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06 Sep

If you’re looking online for cool home products that’ll add personality to your home or interesting gifts to give a friend, the list of interesting home innovations below highlight an array of forward-thinking home products that’ll impress your family and friends.

Take a look and let us know what you think in our comments section.

Portable Garden Shower

The MC Shower is a portable platform shower that can be placed in your garden, on the terrace or by the pool for pleasure showering. It connects to your garden hose and activates as soon as you step on it. It shoots water 2 – 4 meters high and regulated by adjusting the water flow rate.

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Handy Craftsman NEXTEC Hammer

This auto hammer does the hard work for you. It’s the craftsman NEXTEC hammerhead auto hammer. It’s ideal for tight spots where you can’t swing. Interestingly enough it can hit the nail 3600 times in a minute and has a 12 bolt lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

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Backyard Robot for Dog Poop Pickup

Believe it or not: This robot cleans up dog poop. It automatically cleans your yard, finding, detecting, and picking up dog poop autonomously so you don’t have to. It uses a camera to set boundaries in your yard, connecting to the cloud to help process the images. Once it identifies a pile, a mechanical claw picks it up. Without question it is probably the smartest pooper-scooper ever!

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Knee Blades

These knee pads come with wheels. They are called Knee Blades. They are designed to protect your knees while giving you better mobility. It allows for 360 degrees turning, perfect for flooring and cleaning cars.

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LG Champion Grill

Have you seen an ultimate grill before? This beauty features 4 tiers of cooking area: 3432 sq. IN of total cooking area. You’ll also get adjustable air flow, heavy-duty 14-gauge steel construction, smoke box, signature barrel steamer, flame broiler and a 27lbs hopper capacity. It also features a digital control center, 180 f – 600 f temp range, programmable meat probe, 3 grease trays, 2 bottom cabinets, 6″ caster wheels and a bottle opener. Amazing…

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Cool Anywhere With This Solar Grill

This grill harnesses solar energy and lets you cook just about anywhere. It heats 5X faster than a charcoal grill and has no flame and remains cool. Use it to make coffee or tea. To clean it, just use soapy water.

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Allsop WhealEasy Wheelbarrow

Arguably the most convenient wheelbarrow in the world. It loads up from the ground and empties easily and collapses for storage, acting like a yard cart that’s easy to use and store. The back can be opened, letting you rake, shovel, or slide whatever you need to move, directing inside the wheelbarrow.

Buy Allsop Wheelbarrow

Weed Snatcher

This gadget weeds your walkway. Quickly remove weeds from cracks and crevices. Use it on your driveway sidewalk, patio and deck. The telescopic handle extends from 3 to 6 feet. It features an interchangeable tip head for various crevices sizes, a quick pass with the broom and you’re all set.

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Frame It All Monarch Migration Butterfly Station

Watch butterflies grow in your backyard. This butterfly house lets you observe the butterfly life cycle. It helps them in their fall and spring migration. The roof is where they are released from which can also be a cold frame to protect plants. The kit comes with milkweed, attracting them as they lay eggs only
on this plant. Watch the hungry caterpillars grow.

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This pod lets you set up a treehouse anywhere. It sets up in minutes and lets you enjoy the treehouse sensation without having to build one. You can hang it up in any tree or even in the backyard for a relaxing time. It’s made with durable water repellant materials that protects you from the elements while relaxing.
Just snap the metal rods together, slip into the treepod, tie everything together and tie up on any sturdy branch.

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iRobot Gutter Cleaner

This robotic gutter cleaner is a god send. It makes gutter clutter’s head spin. The iROBOT LOOJ 330 is a robot that travels on its own, spinning at 500 rotations per minute, using the robot is a lot safer than stretching and reaching to do it by hand.


Solar Breeze Robotic Solar Cleaner

This thing is like a roomba for your pool. It’s a robotic pool skimmer that’s powered completely by the sun. It motors around your pool and sucks up leaves and debris before they sink to the bottom. It has stored power to work even at night. All you have to do is empty the tray every once in a while. Save money on your pool
cleaning with this iRobot cleaner.

Buy iRobot Solar Pool Cleaner Now

Sika Post Mixer Fixer

If you have a deck or fence or build a lot of them, this revolutionary innovation helps you fix exterior posts. It hardens in just 3 minutes, providing you with full strength in just 2 hours. Without question, it is a convenient way to fix fence posts, sign posts or mailbox posts in the ground.

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