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12 Jan

Buying Iron Balusters: Must-Know Tips Before Installing Stair Balusters
By: Xtreme eDeals

Welcome to our 6 key point review, aiming to help with iron bluster design, from beginning to end.

Let’s get right into it.

Iron Baluster Shop Tip 1. Iron Baluster Distribution

Designing a baluster system can be complicated. There are certain standards to follow.

For this reason, you must keep in mind these details:

– Order the correct amount of iron balusters and do not forget the Iron Baluster Rule of Three.

What is the Iron Baluster Rule of Three? This rule reminds you that if you are mounting onto steps, you will have to plan three iron balusters per step. In the same way that if you are on a knee wall, you will also need three iron balusters but this time per linear foot.

It might get your attention that not all the styles are the same since they count with different widths.

Wide Scroll Iron Balusters, for example, take up more space than basic straight iron balusters; therefore, you may only require one Scroll Iron Baluster and one straight iron baluster for every linear foot.

If you have any queries concerning unusually shaped iron balusters, please do not hesitate and contact us at!

Remember that if you follow the code stipulated for your stairs, keep home safety in mind. Let’s keep people out of harm’s way!

Make sure that a 4″ sphere cannot pass through any area of the railing.

Iron Baluster Shop Tip 2. Create The Ideal Iron Baluster Layout

single iron

The majority of iron baluster railings follow a pattern of two or more designs.

Simply choosing balusters from the same Style Series can help you discover matching ones.

For instance, you may mix and match designs with ease, just be sure you choose the same finish for each type. To get started on your design, I would recommend:

– Choosing simple balusters, for instance: Single or Double Twist Iron Balusters and then adding Single Basket Iron Baluster every two or three balusters.

– Drawing attention to a particular spot, think about including a statement piece from the Scroll Series, like the Scroll Iron Baluster.

Additionally, a beautiful collection of newels made of bigger iron posts to support your stairs railing are usually available.

There might be matching iron newel designs for each iron baluster series.

We understand that picking the most suitable for you can be difficult…

But don’t worry, here’s a helpful tip for you!

There are many interactive tools on the internet that will help you find a variation of balusters on various backgrounds and environments to find the PERFECT iron balluster pattern for you!

Iron Baluster Shop Tip 3. Make Sure You Know What You Order

It might be comforting to view your alternatives in person before making a large purchase.

Because of this, you must be 100% aware of the product you are purchasing. Order with assurance, hold it in your hands and select the finish you love the most.

Iron Baluster Shop Tip 4. Examine Your Stairs, Do They Work With Iron Balusters?

It’s crucial to make sure that your old stair components work with your new iron balusters, whether you’re replacing outdated balusters or doing a total redesign.

Here you can find some suggestions for resolving compatibility issues with Iron Balusters, even though this is typically not a problem.

Installation area: A solid base available is essential for mounting the iron balusters.

It does not matter if yours are treads or an angled knee wall, either way, works perfectly! Its only requirements are to be sturdy, and durable and have enough room to place the balusters and fix them with epoxy.

Handrail: Double-check that the style of handle combination you choose fits with your project’s overall design. To harmonize the design, think about replacing the current wall-mounted handrail brackets (you may or you may have not) with iron brackets.

It is very important as well to check any residual damage: examine the leftovers if you are tearing off balusters.

Are there any holes in the knee wall or treads?

– Gaping holes that foot coverings cannot fill in?

– Planning on changing the place of the new iron balusters?

Iron Baluster Shop Tip 5. Purchase Iron Baluster Accessories As Necessary

Iron Baluster Foot Covers, despite their diminutive size, are crucial for a polished look. The foundation may appear a little disorganized after installation, with exposed epoxy or wood chips chipped off while drilling. These foot coverings simply slide over the clutter to restore its aesthetic appeal.

These ornamental aluminium feet, which might come in flat and angled options, match all the iron baluster designs. Some homeowners also choose to apply the covers at the top of the balusters where they connect to the handrail. If you are applying them on stairs, we recommend you use angled feet, nonetheless use flat feet for areas like balconies.

Iron Baluster Shop Tip 6. Essential Tools For Your Installation

Unfortunately, your stairs will not build themselves!

That is why you cannot forget the essential tools to get the best result.  Here you have a list of the tools you should get at your hardware store or online.

Metal Cutter: Use a Metal Abrasive Cutting Blade with sharp teeth to resize both hollow and solid iron balusters with a clean cut. Make sure you have taken accurate measurements and have read the Iron Baluster Installation Guide about the necessary length for installation before you start cutting.

Cut gradually to obtain a flat cut.

Drill and Wood Bit: There might be different sizes of Iron Balusters available, depending on your choices, therefore you will have to drill your handrail according to yours, i.e., for a ½” balusters use a ⅝” wood bit or for a 9/16” balusters a ¾” wood bit.

Epoxy Gun: Surely you want to make them secure…so for this you need to apply epoxy. This gun has heavier viscosity assuring that it dries quickly and without dripping thanks to its precise applicator.

Nobody was born learning to build iron balusters, so hopefully, with this article, the process is a bit easier. We hope it was of great help!

If you have any questions about our article “Buying Iron Balusters: Must-Know Tips Before Installing Stair Balusters” or buying iron balusters online, don’t hesitate to contact us at!

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