25 Feb

Your fence and gate is your first impression to the world and your visitors. If you’re looking to build one that suits your personality, but, don’t know where to start we have assembled a collection of garden gate ideas that’ll turn the wheel and get your creative juices flowing.

Gate Design Idea 1: Garden Gate With Ivy Archway

This gate looks straight out of a fairytale. Decked with lush ivy, this arched gateway looks like it leads to a magical secret garden.

Gate Design Idea 2: Cool Modern Grey

Contemporary, sleek and the definition of cool. Notice how the concrete walls and floor complement each other, the steel grey gate with clean vertical lines delivers noticeable coverage, giving the outsiders a teaser peek of the inside. If you have a place in the suburbs or a townhouse, this might be for you.

Gate Design Idea 3: The Royal Barrelled Archway

This is one of the more dreamier gate design ideas that we have on the list. For a garden gate that looks fit for royalty, try going with a white barrelled archway. This particular gate’s arbor reaches an impressive 14 feet, and is braided with Iceberg and Cécile Brunner roses.

Gate Design Idea 4: Try Celtic Knots

If you’re looking to add a touch of intrigue to an otherwise plain wooden gate, this decorative accent like a Celtic knot will make it look that much more special. It’s perfect for anyone in love with Celtic tradition.

Gate Design Idea 5: Go Green, Go Vertical Garden

A great way to add a some personality to a gate is to deck it out with a vertical garden. Line the sturdy yet dull walls of your fence with creepers and moss till it looks like a solid wall of green. You can go even further and add more to the bottom which will make it look like you’re in the middle of a forest.

Gate Design Idea 6: Cover Your Gate With Clematis

If you love a little romance in your life and are a helpless romantic yourself, adding clematis might be one of the gate design ideas that you may want to try first. The clematis climbs across the top of this white garden gate and provides an elegant and romantic vibe.

Gate Design Idea 7: Grape Vine Gate

If you love the color purple as much as we do, you’ll love this gate idea. Notice how a lovely grape vine climbs and twists around this rustic wooden gate, hiding compost bins on the other side and serving its owners with scrumptious grape jelly!

Gate Design Idea 8: Joanna Gaines’s Garden Gate

If you love the old modern farmhouse look, this fence and gate idea is all that and a box of chips. Ultimately this is for those who love the fixer upper who’s eye for design doesn’t stop with the indoors. Just look at this striking backyard garden, complete with a wholesome gate — beautiful.

Gate Design Idea 9: Get Quirky With A Garden Tool Gate

This garden gate was built by securing second-hand garden tools as diagonal “rungs” and “slats” on a swinging cedar frame. Though this gate won’t afford you much privacy, it will certainly give you a chance to showcase your creativity.

Gate Design Idea 10: Add Green Hyacinth To Your Gate

They say green is the color for geniuses. Indeed this unconventional mint green gate is beautiful enough on its own, but taking it a step further and adorning it with hyacinth bean vines adds a dash of purple; making it a truly unique fence and gate design.

Gate Design Idea 11: Magical Marble Details

This is probably one of the most creative garden gate ideas we’ve ever encountered — it’s straight out of left field! If you want to add a pop of color to your garden — and dull wooden fence — drill small holes into your gate’s wood and insert classic marbles of different sizes. The marbles will glow and add an interstellar vibe; shining its constellations when the sun’s rays penetrates them from behind.

Gate Design Idea 12: Arch Filled With Purple Flowers

Sometimes the most attractive gates are the ones that are the most simple. You know the ones that are broken in, unpainted with wooden frames? Ya those ones. Here is a striking violet clematis vine producing a flowering arch, welcoming visitors to the backyard.

Gate Design Idea 13: Try Frosted Fences

If you like chic and artsy then the frosted fence may be the right choice for you. They’ll definitely catch the eyes of anyone within range, and, they also allow for visitors to see your garden without really revealing too much. If you want to go a step further you can mix it up with stained glasses, which will make it look that much more courtly.

Gate Design Idea 14: Vintage Accents

For the vintage lovers and farmhouse fanatics looking for garden gate ideas, this 1940s gate may be exactly what you’re looking for. It delivers visibility and seamlessly blends into the low-key garden landscape, effortlessly attracting visitors to its door.

Gate Design Idea 15: Geometric Gate Inserts

gate insert

If you’re looking to add both transparency and class to your gate, go with a gate insert. They are available in various designs and are DIY-friendly. All you have to do is cut a hole in the appropriate size and shape, and pop the insert into place. Voila! Your gate now has a functional window with a beautiful design. 

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