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What Are The Most Popular Wooden Fence Designs? We Highlight Go-To Fence Ideas

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Wooden fences are not only functional and practical for providing privacy and protection, but they can also be a stylish addition to your home’s exterior.

In this article, we will introduce ten unique and interesting wooden fence ideas that you can use for inspiration.

1. Basket Weave Wood Fence

A basket weave fence is an attractive alternative to a solid privacy fence. It is durable, and its texture is much more appealing to look at.

This style allows air and light to pass through, creating a softer finish. The double basket weave style features two weaves instead of one between each post.

2. Vertical Slat Wood Fence

The vertical slat fence offers a modern twist on the traditional wooden fence. Merbau hardwood is used to create thin pickets that are spaced equally apart.

The horizontal rails are placed on the neighbor’s side, giving the homeowner’s side a sleek and minimalist look.

3. Horizontal Slat Wood Fence

If you have an outdated paver wall that doesn’t fit your style, consider covering it up with a horizontal slat fence. Pressure-treated wood is used for the posts and slats, which are attached to the pool deck with heavy-duty metal brackets.

Nail guns are used to attach the wood slats to the posts.

4. Reclaimed Wood Fence

This fence is a tribute to the beauty of natural wood and the value of recycling old materials to create something truly unique.

The reclaimed wood is sourced from torn-down houses and buildings in the Detroit area. The result is a gorgeous fence that is a labor of love.

5. Painted Wood Fence

A wooden fence can also be a canvas for artistic expression. The House House Blog painted their fence in red, white, and blue to give it a patriotic makeover.

The fence slats were painted before being attached to the pressure-treated posts, and wood stars were glued onto the blue slats with outdoor adhesive.

6. Rustic Picket Fence

This fence features irregular oak pickets that give it a charming, rustic finish. White oak is an excellent choice for fencing, although it tends to warp and bow over time.

However, these slight bends and twists add to the fence’s appeal.

7. Live Edge Wood Fence

This breathtaking fence was built by Wooden Laser and his family. Cypress logs were milled into long boards ranging in thickness from 1/2 to 3/4 inches, and the rustic live edges make this fence stand out. The back is reinforced with thick barn beams for extra durability.

8. Curved Lattice-Top Wood Fence

This curved design is perfect for adding a touch of refined whimsy to your outdoor space. Shadowbox panels feature pickets on both sides of the rails, creating a 3D effect inside and out.

Lattice arches at the top give it an English garden vibe, and the height of the lattice adds privacy.

9. Wood Fence with Matching Planter

This cedar fence looks sharp and will last for years to come. Cedar’s natural oils make it resistant to decay, rot, warping, and insects, and it looks gorgeous with a matching planter.

10. Classic White Picket Fence

A modern wooden fence is an excellent way to update your home’s exterior. This fence is made from stained redwood and features horizontal slats with no visible gaps. The posts are topped with metal caps, and the fence’s clean lines add a contemporary touch.

In conclusion, there are many unique and interesting wooden fence ideas to choose from. Whether you prefer a modern or rustic look, a painted or natural finish, there is a wooden fence design that will suit your style. So, why not try one of these designs to make your outdoor space more beautiful and functional?

Quick Summary: What Are The Most Popular Wooden Fence Designs?

1. Basket weave wooden fence

2. Vertical slat wooden fence

3. Horizontal wooden fence

4. Reclaimed wood wooden fence

5. Painted wooden fence

6. Rustic wooden fence

7. Live edge wooden fence

8. Curved-top lattice wooden fence

9. Wooden fence with matching planter

10. Classic white picket fence

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