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12 Jan

How To Buy Post Caps For Your Fence Or Deck
By: Xtreme eDeals

For many fence-and-deck-building beginners, learning how to buy post caps can be a cumbersome task. Choosing the right post cap requires research and planning. With the right choice, you’ll get to leave an impact on your guests and potential future buyers.

If you’re unsure about what post cap to buy, below, you’ll find a guide on how to buy the right post cap for your fence or deck.

Why Add And Buy Post Caps To Your Fence Or Deck?

Deck post caps have two functions: they are decorative and protective.

They complete fence design and prevent them from rot and decay caused by moisture and elements that accumulate inside of them.

So whether you are building a new deck or updating your current one, the first step is to choose the right post cap for your outdoor space.

As an added bonus, they’re also known to increase the property value of your home.

General Tips When Buying Post Caps

– For a harmonious layout, match the style of your post cap to the posts, fences or walls.
– Make sure you know the dimensions of your posts before you purchase post caps.
– Before installing the wooden fence, make sure that you have already installed robust fence posts.
– Post caps should generally be 10 to 20 cm higher than the fence.

Wooden Post Caps

Wood post caps are a natural cottage-like addition to any wooden structure. They are easy to install and are designed to last. The coating base is made with a high-quality exterior finish for improved durability. The paint ensures that the cap will not wear down even after exposure to all types of weather conditions, preventing from mold and insects. These are heat-treated to prevent discoloration. In addition to their functionality, pressure-treated cedar caps can be attached to the bottom or at the top of the post with either exterior grade adhesive, small nails or built-in screws. Different dimensions are available for a customized look.

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– Upon installation, please take into consideration that these can expand or retract with temperature variations.
– They are affordable but require regular maintenance. As with all wood products, make sure you cover your wood post cap with a coat of exterior finish to avoid damage and preserve the wood’s durability.
– Due to the nature of the wood, the product may develop small cracks over time.

Metal Post Caps

The strength and resistance of aluminum caps give you value for money, especially if you’re going for a contemporary look. Made of high-quality cast aluminum, they are available in a number of sizes and finishes. They also don’t rust, offering long-lasting protection to your posts, even after long exposure to the elements, while providing secure and easy installation.

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Copper post caps offer a distinctive appeal, adding value to your home. Made of pressured-fit and galvanized steel, this has gone through a powder-coating process and has built-in UV protection, which means no cracking, peeling or fading. Plus, these models have an Eazy Cap Style, so no need for nails, screws and adhesives to attach to the top of your wooden post.

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– Metal post caps are the most popular of all caps, known for their superior weather resistance and durability. All of our post caps come with a thin, clear coating designed to temporarily protect them before and during installation.
– They still require maintenance as the copper coating tends to discolor with the presence of environmental conditions.
– Unfortunately, no permanent protection system will keep copper from weathering. Caps will vary in colour as they weather, but eventually, those variations will even out, which add up to their charm.

Solar Post Caps

Do not worry to stumble across wiring when coming home in the dark, on your walkway to pick up your mail. In daylight, they embellish your space with sophistication. In the nighttime, they make your life easier with its soft and welcoming glow. These post caps convert solar energy into light through LEDs, saving up on your electricity bill. The Polycrystal panel absorbs solar power. Then, the photocell automatically turns the light on at night with the electricity stored in the batteries, allowing up to eight hours of light. Its sensor will not turn the light on if there is an additional light source reflecting on it within 12 feet. Two stainless steel mounting screws are provided.

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– You may also apply an exterior-grade construction adhesive to the inside edge of the molding at the bottom of the light, and then place the light firmly onto the post.
– Not all solar lights are built the same. All will need access for future battery replacement. Some are accessed from the bottom while others are accessed from the top.
– The caps that need removal should be mounted with screws while the top accessed caps can be mounted with an adhesive.
– See your individual instructions supplied with your caps for more information.
– Do not install solar of low voltage post caps with an adhesive, most require removing the post cap to replace batteries when needed, these caps should be mounted with removable screws.
– A study by Remodeling Magazine shows that adding a deck to your home averages a 70% return on your investment for resale, making it one of the top three improvements most desired by home buyers.

So details go a long way. More than an accessory, post caps are inexpensive, add extra value to your landscape, and the best return on your money, while protecting your fence from premature damage for many years.

Extra Post Cap Buying Tips

– To install your decorative post caps, we recommend using an exterior-grade construction adhesive to adhere the cap to the post.
– Apply the adhesive liberally to the inside of the cap, and then place the cap firmly over the top of the post.
– Nails are the recommended installation method, however, as they will provide more stability for the cap.

Ask The Experts

If you’re undecided on which type of post cap to select from the wide range available, we always provide additional advice and instructions, from the purchase to the installation, regarding materials, finishes, shapes colors, and sizes. For maintenance needs, feel free to also ask us for the best product.

Want to mix the raw look of the wood and the edgy metallic feeling? We can also help you choose a model combination for the unique look of your yard. Hoping to inspire your ideas for your projects.

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