06 Dec

Surprise a new homeowner with a useful gift that will add character and value to their new home. Below you’ll find 13 gift ideas for new homeowners and where you can buy them. 


Decorative Inserts

gate inserts

Decorative inserts are always a great way to take privacy walls, gates, decks, and fences to the next level.

They add a timeless rustic charm that is instantly a hit with guests and onlookers.

Mix and match with post caps and watch them not only improve the style of your outdoor space but also increase the property value of any home.

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Sleek, Touch-Free Hand Soap Dispenser 

Source: simplehuman

Help a new homeowner avoid the slimy sink buildup of dirty, excess hand soap with a minimalistic, touch-free hand soap dispenser.

The brushed metal casing provides a classy alternative to the common plastic dispenser that works in any room.

In the bathroom, the automatic dispenser helps fight the spread of infection by reducing the number of surfaces one contacts. In the kitchen, the dispenser’s discrete squirts of liquid soap prevent unseemly gunk from building up on the counter and in the sink.  

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Solar Fence Post Lights

Source: Nuvo Iron

During long summer evenings and dark winter nights, help a new homeowner enjoy spending time outside year-round. Solar fence post lights easily fit atop existing posts and do not require any wiring or electrical input.

The solar panel charges the light’s battery during the day and provides up to eight hours of outdoor lighting after the sun goes down.

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Collapsible Charcoal Starter

Source:  REDCAMP
Every busy new homeowner can appreciate the portability and packability of a collapsible charcoal starter.

It can be used in backyard, the front yard, and even on the patio or balcony, and because it’s collapsible, it takes up minimal storage space.

Compared to other small outdoor cookers, the collapsible charcoal starter is ideal for camping, tailgating, and picnicking away from the home as well.  

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A Gift Basket of Adhesive Products

Source: Gorilla

Whether you are of the opinion that duct tape fixes anything or someone who replaces every broken thing that could easily be repaired, new homes come with all kinds of new challenges that common adhesive products can painlessly resolve.

New homeowners will be thrilled to receive everything from sticky wall hangers to extra durable mounting tape to super glue gel packs.

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Smart Lighting

Source: GE Lighting
Smart home lighting systems have been around long enough that there is now a useful option for everyone.

Whether the homeowner is tech-savvy or tech-averse, they will appreciate the simplicity and ease of use of a smart lighting system, even if it’s a single smart lightbulb.

Alternatively, smart wall outlets are more versatile and can be used to remotely control any electric device plugged into it, including lamps, fans, and so on.

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Robot Housekeepers

Source: GOOVI

Whether the new homeowners have pets, kids, or just a busy lifestyle, the fact remains that a clean home is a healthy home.

Chores like vacuuming and mopping are often put off simply because it is a pain to deal with getting the equipment out of an overfilled closet or because it is easy to forget about a task when its tool is out of sight.

Robot vacuums and mops are popular in busy households not only because they are easy to use (simply press “ON”) but also because of their low profile. These little housekeepers can sit in plain view without disturbing a room’s ambiance, making them ideal for any home, old or new.

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Mountable Home Safe

Source: SentrySafe

A small, mountable home safe is an inexpensive way to help new homeowner keep their valuables protected.

A small safe can be kept out of sight in a closet or under the bed. As long as the safe has a back or bottom mounting system, it can also be kept safely in plain sight on a shelf or countertop.

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Durable Outdoor Storage Solutions

Source: Rubbermaid

High-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) is a durable, no-rot plastic commonly used to make portable storage units.

An HDPE shed is ideal for every homeowner with a small amount of storage, as it can safely be used in all weather conditions, either outside in the yard or even on a deck or patio.

These units are surprisingly portable, which means they are easy to set up and even easier to move.

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Bike Rack

Source: Saris

Indoors or out, a personal bike rack is a must-have gift for the bike-riding new homeowner.

An indoor bike rack creates a dedicated space where one or more bicycles can be safely stored inside the home, either on the floor, vertically on a wall, or even suspended from the ceiling.

An outdoor bike rack not only gives the homeowner a means for storing their bike upright but also provides a secure place to lockup their bike outside, even when placed away from any kind of fence of wall.

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Knife Sharpener

Source: AccuSharp

It is easy for busy new homeowners to neglect their knives, but dinner time can be ruined the moment a knife fails to slice through a potato or, even worse, slips on a tomato skin and cuts the chef.

Help a new homeowner avoid the dinner time blues with an inexpensive knife sharper that is safe and simple to use in the home kitchen.

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Versatile Tool Bag

Source: Occidental Leather

A tool bag—as opposed to a toolbox—is inherently more versatile and new homeowner-friendly. When unfilled, the soft-sided case is collapsible, making it easy to store and keep out of sight.

With lots of little pockets and storage pouches, a homeowner can keep all their common-use hardware and tools in one convenient, organized place.

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Home Ladder

Source: Louisville Ladder

From top-shelf bottles to midnight smoke alarm beeps to the occasional renovation, every homeowner will have use for a ladder sooner or later.

A small, foldable ladder is ideal for the shorter friend who has a regular need for a little boost, whereas a taller or extendable ladder is well suited for homes with high ceilings.

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Indoor Bubble Fountain

Source: Jeco

Bring the sounds of the outdoors inside with a small, low-maintenance fountain. Bubble fountains are ideal for indoors because they have minimal splashing when in use, and they appear as lovely spherical sculptures when not in use. Buy a fountain with LED lighting for additional ambiance.

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