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20 Nov

15 Holiday Christmas Decor Ideas For The Patio
By Xtreme eDeals

Christmas and the holidays always arrives quicker than you could ever imagine, and, there can never seem like there’s enough time to decorate!

However, whether you’re short on time or have plenty of time or just want to get creative, then you’re not short of options.

Here are some of the best holiday Christmas décor ideas for your patio area. 

Christmas Decor Idea 1. Wonderful Wood

If you don’t have time to spend on sourcing the very best Christmas trees for decorating your patio, then use the finished product of those trees instead – processed wood.

With the right power tools, you can whip up tree-shaped wood decorations that you can decorate as you please. Leave them bare, paint them, or even glue on tinsel. The sky’s the limit! You will have no problem making your patio stand out from the crowd. 

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Christmas Decor Idea 2. Wood Pallet Trees

Watching a Christmas tree wither away and die can be heartbreaking.

Especially as you’d put so much effort into decorating it to celebrate the season. Consider decorating your patio area with a tree that won’t die.

Use pallet wood, which you can often pick up for free, and carefully craft it into a Christmas tree. You’re bound to have leftover wood, so consider making more than one. 

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Christmas Decor Idea 3. Christmas Lights Done Right

Your property can be the talk of the neighborhood with just the right Christmas feature. Christmas lights are a must-have piece of décor for any patio area.

However, if your property has a beautiful, large tree in plain sight, then why stop at the patio? This tree in a central part of France shows just what is possible with vibrant Christmas lights. 

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Christmas Decor Idea 4. Mason Jar Lights

It’s simple yet effective. Add Christmas lights to mason jars and add them all around your patio area. Not only do they allow you to get into the festive spirit, but they also provide guiding light as you navigate your patio area on cold winter evenings. 

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Christmas Decor Idea 5. A Grand Entrance

If you don’t have much of a patio area, then not to fear. You can still have holiday décor if you think a little outside the square.

Have decorations that make a statement at your home’s entrance. Even investing in delightful shrubbery that peaks at Christmas can be a way to get into the festive spirit. 

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Christmas Decor Idea 6. Wreaths, Wreaths, Everywhere

Who said that Christmas wreaths had to remain on your doors? Anywhere you can hang a wreath, do so. Some people like to include them on their gates, fences, and front doors. You can also buy wreaths or make them yourself. 

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Christmas Decor Idea 7. Use Your Trees

If you suffer from terrible allergies with real Christmas trees, then you can be in a spot of bother trying to celebrate Christmas with authenticity.

Sure, you can have a plastic tree inside, but what about outside? If you’ve got any tree on your property, then it can become a Christmas tree. Add baubles, tinsel, lights, and enjoy the same Christmas cheer as you would with a pine or fir tree. 

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Christmas Decor Idea 8. Throws And Pillows

If you’ve already got quite an elegant patio area, then there’s only one thing you need to do to transition from Halloween to Christmas: change the pillows and throws.

Neutral furniture pairs beautifully with vibrant festive throws and cushions. Just remember to keep them out of the elements. 

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Christmas Decor Idea 9. Get Creative With Tires

Your local mechanic will be only too happy to give away used tires. They are a dime a dozen, and there’s so much you can do with them. With the right materials, you can create giant Christmas ornaments to display on your patio area.

It’s also a fun activity to do with your children while being something you can use year after year. 

Christmas Decor Idea 10. Make Your Own Decorations

Christmas decorations can be expensive. And when you’ve got bored kids at home for the Christmas break, it makes sense to make your own. Make use of what you have around the house and some natural elements.

You can then hang them with pride in your patio for the whole neighborhood to see.   

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Christmas Decor Idea 11. Celebrate the Colors

If you don’t have a lot of Christmas decorations, that doesn’t mean you can’t brighten up your patio for the festive season.

You just have to think outside the square. You can use any number of red and green decorations that offer the illusion of festive cheer without actually being Christmas related. 

Christmas Decor Idea 12. Decorate Your Outdoor Furniture

If you have a sheltered patio area that isn’t exposed to the elements, you’re in a desirable position to decorate it for Christmas. Add simple hints of festive cheer to tabletops so that sitting outside can be a jolly occasion. 

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Christmas Decor Idea 13. Brighten Up Your Fence

Why should your patio area and front entrance have all the fun? Set the scene for Christmas from the start of your property to the end.

Add garlands on your fences that contrast beautifully against their materials. They will also look vibrant against snowfall. 

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Christmas Decor Idea 14. Reuse Old Jars

If you’ve been saving old glass jars, then Christmas can be the time to put them to good use.

You can light candles and put them inside, or fill them with fairy lights. You can even create little Christmas scenes inside them and display them proudly around your patio area.   

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Christmas Decor Idea 15. Birdseed Ornaments

Rather than purchase plastic ornaments that may one day end up in landfill, why not create ornaments out of birdseed?

Given that you will be hanging them outside around your patio area, they will undoubtedly be put to good use by your local bird population. The best part is, this is a project the kids can get involved in. They will also get a kick out of seeing birds eat their creations. 

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Stuck for ideas on how to decorate your patio area this Christmas? Some of these above may suit your home perfectly! If you have any questions or would like to add more to our list feel free to drop a comment below or message us on our Facebook fan page.

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