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19 May

How Building A Fence Can Increase Your Property Value
By: Xtreme eDeals

It can be hard to believe that a simple fence that identifies the boundary of your property is something that can add value. You might even be wondering if that’s really the case as you start looking at fencing material options. 

While everyone knows just how convenient a fence can be, does it actually increase your property’s overall value? Surprisingly, yes.

Learn how below. 

Fences Improve Your Curb Appeal

Depending on which fencing materials you use to build a fence, you may be able to benefit from improved street appeal.

Consider a cottage as an example. A cottage on its own is already quaint and charming. As soon as you add that all-important white picket fence, it becomes a masterpiece. 

Even if your home is already aesthetically pleasing, you may be surprised at how a fence can become the cherry on top. 

Adds Security

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home. While there’s every reason to believe you’ll feel this way in an unfenced section, it’s certainly easy to see why you’d feel more secure in a property that is completely fenced. 

People walking past can’t see into your yard, but in many situations, you can see out. What’s more, you can lock your gates for even more security when you leave your home for any length of time. Many people would pay extra for such convenience.   

Pet And Child Safety

pet safety

Every day, thousands of people put up ‘missing’ posters after having their pets leave their property. While having a fence will never stop pets from going missing, they certainly make it harder for them to leave. 

Having fencing is also an ideal form of protection for your children. You’re bound to feel much more safe and secure in the knowledge that they are playing in a fenced front yard rather than an unfenced one close to the road. 

Completes The Look Of Your Property

There are plenty of properties without fencing that look completely finished. In saying that, there are plenty that just look even better with a matching fence. If you’ve been trying to finish off your property landscaping with something special, a fence could really be the answer. 

If you’re not sure what fencing materials or styles to consider, it can be worth requesting help from a fencing or landscaping company. You can then quickly come to understand how having a property border by way of a fence really does finish off your home in the best possible way. 

Shows You Care

If you’ve been considering putting your property on the market, you’re probably doing a lot of things to make it look more appealing. You might be weeding your gardens, freshening up the paint inside, and maybe even undertaking significant renovations like a new kitchen or bathroom. 

These changes show that you care, which can come across to potential buyers. You can also show you care about your property’s presentation by investing in a new fence.

Your passion and love for your property can readily shine through when you’ve taken the time to build and match a fence to your home.   

How To Maximize Your Fencing Investment Potential

fencing potential

If you already have a fence, or you’ve just installed one, you may be curious about how to make sure it increases your value as much as possible. We’ve offered a few suggestions below. 

Post Caps

post caps


Many homeowners with timber fences find themselves fighting battles against weathering and rot. Before your fence gets to this point, consider whether post caps are a worthwhile addition. 

Post caps are coverings that go over the top of your fence or deck posts. They are available in a variety of colors, and most tend to feature cast aluminum materials. 

These caps may not seem like a significant money-maker, but they can be. They enhance the appeal of a simple timber fence while also stopping degradation in its tracks. 

During winter, the tops of your fence posts can absorb water.

You may then notice that your fence posts split, rot, or become moldy. Once summer arrives, the wind, dry conditions, and UV rays pose a new set of challenges – like cracking. While post caps cost money, they can protect your investment – your home and fencing.   

Fencing Materials

It’s a no-brainer that some fences will cost more than others to install because they feature different materials. The more solid the fence, the more costly it can be to install. However, this can also mean your property value increases by as much. 

Some sources state that low-cost fences like chain link will not increase your home’s resale potential. In contrast, a concrete, cast iron, brick, or wooden fence, just might. 

Professional Installation

It goes without saying that a professionally installed fence, or one installed by someone with fence building experience, is going to look better than one installed by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. 

Not only is the finish often better, but the longevity of a professionally installed fence is often a lot better, as well. 


Surprisingly, where you install your fence may make a difference to your property value. The more functional and convenient, the better. For example, you might choose to place a new fence around your property’s complete boundary to maximize the internal space. 

Some people also provide two separate fenced areas at the front and back to ensure visitors can enjoy a pet-free entrance. Put time and effort into planning out your fence, and you may just find that it pays off once the time comes to put your property on the market. 

Is It Time To Install A New Fence?

building a new fence

Now that you know the benefits of installing a fence and how it may just increase your property value, are you wondering whether it’s time to get the ball rolling? 

Take some time to think about the layout of your property, where you’d want a fence, what materials you’d prefer, and whether or not you’d like to add post caps. Once you’ve considered these crucial details, you may then like to contact your local fencing contractor to get the fencing process underway.


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