13 May

14 Creative Planter Boxes That’ll Help You Make Your Own Vertical Garden
By: Xtreme eDeals

Gardening is one of the top leisures among North Americans. In fact, anyone can cultivate a garden, despite urban limited spaces, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

Go vertical by using planter boxes on boring fences and plain walls.

These commercial or DIY ideas will help you achieve a natural ecosystem, whether you want to enjoy outdoor flowery decor or cultivate your own vegetables and herbs.

We searched around to find the most eye-popping ideas that are achievable in the average backyard.

Some of these are simply DIY projects, while others involve purchasing some specific products.

Let’s get right into it.

Garden Tower

Most people live in cities and a way to maximize the small spaces is to set up an innovative vertical garden tower on a balcony or even indoors.

You can easily grow up until 50 different vegetables for your dishes, that you can harvest at an arm’s reach, like parsley, thyme, fennel, sweet potatoes, or flowers, on a third of a square meter, with a homogeneous irrigation https://sharksinfo.com/ system starting on top, and a substrate with good water retention.

Vegetable Barrel

If you’re handy, here’s a DIY pinner to grow bean, lettuce, squash, cakes.

With this method, you can make a cheap and cheerful vertical garden that will also work in almost any space. And if you add wheels to it, it becomes a movable vertical garden to shelter it indoors during winter.

All you need is a plastic gallon drum barrel, a schedule, two PVC pipes, a permanent marker, a flexible plastic ruler, timber test plugs, timber legs, bolts, nuts and washer, in addition to a drill and a knife.

Aquarium Garden

Another original way to bring back nature to your house is with an aquaponic kit, which combines conventional aquaculture with hydraulics in a symbiotic environment.

Just like in normal aquaculture, excretions from the raised aquatic animals are filtered to be utilized by the plants as nutrients. This means that your red fish’s excretions feed your plants that in return, clean the water and render it back to the fishes.

Plus, your strawberries, cabbage, basilic, mint, won’t taste watery, or the fish’s dejections. No need to plow, fertilize, or water. You just need to feed the fish, and all this, while using 90% less water than conventional cultivation.

Extra Planter Wall

With little imagination, gardening on a budget is not a synonym for a limited option.

Small backyards have lots of potential too. You can hang traditional pots vertically on wooden surfaces for minimal spaces and extra landscaping.


This planter design is also a great simple tool in limited spaces, especially for growing vines, as it will happily grow as vertical as it needs, adding a charming provincial feeling to your outdoors.

Bag Garden

Get creative with your old hand or grocery bags. If you’re spring-cleaning your closets and can’t bear to get rid of them, improvise planters to go on blank walls or fences. All you need is to fill them up with dirt.

Plants Rack

While you’re giving away shoes that you don’t wear anymore, try to convert soft, breathable and modular wall-mounted shoes’ racks into planter boxes.

Canned Plants

Recycle your cans as planters that you can paint, decorate and suspend on fences, walls or windows. A quick DIY that does the job of a home for your flowers, and stylish ornament for your own home. Don’t forget to drill holes in the bottom for drainage so the plants won’t drown!

Plant Jar

Much like the canned planters, mason jars can have a second life as plant containers, and suspension possibilities are endless. Carefully perforate holes, which is a bit tougher, so you’ll need to make sure you have the proper tools. You can always ask us for advice!

Bottled Plants

Another clever option for crowded cities: growing fresh vegetables in water bottles which you can display pretty much everywhere! Again, just be sure to drill holes in the bottom for drainage.

Plant Shelf

Why not use your leftover shelves to built plant supports as a unique and organic option?


You can recreate mini vegetable worlds that is autonomous as reproduces nature’s mechanism like photosynthesis and water cycle. Therefore, you won’t have to water it for a year. This procedure was used in the past to transport plants in boats, protecting them from mineral salt. What you need is gravel, mineral, foam, and plants that appreciate humidity, which are not expansive, and of course, a terrarium glass jar available in different shapes. Its size will determine the type of plant.

Plants On Ladders

You can turn your ladder into functional garden art. They are wonderful as trellis, planters, herb growing, and decor.

Tire Plants

Did you just switch your used winter tires? Recycle them for your next planter project to which you can add some spray painting fantasy.

Don’t let square feets limit you. As we’ve seen, you don’t need to live in Versailles to have a stunning outdoor space. Even with a little patch of green, these planters, decorations and tricks are fun, rewarding and can inspire you to transform anything from a piece of wood to a shoe rack, into a plant pot or watering can.

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