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Buyer’s Guide: Most Popular Hinges Used For Doors & Cabinets
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Hinges play a crucial role in making sure your doors work as they should. Buy the wrong ones and you’ll soon learn how inconvenient not having the best ones for the job can be. So without further ado, consider the following information before you purchase new hinges for your doors. 

Choosing A Door Hinge Type


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Door hinges are the hardware that connects to your door frames and allows for seamless opening and closing. Even though they all do the same thing, they aren’t all the same.

We’ll cover some of the most common door hinge types below. 

Tee Hinge

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Classic and strikingly beautiful on first impression, this tee hinge is one of antique variety. If you have a particularly heavy door, such as an entrance trap or shed door, then hunt for a tee hinge. This type of hinge is ideal for preventing hinge drop, as it covers a broader area.

The noticeably long tee hinge length area secures onto a broad part of your door and holds it firmly in place. It adds a decorative flair to doors as well. People prefer these hinges on doors and entrance traps that don’t necessarily require a lot of security.

Ball Bearing Hinges

Out of all types of hinges, ball-bearing mortise hinges are among the most common. They are designed to be sunk into door frames, with a small cut-out section to allow them to sit flush. 

In particular, these hinge types suit heavy doors and commercial doors. They withstand frequent use and typically feature robust materials to withstand wear and tear. 

Butt Hinges

Property owners with heavy doors may like to consider butt hinges. They are ideal for commercial and residential doors while also being suitable for exterior doors. In most situations, they are easy to remove and have removable pins. 

Concealed Hinges

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For a clean, contemporary look on your cabinet, pay attention to concealed hinges. They mount on a cabinet’s interior so that you can open doors without actually seeing the hinge itself. 

Continuous Hinges

Pay attention to the type of hinges on your piano, jewelry box, or storage chest. They run the length of the item and evenly distribute the weight. These are known as continuous hinges.  

Flush Hinges

For lightweight interior doors and even cabinets, flush hinges are among the most popular hinge types. They can be less labor-intensive than other hinge types, given that you can attach them to door surfaces with screws without needing to cut them flush. 

Knuckle Hinges

If you have decorative doors that are heavy or light, consider knuckle hinges. They have two narrow strips connected by a small ball bearing that are attached to a frame. When the door is closed, only the knuckle shows. 

Plain Bearing Hinges

Like ball bearing hinges, plain bearing hinges are mortise hinges that suit commercial and residential doors. They consist of a pin (sometimes removable), a barrel, and other small components that fit together. 

If you’re looking for hinges that allow for easy door removal in the future, plain bearing hinges with removable pins may be worth a closer look. 

Swing And Sway Hinges

If you need to move in and out of doors without having to open and close them yourself, swing and sway hinges may be your first choice. These hinges are popular in the hospitality industry so that busy servers can move through doors with dishes without having to open doors with their hands.   

Spring Hinges

If you are installing fire doors or value keeping a room at a specific temperature, consider spring hinges. These mortise hinges have built-in springs and are designed to close automatically after you. 

What To Consider When Buying New Door Hinges

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Most properties you purchase will already have doors. Therefore, it’s only natural that you won’t know much about them. 

Often, it’s only when you’re building a new home or installing a new door or cabinet that you come to realize just how much is involved.

Here are a few things to consider before deciding on the best door hinge for the job. 

Their Use

It goes without saying that one of the most important things to consider when buying new hinges is what they will be used for. Think about the types of doors you have, their weight, and the purpose they serve.

All of these things can be important when you’re trying to pick the best hinge for the job. 

Their Cost

When the time comes to start hinge shopping, you’ll likely be surprised at the price variation between products. You might spend as little as a few dollars on a hinge or as much as $100 or more. 

How much you spend on a hinge comes back to what you want it to be able to do. For example, you don’t want to skimp on a fire door hinge that has a crucial job to do.

In contrast, aesthetics may be a little more important than functionality if you are purchasing a hinge for a jewelry box or a display cabinet. 

The Size

You probably aren’t paying close attention to hinge sizes. You may even think they are all the same. Instead, hinges come in a variety of different sizes.

However, there are some standard sizes. Your exterior doors will likely require four-inch hinges and 3.5-inch hinges for your interior doors.   


Some hinge materials are better than others. Stainless steel is ideal for its rust resistance and strength. Even though bronze, brass, and iron are more expensive than stainless steel, they can also be more durable and stronger. 

Door Thickness And Size

Even though all doors can look the same, they aren’t. They can be of different dimensions and thicknesses. The thicker and larger the door, the larger the hinge you may need. 

Installation Type

Door hinges can be installed in four different ways, so consider this before you buy. You may prefer full or half surface installation or full or half mortise installation. 

Mortise Or Surface Hinges

Are you installing hinges on a door you will use a lot? Decide if you need mortise or surface hinges. Mortise hinges work better on doors you use a lot, as they make it more durable and secure.

Surface hinges tend to be a preference for cabinets and lighter doors. 

The Finish

Before you buy new hinges, consider the finish and style. You can purchase colored hinges in gold, silver, or other colors, and some unique shapes and styles.

You may also decide to buy hinges that are mostly invisible from the outside.  


Which hinges will prove to be less labor-intensive to manage? If you want to be able to remove doors with ease, hinges with removable pins may be worth your while. 

Time To Go Shopping

After weighing up the different popular hinges available able against your needs, you have probably established the best hinges for the job. All that’s left to do now is go shopping! You can buy hinges online or at your local hardware store. By the end of the day, your cabinet or door will be fully functional with the right hinge in no time.  

If you have any questions about buying hinges or need any more information feel free to leave a comment below or chat with us in near real-time on our Facebook fan page


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