. And despite its size, it’s the chicken wire that makes it economical and transparent; not getting in the way of the view from inside or outside.

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Clearly chicken wire is an excellent choice when making a functional garden fence. It’s easy to use, offers defence from pesky creatures and also has a certain style that’ll get your guests talking.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #3: Colored Fence

coloured fence

Source: Pixabay

Simple and creative, this wholesome fence design is of the shorter genre and any DIY fan can build it with a few lengths of lumber. If you’re feeling playful and want to add some character to your yard, a colored fence sure will do the trick.

The workload is minimal, all you have to do is get wood and pick 2-3 of your favorite bright colors. Don’t forget to have a jolly good time painting as well.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #4: Inside Out Garden Fence

inside out veggie garden - jpg

Source: Remodelista

Believe it or not: An excellent way to keep those pesky creatures out of your garden is to plant another garden.

Sure it’s an out-from-left-field idea but the simple flower bed along the outside border of your garden fence will be enough to keep unwanted animals from entering or climbing the fence.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #5: Log Fence

log fence

Source: Pixabay

Ahhh the dreamy log fence. If you have logs lying around and want to add that cabin-y feel to your home, using logs for your privacy fence sure adds that certain rustic magic. It may be a bit more time consuming but definitely worth its weight in aesthetic.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #6: Sanctuary Fence

sanctuary fence

Source: dustbunniesanddogtoys

We love this garden fence design! Sure it’s huge but the care and thought that went into the bordering fence is exceptional. Wood planks are used when creating the perimeter and are stained in a  golden cedar color.

Also, notice the entryway and how it was built to invite anyone who enters. And the thick metal wire used to defend the garden from critters in the bottom half — it’s a beautiful fence design idea executed well.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #7: Pallet Fence


Source: Good Home Design

These days pallets can be repurposed into just about anything. From coffee tables to artwork and even fences. This fence idea is a low built fence that was made to protect a modest vegetable patch.

Even the gate was made from repurposed pallets. If the wood is reusable, why not? They work great! You can even paint over them if you’d like or add garden planters.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #8: White Picket Fence


Source: Pixabay

The white picket fence has been a staple in fairytale suburban living. Their pickets and posts add a decorative element to the bordering yard. The fence post caps add a touch of classic charm that one dreams of when thinking about growing up and owning a home in the good old U-S-Of-A.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #9: Hog Wire Fence


Source: Pinimg

If you’re trying to figure out what sort of privacy fence that you want around your property or backyard then you might want to consider a fence design idea similar to this.

If you’re a handy builder, you could probably figure out how to DIY it. We like it because it’s visually appealing, and it offers privacy with some transparency as well.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #10: Veggie Garden Fence

veggie fence garden

Source: At Home Canada

Stunning as it is useful in functionality, this cheap fence design idea is loved by anyone who loves to garden. So if you need a gorgeous garden fence design, you’ll want to consider building something similar to this one or having a company install it for you.

This one is actually installed by a company so it doesn’t come with a tutorial. However, you could use it as inspiration to create your own design.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #11: Prefab Fence

prefab fence

Source: Pinterest

Okay great! We know you want a perimeter fence. But what if you don’t feel like making one yourself? Well, there are a few prefab options.

This DIY fence design concept offers prefab panels and is the fastest way you can build a new fence for your project. Panels come in a variety of designs, from picket fences to board fences topped with lattice. Shop around and see what fits with your project and budget.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #12: DIY Decorative Fence

diy fence

Source: Fine Craft Guild

If you’re wanting to be a bit different but don’t really have a big budget for a DIY fence, this option sure shades the boxes. It’s a little different than most fences while also adding a decorative element to your property.

Cheap Fence Design Idea #13: Rustic Garden

rustic garden

Source: Pinterest

We love rustic looking fences, which is the reason why we added this to the list. The rustic farmlike fence is a dream to many, it looks sturdy while keeping a homestead feel to it. If you’re wanting the same rustic touch, then you might want to give this fence a glance.


And there you have it folks: 13 cheap fence design ideas that we have come to love. We’re certain the decorative element will sway you in a particular direction. If you have any questions about fence design or are looking for fence accessories to help you along the way feel free to message us on Facebook. Good luck!


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