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10 Inspirational Fence Gate Designs That You Can Try At Home
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Are you looking to add a bit more personality to your home? Do you know that giving your yard a facelift can potentially increase your overall property value? Whatever the case may be, it’s always a good idea to improve your curb appeal with a dreamy looking fence.

Not only does this help make your yard aesthetically pleasing, but it turns out there are plenty of benefits in having a fence so it’s absolutely worth the investment.

Other than the design aspect, some of the most important reasons for installing a fence are security, safety, privacy, and value. 

A fence also acts as a barrier for trespassers and intruders and keeps unwanted animals off your property.

A quality fence with great curb appeal, excellent security and privacy aspects will improve the value of your home, and if you are looking to sell, it can substantially increase the sale price. Security and privacy are usually high on buyer’s lists. Your new fence is a great investment that will get a return!

So check out these unique fence designs to get your creative juices flowing.

Perhaps there is a fence idea that fits your needs. The best part is you can take one of these ideas and turn it into your own. This list of fence gate designs consists of higher end designs and budget friendly fences that tailor to a wide-range of folks from different strokes.

Let’s get into it.

Garden Fence


Source: BYB

A new garden fence will enhance the look of your backyard by adding style and charm. With a garden fence, you can grow your plants and flowers in front of it, add a bench, and much more.

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Luckily, garden fences also provide relief from the excess wind while allowing sunlight, providing privacy, and adding style to your garden area.



Source: BYB

Who doesn’t love a rustic look? Having a rustic fence makes your home feel cozy and if you own a cottage style home, this could be a perfect fit for you.


If you plan on adding the fence in your front yard, think about planting around the fence, add a customized sign on the opening, and stain it to your liking. You’ll turn heads with this customized look. 

Wooden Fence


Source: BYB

This is a classic  idea for a fence. Wooden fences have many advantages, are very cost effective, and inexpensive to maintain. The average treated wood fence can last for decades with nothing more than an occasional scrub.

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If you decide on a wooden fence keep in mind they are natural, customizable, and blend well with their surroundings. This makes them a popular choice for rural areas, suburbs, and cities. 




Source: BYB

Out with the old, and in with the upgrade. Maybe you’ve bought a house that has a vintage looking fence and you want to revamp it.

This is another cost effective way to go because sometimes, an old fence just needs a paint job. 


Artsy-Fence fence

Source: BYB

Do you love vibrant colors and different textures together? Reawaken your home with a distinctive look that will showcase your individual style.

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Some perks of this fence gate design include affordability, and you can do it yourself. An artsy fence will make for an interesting focal point instead of just a functional asset.



Source: BYB

Do you live in an area where there’s driftwood? Turns out, you can build a fence with that. This look is tranquil, and will last. It’s easy to put together as long as you have the correct dimensions first.

Play around with color after it’s installed and use stain to enhance the look of the driftwood. This fence is a perfect addition to your backyard. 



Source: BYB

Stone fences are almost everywhere in Ireland and are proven to last for centuries. If you feel inspired by Ireland’s countryside, this is the fence for you.

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However, stone fences tend to be a bit low so if you want something higher with more privacy, add extra materials like wood. The example picture shows a mix of stone and wood which works well for a suburban home. 



Source: BYB

Combining metal with wood or stone will create a modern look. Stick to simple colors such as black and brown. Add a house number with thin text, lights, and succulents to modernize the look. Think of clean, sophisticated, and minimal when looking at ideas. 



Source: BYB

Feeling fancy? Or maybe you already are. With an elegant fence design, your home will be classy without trying too hard.

With an elegant look, you can combine neutral colors such as white and grey. Plant a mix of white and pink roses or grass plants in large vases for added elegance. 


rustic fence woodSource: BYB

Industrial fences are a great design for those who live in cities but can also work in suburbia. Combine metal and wood for a simple but enhanced look.

If you’re trying to save some money and building this on your own, you can find metal at a local metal supply store. 

How To Choose The Perfect Fence

Choosing your fence doesn’t have to be difficult and overwhelming. Although there are many options to choose from, try seeing what fits in your budget first and go from there. If you have the means, hiring a contractor to work on the fence can take the pressure off.

However, if you’re looking to save a bit of money especially during a pandemic this could make for a fun weekend project at home. Invite family and friends over and build together. Who knows, you may get some additional ideas while creating. 

Stores like Home Depot, and Lowes have more than enough paint options, and employees are helpful when asking questions. If you check out one of these stores, head over to the paint section and pick out some of your favourite colours.

Here’s another option – consider checking out your local hardware stores as well. Sometimes, smaller mom and pop stores are cheaper and it’s great to support local businesses with everything the economy is going through. 

Also, it’s important to save your ideas when you’re in the planning stages. Pinterest is especially useful because you can save specific images you love and create personalized boards. Plus, it’s fun to use. 

Now, get working! The perfect fence is waiting for you. 

If you have any questions or comments about this article about fence gate designs, feel free to leave a comment below or chat with us in near real time on our Facebook fan page.

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