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24 May

20 Summer Deck Decor Ideas That’ll Make Outdoor Living Great Again
By: Xtreme eDeals

If you’re looking for a new way to spruce up your deck this summer, you’ve come to the right spot.

Today we share some incredible summer décor ideas that’ll level up your outdoor environment.

Let’s get right into it.

Summer Deck Decor Idea 1: Checkered Flooring

checked deck carpet

Let’s start with the basics, the floor!

If you want to fully redecorate your deck, look into these incredible tiles. The pattern and the color are bound to liven up the space.

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Summer Deck Decor Idea 2: A Vertical Garden

vertical garden - indoor

The vertical garden is one of our favorite summer decor ideas on this list because it’s a classic.

If you have a free wall or a fence, you can freshen it up by adding plants. Put them in small pots and hang them on the wall/fence.

For a little touch-up, you can get pots in different colors.

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Summer Decor Idea 3: Go Big With Accessories

wooden serving tray

Whether it is a lovely simple tray or a nice side table, maybe a couple of books all around, or a bowl filled with sweet/savory snacks, accessorizing your patio or deck is a must this year!

Go big.

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Summer Decor Idea 4: Add A Swing Chair

outdoor swinging chair

Do you have a big deck? Is there just too much space and you don’t know how to use it?

Then why not add a swing chair?

They are an excellent addition, the perfect piece of furniture for the outdoor setting, and will instantly capture the “vacation vibes” outdoor look you are going for!

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Summer Decor Idea 5: Add Some Romance With Two Chairs And A Table

wicker chairs

If you want to add a bit of charm to your patio, add chairs with some colorful pillows, and a small table between them for a romantic setting.

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Summer Decor Idea 6: Add A Fountain

water fountain

If you have the space, don’t you think it would be really nice to add a fountain to your deck? This especially goes for those who have a larger back or front yard.

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Summer Decor Idea 7: Add A Rug

camping mat

If you have a larger space and you are thinking about getting out the outdoor furniture, which includes a dining table and chairs, then feel free to go a step further and add a rug too!

Better yet, how about a rug that lights up?

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Summer Decor Idea 8: Add Panels

add tiles

Whenever a patio or a deck comes to mind, a lot of people overlook the pretty obvious solution when it comes to flooring bricks.

It is a lovely way of completing that ultimate summer look, and they are very easy to clean and maintain!

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Summer Decor Idea 9: Must-Have Hammock


This summer decor idea is a must.

Create the ultimate relaxing space in the comfort of your own home with a large hammock that fits at least two.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that you have two solid ends to tie it on and you’re set!

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Summer Decor Idea 10: An Oversized Ottoman


If you want a piece of furniture that can work both as a table and as a place to sit, then the ottoman is the perfect solution for you.

Going with an oversized ottoman is the way to go. It’s the ultimate statement piece in the outdoor summer look.

This particular one has storage space but we’re sure there are bigger ones out there.

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Summer Decor Idea 11: Add Post Caps To Your Deck Or Fence

increase property value - post caps

Kill two birds with one stone and increase property value with style with fence and deck post caps.

Your fences and decks will last longer and will instantly add extra personality to any bland fence.

They are super affordable and come in different shapes and sizes.

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Summer Decor Idea 12: Paper lanterns

paper lanterns

The ultimate summer look will not be complete without paper lanterns.

They are very easy to install and hang, all you have to do is to calculate how many you need.

These are an excellent addition and will give you that hot summer night vibe.

Summer Decor Idea 13: Add A Shelf 

strong and sturdy

What an excellent way to spruce up your summer deck.

The shelves are always considered a nice decorating piece, and the wonderful colors can make them stand out even more!

Add some flowers or plants on the shelves and complete the look.

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Summer Decor Idea 14: Add Decorative Inserts

gate inserts - fence

A great way to instantly add curb appeal or personality to a bland fence is to add decorative inserts.

You can add them to gates, walls, and privacy fences and give your summer home getaway into what you’d see in commercial patios or while on vacation.

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Summer Decor Idea 15: Expand Your Fence

white hanging flowers

If you want to create an overall feeling of welcoming space in your yard, then you need to expand up to your fence.

Get some colorful flower pots, fill them with your favorite flowers and add them to your fence – this looks amazing.

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Summer Decor Ideas 16: Rustic Solar Hanging Lights

Adding something that will be completely out of the box is always a good idea.

In this case, we recommend a floating solar lights!

Add them anywhere you like.

You can decorate them in a way that would fit the entire look or in specific places that will need light.

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Summer Decor Ideas 17: Transform Your Balcony In A Bar

balcony bar table

This is one of our favorite summer deck decor ideas, we genuinely love it!

If you have a patio or a deck and a large window from the inside is connected to it, then the perfect solution would be to turn the railing or window into a bar.

Get a few stools, redo your window so it would match the scene and you are good to go.

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