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How To Choose The Best Fence Type For Your Home

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In this article, you will learn the different types of fences available and how to choose the best type of fence for your home.

Installing a new fence can mean multiple things. It can protect your privacy, it can act as a security fence, and it can act as a decorative piece to you yard.

Today you get to learn all about the best types of fences that you can add to your outdoor space.

Let’s begin!

Pressure-Treated Wood Fence

This is a type of fence that is extremely versatile in the sense that it can be left natural, it can be stained, or it can be painted. Furthermore, this material is treated against rot, fungus, and insects, which also extends its lifespan.

Another good thing about this fence is that you can find it in many styles, including lattice fence panels and privacy fences too.

A Vinyl Fence

This is one of the most low-maintenance fences you can find and it is extremely durable too. It lasts a long time without rotting. It also is protected from stains and fades.

It does not need any staining or painting and it comes in different styles. Vinyl fences are versatile, making it one of the most popular types of fences available. People use it as decorative fencing, to increase their privacy, and security too.

Composite Fencing

The beauty of composite fencing is that it is a mixture of plastic material and wood. Thanks to the technology of today, this fence can look like stone or natural wood.

It resists all insects, decay, and splitting too. It does not require much maintenance either. It is a fence commonly formed from recycled plastic and wood pieces, and it is one of the best environmental-friendly choices you can make. Whether you want to add it for a little bit of privacy, and security, or as a decorative piece, you will do the right choice.

Ornamental Fencing

Another type of fence that you have probably seen everywhere. This is a perfect choice if you want to make your outdoor space look a little bit more luxurious.

The decorative metal fencing comes in lots of shapes and styles, and you can even opt for a classic look too! Any mental fence is commonly made of aluminum and that makes it long-lasting. It is also low-maintenance too. This is the type of fencing that can also look decorative. Depending on the direction you want to take with it, it can feature decorative elements such as interesting post caps – they add such a nice finishing touch.

Lattice Fence

Take a look at this style and allow yourself to be amazed by all the options there are! You can find the lattice fence created from materials including pressure-treated wood, vinyl, and different wood species!

It usually comes in a design that offers airflow, support for wallflowers, and the perfect shade. If you want a fence that combines an elevated sense of privacy and a decorative look, then this is the best fence for you.

Chain Link Fence

One of the most functional and easy-to-install fences is right here! It is considered a cost-effective option and it is very easy to install. The galvanized steel makes it a highly durable option for all those who want a fence that can stand the test of time.

The wire comes in various thicknesses and the fence comes in different heights and sizes. You can add this fence if you want to get a little bit more privacy, block certain areas, and even reduce wind. Since it is one of the most durable fences, it is considered the best option for all those who want to install a security fence and keep pets in, animals out, etc.

Garden Fence

Romance never seems to escape the backyard area and this is something that we can confirm with the help of this fence. This can add both functionality and elevate the aesthetic of your garden.

Its charming appearance can create an ethereal feeling and it can be the perfect addition to your vegetable or flower garden. Furthermore, you can use this fence to keep animals out, create an area where they should not go, and use it as a support system for some of the plants you have. This is the type of fence that comes in a wide range of materials including wire, plastic, and steel. It also comes in various sizes and shapes too.

Rural Fencing

The effectiveness of rural fencing is on a much higher level than any other type of fencing. When it comes to farm fencing, it is available in barbless, woven, and barbed wire too. This is created so it can withstand any weather. The wire fencings come in multiple heights and wire spacing.

There is a type of electric fencing too, the purpose of which is to contain animals (livestock). It is mostly used in combination with other types of fencing so it can prevent pressure on the fence. When it comes to flexible fences, they are used to reduce the injuries of larger animals. There is also a chicken wire that is excellent for poultry and small animals (such as rabbits). The invisible fence is great for pets that want to wander off. And finally, there is a dog fence too, which comes in both wireless and wired options.

How To Choose The Right Fence?

Depending on what you want to achieve, think about all your fence options. If you are uncertain of where to begin, there are always a few options for you to consider like:

  • Privacy fences: Think about the height of the fence, especially if you want to add a little bit of privacy to your backyard.
  • Pool fence: Adding a pool fence around your swimming pool is important, so check the local ordinances and act accordingly.
  • Ornamental fence: Adding some appeal and elevating the space on a visual level is best achieved by adding an ornamental fence.
  • Garden fence: Finally, your backyard should look as fantastic as you want. This is a look you can create by adding some garden fence that can showcase all the plants, vegetables, fruits, and flowers you have.

Before you start installing your fence, take a look at the by-laws and the Homeowners Association regulations. Check if any permits are required and make sure you know your underground utility and property line locations.

Think About A Gate Too

When you are thinking of a practical solution for your fence, you should consider adding a gate too. This will allow for easy access and will add a stylish element to the overall look. There are a few things you should consider when adding a new gate. These include:

  • The size of the gate: Width, length, how tall it should be, whether there is enough space for it, is the ground even enough for it.
  • Make it match: Do you want the gate to match the color and the material of the fence or would you like it to stick out?
  • Space: Check whether there is enough space to fully open the gate and then close it.
  • Installation: Do you want to install the gate yourself or does it come pre-assembled?
  • Tools: Do you have the right tools and skills to do this on your own?
  • Weight: Think about the weight of the gate. You should add some hardware that could withstand the weight of the gate itself, and make it strong.

Fence Accessories

Owning a fence with curb appeal can help you increase overall beautification, curb appeal and overall property value. Below we highlight popular fence accessories:


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