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17 Jul

Having a beautiful white picket fence spanning your perimeter to welcome visitors can offer property owners a sense of pride. It’s a cultural staple and sign of wholesome fairytale living. Still, a white picket fence may not be the be-all and end-all of property pride for some of us. Some of us want the driveway gate.

If you want the full package for street appeal, then read on. Here are 12 driveway gate ideas that’ll make your neighbors say ‘wow.’

Driveway Front Gate Idea #1: Wrought Iron Gate

front gate design xtreme edeals
If a sense of elegance is the look you’re going for with your property, then a wrought-iron gate could be the ticket. Not only are they available in a variety of exquisite designs, but the material itself can win you over, too.

Wrought iron is one of the longest-lasting gate materials out there. It handles daily wear and tear, not to mention those unexpected incidents such as a vehicle accidentally knocking into it. While the price tag of a wrought iron gate is typically higher than other materials, the longevity of it alone will make you see it’s worth it.

Driveway Front Gate Idea #2: Wooden Gate

front gate design xtreme edeals
A wooden gate, be it a farm-style or ranch-style one, is a striking addition to any property perimeter. One of the most significant benefits is how you open them. You can choose one long gate that opens from one end or two gates that come together as one. You can then opt to open both of them for vehicles, or one for pedestrians.

Alongside this convenience, the wood materials are bound to capture your attention. Wood is not only one of the most cost-effective options for a driveway gate, but one of the most environmentally-friendly. Wood is a sustainable and renewable material. It also grows more beautiful as it ages and is easy to repair.

It’s also more durable than it looks, with it taking more than a few hard knocks for it to cause damage. If your fencing could benefit from a wooden gate, then go full steam ahead!

Driveway Front Gate Idea #3: Ornamental Gate

front gate design xtreme edeals
If you want your gate to make a statement, then why not turn it into a piece of art? Alongside making sure it keeps your pets and children in, you can also incorporate special metal art features into the panels. It can be worth talking to talented artists in your area to come up with some great ideas.

Driveway Front Gate Idea #4: Solid Metal Doors

If you’re reasonably security conscious, then a wood or wrought iron gate may not be up to your standards. Why not, instead, opt for a solid metal door or driveway gate? Installed at the right height, they can stop people from entering or looking into your property. The best part is, they are robust and handle daily wear and tear well.

Driveway Front Gate Idea #5: Electronic Gates

front gate design xtreme edeals
When you’re in a hurry, it can be a bit of a nuisance to park your car at your driveway, open the gate, drive the car out, then close the gate. You then have to do that every time you leave and return to your home! That’s why electronic gates can be a good idea.

When installed by experts, you can carry a remote in your vehicle that allows you to push a button. Then, they automatically close behind you.

Driveway Front Gate Idea #6: A Simple Gate

wooden front gate design xtreme edeals
Not everyone wants a gate that has the almighty ‘wow’ factor. If you would prefer function over fashion, then a simple gate can tick all the boxes. It can be a simple farm gate with basic framing, or panels of some kind. A simple gate can also be metal, wood, or another easy-to-source material.

Driveway Front Gate Idea #7: Reclaimed Material Gates

reclaimed wood front gateIf you’re trying to be a bit more environmentally friendly in your daily life, then start with your gate. Believe it or not, you can purchase reclaimed materials to build a gate or a pre-made gate already with those materials.

Reclaimed wood gates have a lot of flair and character, and they can certainly have the wow factor you’ve been seeking.

Driveway Front Gate Idea #8: Western Red Cedar Gates

cedar wood front gate
A standard wood gate is okay, but do you know what could be even better? A Western red cedar gate. Red cedar is an aesthetically pleasing wood that can give your property the boost it needs. It’s also a stain-resistant wood that resists rotting and often contains no harmful chemicals. It’s a win for you and the environment.

Driveway Front Gate Idea #9: Wood + Iron Gates

wooden iron gates
It can be quite hard trying to choose the perfect gate material. You may even be stuck on two different options. Why not combine them and see what you come up with? Wood and iron, for example, look stunning on their own but even better together. Wood can form the frame, and iron can become the focal point in the center.

Driveway Front Gate Idea #10: A Sliding Gate

sliding gate
As a rule, gates open outwards or inwards, but what about sideways? A sliding gate can be an exciting way to make it stand out from the crowd. They can also be automatic or manual, depending on your budget.

Driveway Front Gate Idea #11: A Grand Entrance Gate

grand entrance front gate
Why stick with a small, ordinary gate when you can have one of grandeur and magnificence? Turn your property entrance from drab to fab with just one small change – the gate. Go crazy with height and details, and don’t be afraid to landscape your driveway to suit the new addition. You will be amazed at how a feature gate can enhance your street appeal.

Driveway Front Gate Idea #12: A Door Gate

front door gate
Have you been thinking about whether you prefer a large door or a gate for your front entrance? Have both. With a bit of planning and forethought, you can have a large, secure, and private gateway that looks like a door but functions as a front gate. The best part is, as they can be quite simple in design, they can also be quite cost-effective.

Create A Front Gate Today

Home security is everything. You want your family and pets to be safe, so why just stop at a secure fence? Enhance your curb appeal and make your property entrance more functional with a new and exciting gate. The best part is, you’re not short of options. Could any of these ideas above be the winner for your home?

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