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17 Ideas That’ll Help You Transform A Boring Backyard
By: Xtreme eDeals

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your backyard, look no further, we got you covered.

Below we highlight must-try dreamy ideas that’ll turn a bland backyard into a dreamy getaway.

Let’s get right into it!

1. Vacation Vibes in Your Backyard Oasis

Picture this: classic patio tiles, preppy lawn furniture, and a brutalist outdoor fireplace – all in your very own backyard! Channel your favorite vacation spot and create a magical blend of whimsy and edge. Plant those flowers on the wall; let them cascade down, just like you’re in Yucatán. It’s like having a mini tropical getaway right at home.

2. Trampoline Central

Want to be the coolest house on the block? Say hello to the built-in trampoline! Even if it takes up the whole lawn, it’s totally worth it. Bouncing around in your backyard? That’s the dream. Watch your kids (and maybe even adults) spend hours of pure joy right outside your door.

3. Hammock Haven

Hang a red-striped hammock between two trees and welcome the chill vibes. Even better if it feels like you’ve run into an old friend – just like that hammock from IKEA. Who says you can’t be stylish while lounging? Transform your backyard into the ultimate relaxation zone with this cozy addition.

4. Tablescapes and Topiaries

Forget the hard-to-maintain lawn – go for gravel, greenery in lush pots, and topiaries scattered around. Spruce up the table with wicker chairs, throws, and cushions. Suddenly, your alfresco table is the place to be! Host dinners, brunches, or just enjoy your morning coffee in this chic and cozy outdoor setting.

5. Cool Under the Canopy

Beat the heat with a pergola upgraded with wisteria branches or trailing ivy. It’s your sanctuary in ultra-hot climates. Maximize that sun cover during summer and make your backyard the ultimate chill spot. You’ll be thanking the shade deities when you’re sipping your iced tea without breaking a sweat.

6. Keep It Simple with a View

If you’ve got a sweeping view, keep it simple. Let the scenery be the star. Adirondack chairs, a cup of coffee, and you’re living the dream in your backyard. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets and sunrises without distractions – your backyard becomes the front-row seat to nature’s grand show.

7. The Vertical Advantage

City living or limited green space? No problem. Go vertical! Cozy seating spaces can be as stylish as a sprawling backyard. Take it up a tier and make the most of your outdoor space. Your small space just became a multi-level oasis with cozy nooks and crannies.

8. Curtains for Privacy and Chic Vibes

For cozy backyards with nosy neighbors, add breezy linen curtains for privacy. Chic and functional – these curtains look super cool blowing in the wind. Just ask designer Hadas Dembo. Turn your backyard into an intimate escape where you can have a private conversation or just enjoy some solitude. Let the curtains dance in the breeze and set the mood for relaxation.

9. Loveseat Under the Trees

Use every corner of your yard, even the dark ones. That towering tree? It’s a naturally romantic cover for your loveseat. Date night, anyone? Create a cozy, hidden nook under the tree where you can escape with a good book or share a quiet moment with a loved one. The rustling leaves overhead add to the enchanting ambiance.

10. Game On with Bocce-Ball

Family game time just got an upgrade. Install a full-size bocce-ball court, and watch the fun unfold. Pavers and structured bushes complete the perfect gaming zone in your backyard. Get the family together for some friendly competition and create lasting memories on your very own bocce-ball court.

11. Grassy Driveway? Yes, Please!

Forget solid pavement; pave the way with turfstone pavers. Let the grass grow through and create a colorful, low-to-the-ground garden. Who said driveways can’t be fun? Make a grand entrance to your home with a driveway that’s not just practical but also a vibrant part of your garden.

12. Wildflower Wonderland

Embrace the cottagecore trend and plant a field of wildflowers. Say goodbye to boring sod or confined gardens. Wendy Owen did it in Sonoma, and her backyard feels like a laid-back, rustic French village. Dive into the wildflower wonderland right at your doorstep and let the bees and butterflies be your new neighbors.

13. Lavender Lanes

Balance geometric pavers with a row of lush lavender. It’s not just pretty; it’s a natural way to remind everyone to stay off the parts of the lawn that need a break. Respect the lavender lanes! Transform your lawn into a fragrant paradise and keep it looking pristine with this aromatic and visually pleasing addition. Wander along the lavender lanes for a sensory experience.

14. Fancy Fountain Moments

Add an air of formality with a regal fountain. It’s not just distinguished; it’s a refreshing respite during those scorching summer months. Your backyard just became the fanciest place in town. Picture yourself sitting by the fountain, sipping a cold drink, and feeling like royalty in your own backyard. The gentle sound of water adds a soothing touch to your outdoor haven.

15. Roses Galore

Skip the complicated layouts; grow an abundance of your favorite flower. Edmund Hollander did it with English roses, and it’s a floral paradise in his garden. Keep it simple, keep it happy. Your backyard can now be a constant celebration of your favorite blooms, providing a burst of color and joy throughout the seasons.

16. English Garden Elegance

Take a cue from your favorite period drama and plant square hedges filled with flower bushes. Podge Bune did it at her Hamptons cottage – whimsical and structured, the perfect balance. Your backyard is now a scene from a romantic movie! Get ready to host tea parties, garden gatherings, and feel like you’ve stepped into your own little piece of English garden elegance. Embrace the charm and sophistication of an outdoor space straight out of a fairytale.

17. Louvers

Take your deck space to a new level with decorative privacy blinds. Whether you want privacy louvers for one wall or all around, they’ll instantly add that wow factor that your guests will notice and compliment on.

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