15 Sep

If you’re searching the web for Autumn porch decorating ideas, look no further. We got you covered. Here you’ll find a wide range of creative Fall home decor combinations that’ll add a little variety to tradition.

If you want to stand out and give a strong first Autumn impression from the time your guests enter to the time they leave (pun intended), feel free to “borrow” any one of the curated ideas below.

Cozy Cabin

Here’s one of our personal favorite autumn porch decorating ideas. We know Autumn is here and you want to make your porch pop without breaking the piggy bank. And it’s true: You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your dream porch into reality.

This piece showcases an inspirational path made up of flower shop pumpkins and a few white mums that really bring out the season.

Cotton And Muted Colors

This corner has stolen many onlooking-design-infatuated hearts. But the lush combination of dried reeds and flowers is equally fetching.

This Autumn porch decorating idea takes pumpkins to a whole other level. Add height to your porch pumpkins and Autumn plants by repurposing and stacking a few wooden crates.

If you have time, you can paint them any color you wish. Mix and match them however you please, then add that special touch of hay at the bottom — Autumn magic.

Seasonal Symmetry

Why not match cornstalks? Use your favorite selection of pastel pumpkins, and a charming door wreath, it’ll add personality and bring the neutral color palette to life. How about go a step further and add mini pumpkins for inspirational lining.

Pumpkin Cart

This offbeat porch idea gives your outdoor bar cart its 15 minutes of fame and glory…maybe more. Either way, it’ll have its time to shine in Autumn.

Also, notice how the pumpkins are stashed away and the gourds on each shelf. Feel free to add more color by integrating a bit of greenery.

Try Black And White Details

Aside from the fundamentals, like painted pumpkins and seasonal signs, you can dress up your outdoor entryway with a few cozy lanterns.

Top them off with decorative bows to make even more of a statement.

Rug On Patio

This is one of our favorite Autumn porch decorating ideas on the list because we go mad for rugs. There’s just so much to like about this photo.

The red and grey rug, the rustic swinging chair, or the brilliant thought behind the contrasting of colors. You name it, we love it.

DIY Porch Sign

Get crafty with a DIY sign. Trigger backpacker vibes and set the mood right on entry.

Orange Mums And Gourds

Add a touch of Spring to your Autumn porch decor and use fresh flowers and a generous number of gourds. It’ll look inviting to any guest who is lucky enough to walk up your front steps.

Pretty Pastels

Want something less obvious? If you love downplaying and being low-key is more your vibe, try exchanging bright hues for softer shades of blues, whites, pinks, and peaches. Just check out the pumpkins and again, the mums.

Pretty Up The Porch

If you want to step up your curb game in Autumn, the front door is where you should start. If you want to try something different this year, try creating an eye-catching display by skipping on the classic wreath for a creative seasonal display, like this apple basket.


Autumn gives DIY home designers a lot of material to work with. Who says the Autumn porch has to fall into convention? Feel free to mix and match or share any one of our Autumn porch decorating ideas at home with your friends and family. If you have an idea yourself that you think is missing in our list above, we’d love to know in the comments section below or on our Facebook fan page.

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