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20 Sep

In today’s blog post we highlight 15-must-have kitchen cabinet accessories for your home that’ll not only beautifully adorn your kitchen but also make life easier!

Let’s get started.

1. Exposed Hinge

hinges tshape - kitchen cabinet accessory

Source: XtremeDeals

It’s all too easy to tuck hinges away out of sight and out of mind. But what if they get damaged? They are much harder to repair or replace when they are not easy to get to. 

Exposed hinges are not only available in some stunning styles, but their exposed nature means you have full awareness of their condition.

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2. Kitchen Cabinet Bamboo Drawer Organizer

bambo kitchen cabinet

Image: Dynamic Gear Store

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about kitchen drawers is the time it takes to find anything. With items scattered throughout drawers, you can spend ages looking for a set of tongs. 

This kitchen cabinet bamboo drawer organizer could make a considerable difference. It’s available with 6-8 or 7-9 slots and features sustainable and water-resistant bamboo materials for peace of mind. 

It fits in most standard drawer sizes of 17.5-inch lengths and two-inch depths and suits cutlery, flatware, and silverware.

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3. Wood Peg System Insert for Kitchen Drawer Organization

kitchen accessory 2 - rev a shelf

Image: Rev-A-Shelf

Add a sense of order to your kitchen drawers by opting for these 30 x 21-inch wooden pegs.

They feature maple hardwood board with a clear coat finish and tuck neatly between your cups, plates, and bowls to stop them from moving around in drawers. 

These peg inserts suit 30 and 33-inch drawer cabinets and can be trimmed down to suit.

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4. Spice Rack Drawer Organizer

spice rack

Image: YouCopia

Not everyone has space on their kitchen counters for jar upon jar of herbs and spices.

Tuck them away out of sight in their own drawer with this spice rack drawer organizer. 

This organizer is available with nine and ten-foot foam strips and comes with six gray strips in a total of 2.5 x 18 inches. They fit into standard kitchen drawers, and you can trim them to size.

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5. Pull-Out Wire Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

kitchen cabinet accessoy revashelf

Image: Rev-A-Shelf

Rather than stuff pots and pans wherever they will fit, add a sense of order to your cupboards with this pull-out wire kitchen cabinet organizer. 

It has independently operating shelves with adjustable shelves and dividers that install in your cupboard with ease.

They have a 100-pound full extension rating and feature heavy-duty chrome for durability.

You can mount this organizer on the bottom, side, or rear in a 24-inch base cabinet.

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6. Pull-Out Storage for Blind Corner Cabinets


Image: Hafele

Accessing corner cupboards in a kitchen has never been easy, but this pull-out storage is a game-changer. A simple installation process delivers a soft-closing set of trays that allow 55 pounds of weight per shelf. 

They swing right and come with an innovative mounting jig. Never reach into the dark depths of that corner cabinet again.

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7. Pot Rack Organizer

pot rack

Image: GeekDigg

Add a sense of order to your pots, pans, and lids with this pot rack organizer.

It can hold up to eight pots and has three different ways to organize it to suit your needs the best. 

This organizer comes in black and silver with sprayed powder coating and can be stored in a cupboard or on a benchtop.

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8. Kitchen Food Storage Container Organizer

Rev-A-Shelf 4FSCO-24SC-1 Food Storage Container Organizer, Natural

Image: Rev-A-Shelf

Rather than fill your kitchen cupboard with random lids and containers, add a sense of order with this kitchen food storage container organizer. It tucks away in most cabinets with 24-inch bases and has full extension to ¾ inches. 

It’s rated for 132 pounds and even has adjustable dividers and pegs to suit your unique containers. This all-natural wood and chrome organizer is bound to stand out from the crowd.

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9. Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Corner Organizer

kitchen cabinet accessoy revashelf

Image: Dowell

If you’ve got an almost-unusable corner kitchen cabinet, this lazy Susan kitchen base cabinet organizer could be the answer. It can install inside a 30-inch cabinet and has room for up to 40 pounds of weight on each of the two rotating shelves. 

You can use it for pots, plates, bowls, or even food products you need to access quickly.

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10. Blind Corner Cabinet Caddy


Image: Omega National Products

This convenient Maplewood blind corner cabinet takes convenient storage to a new level. It suits cabinets with 15-inch openings or larger and can be installed on left or right-hand sides. 

It comes with a two-shelf rollout kit and hardware and has two pre-finished wooden trays that pull out independently.

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11. Pan and Pot Lid Organizer Rack Holder

pan rack

Image: Simple Houseware

Save cabinet and countertop space with the purchase of this pan and pot lid organizer rack holder.

It’s available in bronze and chrome color schemes and can store up to five pans or their lids at a time. 

It can be freestanding, or you can install it horizontally or vertically. What’s more, you can use it on your benchtop or in a cabinet.

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12. Under-Counter Kitchen Cabinet Pull-Out Trash Can

under counter kitchen

Image: Simplehuman

Store trash out of sight and out of mind with this under-counter kitchen cabinet pull-out trash can. It’s available on its own, with a recycler, or with a paper towel holder. 

This plastic trash can fits up to eight gallons of trash and slides seamlessly into cupboards on commercial-grade ball-bearing tracks. It also has a robust integrated steel handle and custom-fit liners.

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13. Spice Gripper Clips Strips Cabinet Holder

amazon clip on wall

Image: Simple Houseware

Cumbersome, bulky spice racks aren’t for everyone, so consider this spice gripper clip strip cabinet holder instead. This strip cabinet comes with six strips, and there are five pre-applied clips for standard round spice containers on each.

In total, you can expect to house up to 30 spice jars conveniently. 

They are available in black, white, and a combination of the two and come with both screws and pre-applied tape.

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14. Cabinet Door Pot Lid Organizer Rack

simple housewar

Image: Simple Houseware

Make use of the free space on your cabinet door with this pot lid organizer rack, available in chrome and bronze alloy steel finishes. This wall-mounted organizer rack can fit six lids on each of the two racks in the pack and cater to various handle types. 

This organizer rack also comes with hardware, including three screws for each rack.

Buy a cabinet door pot lid organizer rack now

15. Under-Sink Cabinet Caddy

Command Under Sink Cabinet Caddy, Large, White, 1 Caddy 4 Strips

Image: Command

There never seems to be enough suitable space for all those products you use to wash dishes. With this under-sink cabinet caddy, that’s a problem of the past. This caddy comes in medium and large sizing and has a damage-free hanging design. 

It holds firmly to various surfaces and features plastic that’s both strong and easy-care. You can use it to store sponges, dishwashing liquid, hand soap, and more.

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