28 Jan

How To Decorate Your Patio On A Budget

By: Xtreme eDeals

If you’re looking for creative ideas on how to decorate your outdoor space on a budget, you’ve come to the right spot. Below we highlight cool ideas that’ll help you instantly add personality to your patio without breaking the bank.

Let’s get into it.

1. Start on your walk-in garden from the floor

Giving you quite an exquisite look, the square pavers (especially in white or grey colour) along with some faux grass will make up for a perfect floor.

Yes, if you put the concrete floor and real grass it would take a fortune, but the faux grass along with the concrete pavers will cost significantly less and look just as good.

2. Set the scene vertically too

This is something that could definitely come in handy if you have a smaller outdoor space. What does lack in space does not need to lack in style, so choose your pieces carefully, and add them to the walls.

3. Invest in comfortable chairs and pillows

The next thing that needs to be high up on that list is browsing for some comfortable chairs. Since you would be operating on a budget, opt for comfort. Buy some pillows too, just go give the space extra fluffiness!

4. Go even greener!

It really does not matter if the outdoor space you have is large or rather small, in any case, you can wake up the gardener within you and go for some vertical garden ideas!

If you start by looking into your options, you can see that you can form a garden with your favourite plants, succulents, herbs, seasonal flowers, anything that comes to mind! Remember, only the ceiling is the limit!

5. Lights here, there, and everywhere!

So, once you have set the scene with the chairs and the overall look, it is time to decide on the next thing – and that is lighting! Are you more of a candle type of person or do you prefer Christmas lights in the middle of the summer?

Each path you choose, you will not go wrong. Go with your gut and add as many lights as you like – one at a time, and stop once you feel the energy is just right.

6. Shade is always welcomed

Once those amazing hot summer days roll by, you’ll get plenty of sunshine! On the other hand though, it’s plenty of sunshine, and you would need to take cover from it from time to time.

This is why a shade sail is much more than needed on an overexposed outdoor space. You can actually make one yourself, it is quite an easy process, and all you would need is a large piece that would act as a cover, some hooks and voila!

7. Privacy is key

This is one of the important bits. When you are creating your own personal outdoor space, it does not matter if you are living in an apartment building or a house, this would be considered your own personal space, and you would like for it to be secluded and away from the public eye, right?

A couple of options that come to mind here are faux boxwood hedges, putting up a privacy screen, or hanging up a plant privacy wall.

Anything that you may find visually appealing, and is dense enough to make you feel like you are in your own personal space, choose it and add it to your outdoor space.

9. The grand centerpiece – table!

If you are one of those people that want to have one spectacular centerpiece that steals the show, then keep on reading!

The center table is just the thing you would like to focus on. The best recommendation (and on a budget) is a round glass table.

It will definitely elevate the entire space, it is an easy furniture piece to find and you can accessorize it any way you want, be it flowers in a vase, stacked board games or candles, it’s entirely up to you.

9. Don’t put aside the side tables

While shopping for your patio furniture, don’t overlook the tiny little side tables, they can make all the difference! And if you have some side tables that you don’t necessarily use in the house – even better!

Take them outside and place them right next to every chair or between two chairs. This way you will create the more intimate feel and comfort that anyone would look for in an outdoor space.

10. Potted trees – a lovely concept

If you want to pretty up the space, but at the same time take it to a next level, run to the nearest plant shop and pick up a citrus tree – this is the thing that will not only elevate the aesthetics but will also provide a splash of colour and vividness!

11. The final touch – get the drinks out!

Your friends have arrived, you are having a wonderful time, but you keep running back and forth to the kitchen – someone needs their drink refreshed, maybe an ice cube or too, or even spilled a glass – well have no fear, the bar cart is here! This would be such a conversation starter piece that would make everyone fall head over heels for it! With the drinks, glasses, napkins and everything else you need handy, the party will go on well into the night.

12. Add post caps

post caps

Adding post caps to your patio railing can instantly lift a bland exterior post to another realm of style. Not only are they affordable and look great, they also increase the life span of your railings, and have been known to increase the overall property value of your home!

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