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05 Feb

Gifts For Builders: 15 Products Your Special Contractor Will Love
By: Xtreme eDeals

What are some useful gifts for builders? Below we answer this mysterious question and highlight 15 amazing products that we believe your special contractor will love.

Let’s get started.

1. Complete Gate Hardware Kit

Nuvo Iron Complete Gate Hardware Kit

There are only so many times you can remind that special someone in your life to head to the hardware store for gate supplies. Save them a job by gifting them complete gate hardware for Christmas. Not only do you give them something they need, but it can benefit you, too. 

A complete hardware set for a gate tends to be easy to install and comes with a top and bottom brace and all the hardware you need. You can finally get your property looking at its best, just in time for the silly season. 

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2. Knee Pads

industrial knee pads

Source: Pixabay

The average contractor and construction worker will spend hours kneeling on wooden and concrete floors carrying out various jobs. Protect those knees and provide them with support courtesy of knee pads. You can buy various options – all designed to suit plumbers, builders, carpet fitters, and more. With cushioning on the interior, they absorb shock and spread out the pressure evenly. 

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3. Fence & Gate Inserts

gate inserts

Source: Xtreme eDeals

Builders don’t tend to be very good at finishing projects around their own properties. They’re too busy focusing on everyone else’s! Give them a helping hand to get the job done by purchasing new gate inserts. They add elegance and style to any fence while also being suitable for gates, walls, doors, and more. There’s a massive variety of options available to suit any property type.   

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4. Single-Serve Coffee Maker

coffee maker

Source: Pixabay

Working long hours outside can take its toll. When your loved one arrives home exhausted and worn out, there’s only one thing to do: serve up coffee. That’s why a single-serve coffee maker can make an ideal present. They can purchase K-Cup pods and enjoy a piping hot beverage on their work break with ease. The best part is, it’s entirely portable. 

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5. Tool Bag

Every builder has a toolbox and tool belt, but what about a tool bag? If you’re heading to a job site with just a few things to do, a tool bag can be the perfect way to transport your tools. There are plenty of options out there with robust materials and several pockets to hold all your hand tools. 

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6. Jobsite Speaker


Source: Pixabay

It can be hard to know what to buy for the handyman in your life, but you can’t go wrong with a job site speaker. Designed explicitly for outdoor environments, they handle wear and tear with ease. Why work in silence when you can listen to your favorite tunes on the job?

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7. Back, Shoulder, and Neck Massager

Physical job every day. At the end of the working week, they’re not only mentally tired but physically, too. Treat that special someone in your life to a back, shoulder, and neck massager.

Upon arriving home, they can sit back, relax, and put it to work. You can even buy models that come with heat features. 

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8. Utility Knife

utility knife

Source: Pixabay

Every time you need to open a box, cut a rope, or slice something open, you never seem to have a knife handy. Treat your handyman to a utility knife that is bound to see daily use. You can buy general utility knives in beautiful carrying cases or even customize a knife they can stow away in their pocket. 

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9. Hand Tool Pens

There can be a lot of admin work involved in the average construction job. If you’re stuck for gift ideas for the carpenter, builder, or construction worker in your family, why not purchase hand tool pens? 

While they look like hand tools, they have a beautiful pen attached to the end. Given their size and uniqueness, they are also a lot harder to lose. 

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10. Magnetic Wristband

If a builder had a dollar for every screw, nut, or bolt they misplaced, they’d have no need to be a builder anymore. Those small nails, screws, nuts, and bolts seem to go missing as soon as you pick them up. 

That’s why one of the best gifts you can buy the handyman in your family is a magnetic wristband. They are not only comfortable to wear, but they have magnets sewn into the fabric to hold those easy-to-lose items. 

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11. Protective Glasses

protective glasses

Source: Pixabay

The average worksite can be filled with hazards. Not only are they all around you, but also in the air. Treat your hard-working handyman to protective glasses that shield their eyes from dust, debris, sparks from grinders, and more. 

Rather than buy those that fall off your head as soon as you bend down, though, invest in wrap-around glasses that offer full protection. They’ve bound to be a convenient worksite addition and a much-loved gift. 

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12. Steel Toe Work Boots

work boots

Source: Pixabay

Builders, construction workers, and those who work outside tend to spend a lot of time on their feet. Therefore, it’s only natural for them to need comfortable, supportive footwear. Why not treat that special someone to a pair of new protective work boots? They will surely thank you the next time they have to be out in cold, wet conditions.

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13. Lunch Cooler Bag

If you buy lunch every day, it can end up costing a fortune. The problem is, it can be incredibly challenging to keep homemade food fresh when you’re working outside all day. Solve that problem for the construction worker in your family by purchasing them a stylish cooler bag. Make sure it’s large enough for a drink bottle and ice packs for hydration and freshness throughout the day. 

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14. Thermos Flask

It can be hard enough working in the scorching heat, but it’s often even harder in the freezing cold. A thermos flask can be an excellent gift for an outdoor worker. On their break, they can warm up with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, or even soup brought from home. 

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15. Self-Leveling Laser Level

You won’t find too many builders who don’t have a pile of laser levels labeled “not level” somewhere in their garage. Solve that problem by gifting them a self-leveling laser level that is accurate. It’s bound to become their favorite tool in no time.  

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If you have more ideas and suggestions for our gifts for builders list, feel free to drop a comment below or chat with us in near real time on our Facebook fan page

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