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If you’re looking for interesting home improvement Instagram accounts on the web to follow, you’re in luck. Below we highlight a wide array of home improvement profiles on Instagram that’ll inspire you.

Let’s get started.


Kristine is passionate about dark decor and mid-century interiors and she mixes and matches distinct shades while working with Victorian terraces. If you want to learn a thing or two about monochrome shades and retro-themed decor, “borrow” a few ideas from her. Check out her gallery wall, a fan favorite!

Tasha Kaleidoscope

Word on the street says Tasha is an amazing creative designer…trapped in a lawyer’s body. Her profile will take you on a plethora of DIY projects. From showcasing affordable underlayment of flooring which also can be used as a plank wall to featuring a kitchen backsplash project, you can get a more detailed version of Tasha’s posts in her blog and how she got from point A to B.


Felix Forest’s Instagram profile is filled with inspirational treasures and is arguably the most prolific designer in interior design. He’s worked with many major publications and by the look at his feed, you can tell why.

Lexden _Home

If you’re into restoring Victorian properties, B U K K Y aka Lexden_Home’s Instagram account is a must-follow. She documents her renovation process of a Victorian building after it was vacant for 40 years. One of the more noteworthy projects highlighted vintage-style titles laid in the hallway with three floors of hallway paneling painted with Farrow & Ball Hague Blue paint.

Becca in Bath

Here’s another inspirational source for Victorian renovation lovers. If you have a liking for dark shades then we are sure you will appreciate Becca’s moody interiors that she has in her Victorian home. Notice how she uses black highlights throughout — beautiful.



If you love flooring, then Instagram account ihavethisthingwithfloors is a must-add. You’ll find a wide variety of patterns that feature everything from footwear to incredible flooring. Some have friendly messages while others will just blow your socks off.

Suszi Saunders

Calling all vegans and eco-friendly fans! Suszi is on a mission to renovating her Victorian property while creating a vegan and cruelty-free home. She is a fan of palm print wallpaper among many other bold patterns. She’s also the winner of PETA’s vegan home award 2018. You go Suszi!


If you’re searching for a one-stop shop for design, then you can look at Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro’s Instagram profile. You can grab a sneak peek into the lifespan of projects, created by the design team. It also adds a celebrity touch with some of their designs featuring stars like Naomi Watts, Seth Meyers, and Kristen Bell.


Megan Pflug is an interior designer, stylist and blogger. She showcases design interiors meshing modernity with vintage touches. She wins the hearts and minds of her followers using creative DIY projects and her unique taste in style. Better yet, her designs are limited to a budget, making her masterpieces that much more interesting. It’s one of those home improvement Instagram accounts you just have to follow.


Eddie Ross works as an East Coast editor for Better Homes and Gardens and is also the founder of @maximaliststudios. With his house and garden Instagram images, his posts extend into an eclectic foreground of creativity. From antiquing and junking charges in the Hamptons to sightings of his unique creative designs to photos of homes he finds inspiriting.

Golden Fox Cottage

Golden Fox Cottage takes users through a journey that helps them create their dream home. If you love life on the countryside, this account offers a rustic rainbow of ideas. You’ll find classic rustic mojo featuring exposed beams and kitchen details — exactly what you’re looking for.


Before and afters do make a difference and Jen attempts to capture the genuine transformations with her before and after Instagram shots; highlighting how far her designs have evolved. Whether she is deciding on what titles to pick for her kitchen or choosing the right paint, she’ll leave you wondering what she will come up with next.


Kate Arends is a Minnesota-based design blogger, marketing consultant and self-described recovering perfectionist. The Instagram account illuminates her beautiful office, home and her beautiful baby. Her creative wholesome life inspires over 336k followers on the daily.


Brynne Delerson is a finder, maker, DIY blogger, vintage treasure seeker and a self-made home decor lover. Her profile accentuates vintage furniture and how to integrate vintage pieces into everyday home decor. She is internet famous for the #thriftscorethursday hashtag.


This home improvement Instagram profile features Scandinavian interiors. If you love this brand of style then you will fancy Michelle Halford’s designs. She is a renowned writer, blogger, and stylist who is known for her love of minimalism, neutral colors, and clean lines.

Life at Eighty Six

Here’s one of our personal favorite home improvement Instagram accounts: Life at Eighty Six. Created by Jen and Grant, they do a lot projects that feature repurposed and upcycled designs.  They choose projects like painting a chest of drawers matte black and finished it off with luxury gold handles. And according to their bio, they are “the best home, reno & diy account to follow in 2019 (apparently)”. Take a gander to find out.


Houzz is an online platform for the worldwide community of people that are interested in home improvement, interior design, and architecture. You can find just about anything inspirational about the home here. Their feed is filled with home improvement and interior design ideas which you can use with your own design concepts. It’s a must-follow for sure!

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