wooden vs chain link fence
07 Oct

If you’re on the fence between building a chain link fence or a wooden fence, we have highlighted the pros, cons and pricing between the two.

So before you decide and jump in, take a gander below and make an informed decision.

Let’s get right into it.

What are the pros and cons of a chain link fence?


-Less expensive option

-Galvanized aluminum will not rust

-Will allow light through

-Easier installation

-Provides security

-Less maintenance


-Doesn’t provide privacy

-Utilitarian with little customization

-Limited color options

-Typically only built 4-ft high

What are the pros and cons of a wooden fence?


-Variety of heights

-Paint or stain can be used for a custom look

-Provides privacy and security



-Materials are more expensive

-Requires regular maintenance

-Doesn’t allow light through

-Wood may warp, bend, or sag

-Susceptible to moisture damage

-Installation is more time consuming

How much does it cost to make a chain link fence?

Chain link fences are popular because they are fairly inexpensive and can cover large areas needed for security. For example, a 4-foot high, 209-yard fence, materials range in price between $7 and $12 per linear foot.

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Labor costs range between $8 and $15 per linear foot, making the total cost for this project between $3,000 and $5,200 on average. If you plan on using additional items such as gates, vinyl, or fabric screens, it will increase the total cost. 

How much does it cost to make a wooden fence?

Depending on the style, height, and type of lumber selected will affect the cost of a wooden fence. For a 6-foot high, 209-yard privacy fence with a gate, concrete posts, and removal of the old fencing, the cost for materials is between $8 and $18 per linear foot.

Labor costs, if charged hourly, are between $25 and $50 per laborer. The total cost for this project ranges between $6,500 and $10,000. One benefit is many companies offer a flat rate quote so you will not be surprised by additional costs. 

What’s the difference between chain link and wooden fence installation?

Chain and wood fences can be a great DIY project. Be prepared to handle a large amount of laborious work. It takes a lot of time and patience and specialized equipment is needed. Using a professional is recommended because of necessary permits, site inspection, and grading 3. 

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Wood fences require each fence board to be nailed individually to rail 4 posts. This could be time consuming depending on the size of the fence. Chain link fences are sold in large rolls, so once the posts are installed the fence material is unrolled and attached to each post. This makes for a quicker installation. 

What goes into maintaining a chain link fence?

Because the metal and other materials used are durable in a variety of climates, chain link fences require little maintenance. 

The galvanized metal has been treated using a special process that makes it less likely to rust. Metal is also stronger than wood and won’t sag over time like a wood fence. 

What goes into maintaining a wooden fence?

wooden fence gate

In order to keep wood fences looking great, be prepared to do more maintenance on them.

Depending on the climate and which paint you used for the fence, you’ll have to regularly stain and sand your fence. If the weather is wet and humid it causes the wood to rot, and can cause termites.

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If not properly installed and cemented into the ground, posts can lean or fall and will likely cause damage to the portions of the fence close to the damaged post.

Depending on the amount of damage, repairs can be costly as sections of the fence may need to be rebuilt using new materials. 

What are the wooden vs chainlink fence privacy pros and cons?

Is it pretty obvious that chain link fences don’t provide much privacy. For a bit more privacy consider using Slats which can be installed in the chain link material.

Chain link slats are usually sold by the box. They come in a variety of colors to help your fence blend in with the rest of your property. A box of slats costs around $45, and professional installation adds $2 to $3 per linear foot to the installation cost.

Because the slat material is visually unappealing and not very durable, this option is not commonly used.

Wooden fences provide a great amount of privacy. They are ideal for securing your backyard and can be customized by height for additional security. 

How long do chain link fences last?

A chain link fence lasts much longer than a wooden fence. It typically lasts approximately 20 years. If you have a mesh material coated with vinyl, it will last much longer. 

How long do wooden fence last?

Typically a wood fence lasts around 15 years before it needs replacement. 

What are the lighting pros and cons?

Chain link fences allow a lot of light through and may be ideal if you’re simply looking to limit access to your yard or protect a specific area, like a vegetable garden.

Wood fencing can completely block light and might not be the best choice if you have plants or a garden nearby. 

What are the sustainability pros and cons between a chain link fence and wooden fence?


Chain link fences are made from easily-accessed raw materials, but they still require a significant amount of energy in the manufacturing process.

Wood fences may initially seem like a sustainable option, but this is dependent on where and how the wood was harvested. Clear cutting of old-growth forests for lumber can cause significant damage to the surrounding ecosystem.

Also,  many lumber products are treated with toxic chemicals to prohibit insects and mold growth. 

How stylish are chain link fences?

Don’t get a chain link fence if you want something with color and design. Chain link fences have fewer design options and usually offer limited color options.

Typically, chain link fences are used where privacy is less of a concern, and are ideal for enclosing areas for pets, around HVAC units, or in industrial settings.

The fence material is made from galvanized aluminum and can be coated in vinyl 1. Chain link fences are typically only 4 feet in height but can be built to 5- or 6-feet high.

How stylish are wooden fences?

You’ll have more style options with a wooden fence.

These fences can be painted to match your home’s exterior and decorative features, and lattice work or metal fixtures can be added for a custom look.

Wood fences can be built from different kinds of wood, with the most common being pressure-treated pine. Spruce and cedar are other possible options. These fences range in height and include ranch/split rail, picket, and privacy styles. 

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